Steve Discovers Stony

By Irongurl

Summary: One day whilst on the computer Steve comes across something labeled 'Stony'. His curiosity leads him to click on it. The worst part? Tony was standing right there.

Disclaimer: I (sadly) don't own Marvel or the avengers.

A/N: So this will be a multi-chaptered fic. I don't know how long but at least two or three, hopefully more. Warnings for smut and slash and maybe angst late on.

"Hey Tony?" Steve asked from the barstool in the kitchen, he was hunched over the new laptop that Tony had bought him.

"Yea?" The genius said, stepping into the kitchen.

"Um, I had a question about the internets..."

The brunette chuckled on his way to the coffee pot. "Shoot"

"What's a Stony pic?" Steve asked, clicking on a google link.

"A Stony? What are you- Oh! No don't-!"

"Holy-!" Steve exclaimed, eyes widening in shock as Tony walked over to look at the screen.

"Yea... Our fans have, um... Active imaginations..."

They both stared in slight shock at the image on the computer.

Tony lay out on a large bed, no clothes, arc reactor making everything else slightly blue. His face was contorted in ecstasy and sweat dripped down his forehead. He was completely aroused and dripping pre-cum. Steve was kneeling in between the billionaire's legs, buried deep inside Tony. Eyes shut and face flushed, sweating as well. His hands gripped at Tony's hips obviously just as pleasured as the smaller man.

"Who-? why were-? This is..." Steve stuttered.

"Bullshit." Tony spat.

"What?" Steve asked clueless. He nonchalantly shifted his legs trying to hide his excitement.

"This is bullshit, if you and I fucked I would so be topping." Tony smirked.

"Tony..." Steve warned, hoping he wouldn't make any more sexual innuendos.

"I'm just saying, I mean you may he bigger than me but I think we all know who has more experience." Tony stated. Steve started turning an embarassing shade of red and looked at the floor. "And my dick is waaaaaay bigger than THAT." He stated pointing at the screen.

"Can you please get that off the screen?" Steve shyly asked. Tony chuckled and did as he asked. Steve coughed and shifted his legs again.

"Uh, I have to- um... Go." Steve guickly stood up from the barstool and speed walked to his room.

"Okaaaay. That was weird." Tony said, turning back to the coffee pot.

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