Chapter 7 - Always expect the unexpected

The Prime Knight looked at what seemed like his final barren battlefield that blanketed the land under the stars. 'Finally,' he thought, clenching his fists, tightening his grip on his gladius, 'I can just live my life in peace…'

He looked over his shoulder. Behind him, the red headed Saviour, his great granddaughter, was making up strategies next to the Abyss Knight in front of a small fire. The Battle Mage was busy tending to the Vanquisher's injuries, as well as looking worriedly at the Dusk Bringer's own wounded arm. The Nova was standing up as their lookout on the south side, Striker and Arbiter at east and west respectively (He had taken up north).

As for the Harbringer, she had fallen asleep next to the Starlet. No one blamed them for retiring early for the day after they had spent enormous amounts of their stamina for support. This left the Rama and Advancer to scout the area, in case of unwanted sneak attacks at their make-shift camp.

Next to him, La Geas stood, watching the horizon where they were going to engage with their last opponent. "Hey. Enjoying the sights?"

"… Not really…" She muttered back, turning away from him. She only halted when she was grabbed by her arm. "What?"

"… Something wrong…?" The man asked hesitantly, staring into her eyes. There was a different glow in them. It has always seemed different to him, ever since the chasers reunited with her after that incident. Nevertheless, as long as she was with them, it was fine by him. Well, that's what he thought initially.

There was still something that bothered him about her. About the current her.

"La Geas, the beautiful gem of the Ancient Kingdom of Kounat
She ties us all as the goddess, the link with the celestial deities,
With the secrets of the soul stone deeply embedded in her,
She wields its powers to clash against every one of her enemies,
To keep it all alive, her knowledge and beliefs, her Old Empire,
As well as her comrades, her loved ones, her new life she walks."

The woman hummed to herself, blinking away from his obsidian eyes and gazed to the world beyond. The prime knight merely stared at her with ignorance.


"…. Nothing." She smiled lightly, shaking her head. "You should sleep. I'm taking over your post."

The Prime Knight thought a lot about it. Mostly because he didn't hear what she really hummed about. But the way she seemed to have acted made him think that maybe she was making fun of his concerns for her, telling him that it was alright. Though, he still kept a suspicious gaze on her as he walked off, watching her stand still, looking to the horizon.

But he swore he heard her murmur something as similar to the Rebirth of Chaos.

"…. Tomorrow… Or it's inevitable…"

"Mister.. Sleeping in broad daylight is bad for you…"

A tiny squeak woke him up. PK grumbled. It was beginning to annoy him that everyone enjoyed waking him up in his naps. Or it was about time he napped somewhere else. He blinked one eye open to see which creature awakened him.

A little grey haired girl stood in front of him quietly. Well, that was his mistake after seeing her by one glance. He gradually got up, staring at her with full curiosity. She had elf-like ears and diamond-shaped eyes that looked all too demonic.

"Wow… You look like someone familiar, you know…" He chuckled lightly, smiling at the innocent yellow eyes she used to stare at him. When he was about to reach her head to pat her, she had retreated away from his touch. Yet she kept that constant stare on him. "… Very like someone I know…"

"… Mister… Don't sleep in the day. Your stomach will hurt."

"No it won't. I'm immortal." He joked lightly, expecting the girl to shine in awe and curiosity. But instead, she just looked at him emotionlessly. It was beginning to feel more awkward on the older man's side.

"Mister, if you're immortal, then have you seen it?" PK was amused that this was her form of playing around. He continued to smile childishly to her.

"Question is, who is it? Your dog? Your grandpa?"

"Grandark is my sword. Have you seen it?" PK blinked. Now this was a shocker. How does a little girl know about that sword? That sword, if his memories served him right, was one that was crafted by the hands of a wise, old yet great demon. Yet it was too powerful that a wielder had to be specially made as well (But of course, he thought it wasn't as strong as another certain sword of his in his mind).

But to think that a little girl who had suddenly came up to him, with this kind of appearance, asking for the sword was pretty mind-blowing for the older man. He groaned in trouble, looking around the park. There wasn't any child in sight. So she couldn't be playing pretend. And reluctantly, he sighed.

"Kids like you shouldn't deal yourselves with demon swords, you know. They're too heavy and dangerous."

She shook her head. "Grandark… I still need to find him..."

"Mimi!" A worried yowl came from another side of the street. The girl merely blinked before turning away from PK.

"Mister Immortal… We'll meet again…." She muttered before running off towards the sound of the yell. PK blinked, baffled of the situation. But he managed to get himself up and walked to the opposite direction, scratching his neck lazily.

"Ah… Kids these days are definitely troublesome… I don't feel sleepy anymore… How am I supposed to get ready for tonight's fight?" He grumbled to himself, uncaring of the suspicious glares made by the people he passed by. "Damn… I should drop by his place… He ought to know that his sword is being headhunted…"

A snicker seeped out of his lips. "A mini female version too… Hahahah…" He pocketed his hands in glee as he skipped to his destination. But he paused to blink at the familiar feel on an object in his pockets. Digging it out, he saw a pair of red jewelled earrings. Something whispered into his ears.

'She is the girl that fate favours, living her desired purpose
Yet she holds the truth you seek to your dark, clouded doubts
Will you follow her and let her control the world's destiny?
Or will you deny her and bring damnation to the future?'

A death-like sigh seeped out of him, very unlike he who was very happy-go-lucky and had admitted to many that he was immortal. How many times has he heard that? After centuries had past, never had he once, forgotten each word of those whisperings into her ears. "Shit… I still need to find her as well… His matters can wait a little longer. It's not like I care about his sword anyways…"

Taking a detour towards the south, he clenched his fist with the earrings. It was about time he dropped by and meet her after so long. He remembered a glimpse of her current self. So similar to the previous Geas. Oh how he wanted to just let her do whatever she wanted, letting her live her choice of living. In any case, she didn't really have any bad intentions that could lead the world to destruction if she followed the destiny given to her. But the thought of her, straying away from him further and further burned his fury as she drifted away from their reality.

Then a glimpse of the past appeared in his mind.


Madness flickered in his heart. "Mari Ming Onnette… Never again…"

Aisha had a sudden urge to puke, yet she desperately held back her ill stomach. She couldn't just submit to weakness at a time like this. Not after accepting a challenge so brashly. She groaned to herself when she replayed the scene briefly in her mind.

"Lauren… Now you're just messing with me, aren't you?" The woman growled as she opened up the admin's log to note down the book that was to be borrowed from the library. "Another soul? In me? Like that's real…"

"I'm serious!" The man pleaded, leaning over the counter with desperate black eyes. "You have the Battle Mage's soul!"

"Battle mage?" Aisha rolled her eyes. "They don't exist in a world that relies on modern technology. And this world we live in now happens to be one."

"You can do magic. That's the proof that you're the Battle Mage's host!"

The librarian frowned at that moment of the memory. How did he know? No one was supposed to know that she, Aisha Grimmoire, could cast spells and create charms, defying the laws of physics. Actually, she defied the laws of science by just creating an energy bomb. But she had stopped years ago, promising to herself never to touch the mystical arts ever again.

Not since the day flames had burned before her.

"Aisha! Don't! It's too late!"

A voice yowled at her, yet she heard nothing. Not caring of the physical damage that she could suffer, she ran through the fire. Flames had encroached on her skin, yet she remained concentrated on her goal. She had to save her friend.

"Melody! Melody!" She screamed, passing through each corridor, scanning every classroom. "Melody! Where are you?!"

When the heat began to seriously damage her limbs, she casted an ice spell on them to cool it down. Oh how she wished she was strong enough to cast a much stronger ice magic to wipe out the burning flames. Nevertheless, she still pursued on.

"Melody?! Where are you?!"

"H-here!" The croaked voice was interrupted by a series of coughs. Aisha turned immediately to the sound and saw a staggering girl, leaning onto a wall. But her eyes instantly locked onto the leg was badly torn apart, blood oozing out at an alarming rate.

"M-Melody…!" She stuttered at the horrid state of the blue haired girl, approaching her quickly and going straight to her thigh. A light green glow from the lilac haired girl's hand and the wound slowly closed up. "Okay. That's fixed. We should go out now…!"

Pulling her friend over her shoulder, she dragged the girl away from any signs of flames and intense heat. "Damn it.. This is all my fault…" She cursed to herself, desperately trying to locate any means of escaping the blazed school. "If I had just ignored them and didn't make an explosion, none of this wouldn't happen and you wouldn't be trapped here, or even injured in the first place!"

She blamed her brash, childish side of hers that had immaturely accepted the challenge to create a large explosion in the chemistry lab. Just to prove to her fellow classmates her capabilities of actually wielding magic.

"Not.. Yet.. Aisha…" Melody muttered, pointing upwards. "We still got a chance.. Roofto-" The girl chocked onto blood, coughing it out vigorously. The lilac haired girl flinched at the sight of more thick red liquid that overflowed out of her system. Guilt strangled her by her neck, but she tried to ignore it. It wasn't time to feel regrets now. Now was the time to act.

Running upwards was hard, especially when you were dragging something as heavy as yourself, but Aisha didn't care about it. Her senses were beginning to feel hazy and she knew there was lack of oxygen in this blasted burning hell of a place. Taking a slight glance over to her companion, she could see that Melody was taking it more painfully. The rooftop, though an idea created in the spur of the moment, seemed like the most perfect place to run to. The flames shouldn't have reached there yet and fresh air was available. There's also the fact that the fire department could easily reach for them from there.

Slamming the door open, dark clouds spread throughout the skies. Ashes fluttered everywhere and the scent of smoke suffocated them. Aisha dropped down to her knees.

Everything was all in flames as well. The fire had spread too fast. Behind her, she felt intense heat gradually reaching out to her. Lilac eyes merely stared at her friend helplessly. Hands reaching out, Aisha hugged the girl tightly, sobbing hopelessly. "Sorry… Melody… Sorry…. This is all my fault…"

"Aisha… It's… Alright…." The girl comforted her, patting her back weakly yet gently. "This whole time… You've treated me like I was someone important… So it's okay…."

"D-don't say something like that!" Aisha screamed in fear, hearing those words coming out of the older woman. "I'm the one who lead us to this! You can't just forgive me so easily!"

Melody merely smiled at the girl, brushing off her tears feebly. "I will never forget you…."

"Melody…." She whispered her name in admiration to her friend. Her gentleness was too kind. Too forgiving. Dazed before her, Aisha failed to see that her friend had stood up, her legs had stopped shaking.

"…. Please don't forget me, Aisha…"


"When I wake up again…. I… might not be the same girl you've known…" She muttered softly with an angst smile on her face. "But… Just think of me from time to time…."

"M-melody….?!" Aisha stuttered, unable to render in her mind what was happening. Why was she speaking that way to her? It's as if…. "M-melody… What are you…?!"

A light blue glow shone around the girl, shooting up into the atmosphere. It eradicated the dark hazy smokes that had blocked away the skies. Gradually, clumps of frost formed around. And fell.

"Freeze… Tempest…."

The woman shuddered, remembering the final glimpse of her companion's smile disappear right before her. She could careless on how Melody was capable of summoning something as grand as a shower of ice. For all she knew, Melody was, as well, enjoyed the mystical arts of magic, and sometimes tried to do her own with the help of science.

It was the fact that Aisha's stupidity in the use of magic had led her into that situation that had sent her to guilt in grief for years. What's more, the beeping sounds of machines that surrounded the blue haired maiden ringed in her ears deathly.

"I'm afraid there's nothing else that can be done. She's in a deep state of sleep and there's no way to wake her up…"

Those very words destroyed her. She succumbed into the darkness, away from the light of society. She ripped apart every close connection she had with anyone and lived in isolation, wiping out her very existence and her magic.

'… I don't want anything like that to happen again…' She thought, taking a glance up to the man who walked in front of her. 'So if he can remove this soul inside of me… This Battle Mage and her abilities to do magic… Then no one can suffer the same fate as Melody…'

"Last night, I tried it Mari." Elaine grumbled through her meat-filled mouth. The teacher beside her warned her to speak not with a full mouth so she stopped. After finishing her meal, she cleared her throat. "I mean, I tried to link my dream world with yours, Mari. But it didn't work."

Mari blinked at the girl after she stopped slurping her giant milkshake. "I think it's not impossible, but it'll be hard for you to do so, Elaine." When three pair of eyes looked at her with confusion, she rolled her dual coloured eyes. Nevertheless, they were the kind of eyes she had longed to see after so many years. "Dreams are where it should reveal everything about one's self, one's conscious, one's spiritual mind. This includes our desires, our nightmares and the truth to who we really are. So it's not really surprising if Elaine couldn't connect with my own world."

"Why is that?"

"… Neither she nor Elesis weren't that close to me in the first place." She said bluntly. "It's like… I believe that Arme was my most close companion, so it could be that involuntarily, my dreams are only open to hers."

"I guess that's understandable, but how would you know?" Rolan asked next to her, curious of his ex-classmate for a year. She was different than what he could recall from his clumps of his memory as a student. She was more reserved, staring into space and mumbling on to herself, reading some thick and strange book and cared nothing of anyone else

'Ah… That's the Mari I know…' The Abyss Knight chuckled. 'She didn't really like it if we disturbed her when she was studying. But it didn't mean she was aloof. She had her own way of being friendly….'

The teacher grunted in understanding to the soul inside of him as he stared at the blue haired woman's reply. She had decided to take another long sip of her milkshake before she replied to him. "I had a brief contact with Sieghart once."

"Sieghart? When you say that, do you mean tha-"

"THAT OLD MAN OF A PERVERT?!" Elaine shouted as she stood in anger, callous to the world around her who stared at her in shock of her sudden outburst. She recalled the black haired man who just popped into the changing room once, who had suddenly pulled her soul out of its neutral state and enabled her to awaken the saviour within her. But he just had to do it when she was changing!

In any case, the student knew that there was only one man in the Sieghart family who was only referred to as 'Sieghart'. He was, as said by her father, a master gladiator of Kanavan who's achievements in battle was told in history books again and again. Even she had seen his name every once in a while in her textbooks! He was a man who brought a great shine to the Sieghart family name. And after that, legend had told the tale of his miraculous revival after a sudden battle of the world, becoming an immortal who watched over the world. And she had the utmost respect to him.

That is, until Elesis came into her life and told her the true nature of this 'Sieghart'. Not only did she discover he had once been part of the Grand Chase, he was also a lazy ass who loved being the arrogant bastard he was and showed off his skills far too many times. He was also a man who looks down on the weak in a challenge and played with them whenever they gave their all. But in some cases, when provoked correctly by certain people he hated, he can snap into a killing machine because of his (unreasonably) short temper which they all called his 'rage mode'.

Not only that, he moves around so nonchalantly, he doesn't care about the other party's privacy, business and whatsoever. At first, Elaine couldn't believe it until the saviour pointed out how he'd selfishly sneaked up on her whilst she was changing, got unbelievably close to her, without a care for personal space and left her in a daze with no explanation whatsoever.

"… Yes. I'm afraid that the legendary man you all thought isn't really what you think." Mari sighed heavily. "So even in this era he acts so inconsiderately…"

"How did you do it?! I've been trying to do it for ages! And nothing happens!" She roared, still uncaring to the people around her. The teacher tried to calm the red head down, but Mari stopped him with the wave of a hand.

"Elesis, you don't need to come out so suddenly and vent out your anger towards your great grandfather so suddenly. We can just talk, right?" The woman waved her hand down. Automatically, she sat and glared at the Geas. Rivera and Rolan merely stared at the power of the words that the Geas had, calming down the saviour. And she knew the exact moment she popped out!

Then again, there was a spark inside the eyes of the high school girl that told them otherwise. One that contrasted with the usual shine of those crimson eyes. Spontaneously, the two idle men concluded that the glint in the eyes could show whether the ancient hero had forced themselves to the outside world.

"How did you make a link with Sieghart…?"

"Brief contact." She reminded. "I didn't really know what specifically happened but I just saw him, wandering around my dreams… He told me he'll see me soon in the real world when it's time and… It's been 8 years since then... I tried to contact him but…" Mari turned away in disappointment.

"So in that situation, Sieghart's kept his dreams in a lock down, not letting anyone near it until he decides it's time…." Rolan assumed, trying to fit one thing with another. Next to him, the orange haired student nodded in understanding (Well, it seemed like he understood).

"Yes. A possible reason he's getting harder to track down in these recent years…" Mari sighed heavily this time. "A more ground reason is that he seems to enjoy running off to who knows where, and as usual, does whatever he wants in his pace. My guardian and I had tried our very best at searching for him, in case we needed his immortality, but it's really tough to try and track him down."

"He still thinks he can enjoy that carefree immortal life of his, eh?" Elesis slammed the table with her fists in anger. "That man…. I'll kill him for sure…"

"Riku! Why are you sleeping there!?" A yowl shocked the man from his nap as he immediately rose up from his sleeping position. Books fell from his face, leaving him to startle in front of a little blond girl he called his sister.

"Gisella?! What are you doing here?!"

"She was with me." A low growl came from behind her and an ominous shady man crept up, glowering at him death-like. "We heard some mutterings and heard it was you, idiot…."

"Idi-?! Who the heck are yo-" Riku silenced himself at the sight of a scythe next to the purple haired man. Was this the friend that Gisella's been hanging out with all this time at the graveyard?! And he thought it was just some helpless little girl who had lost someone dear and kept returning to the graveyard for some peace. Obviously, that was his mistake to imagine something so unrealistic.

The instincts of a brother soon kicked in the blond man and grabbed the girl He kept her under the safety of his arm and posed an offensive stance before the other. "Gisella…. Why are you with him…?"

"We're looking for the librarian, but she's not around."

"Not the reason I'm looking for…."

"Oh," She peeped. "He's my friend."

"Still not the reason I'm looking for…"

"She doesn't need a reason to follow me." The man grumbled, lowering his scythe to Riku's neck level. "You were here the whole time, so where do you think the librarian went?"

Yet Riku remained calm, still glowering his gold eyes to the purple one. He gave no answer and simply backed away with his sister.

"Riku.." A small whine came from the petite girl. She looked up to him with her own green eyes that shined beautifully even in the darkness of the library. Now after this, a flinch was visible from the blond and a reluctant sigh could be heard.

"Damn it... That's not being fair.. You have a scythe and she has those cute eyes. How am I supposed to win in this situation?!" Riku yowled as he let go of his sister, collapsing onto his bottom with exhaustion. "Well… I kind of heard something to do with the Western Ranges District. Not that far from where we are but.. She could at least let me out after I got out…."

"So you've been sleeping here since…?"

"Yeap. The library's pretty cool when it's deserted. You know, some of the books glow in the dark and-"

"I'm going to the Western Ranges…." The man simply ignored the rest of his conversation and shifted away. Seeing this, Gisella picked herself up and rushed after him, not forgetting to wave a goodbye to her bewildered brother.

"ELESIS!" He screamed, reaching out to her frail body before it collapsed to the ground. But it was to no avail as another pair of hands grabbed on to her, taking full impact of her crash. The Abyss Knight kept his pained groan in the back of his throat, immediately looking at the Saviour's condition.

"She'll be fine." He gasped in relief when his palm had touched her neck. "But we need to retreat… She's used too much of her energy today."

"Aye. I have to agree on that." Dusk Bringer ran towards them, launching a lance form the sky down to his enemies that trailed after him. On his back, a battle mage was moaning in irk, her legs were paralyzed. "With this kid here, our main source of health, immobilized and a sitting duck, I don't think we'll be fighting much longer today."

"Right… Rally up the rest of the Chasers. Sieghart, can you be our Vanguard as we retreat?" The Abyss Knight asked, picking up the saviour in his hands. Of course he agreed to it. He was, one, immortal, and two, a great tanker. The Prime Knight nodded, but he didn't leave immediately.

"Ronan. Keep an eye on my great granddaughter." Blue eyes blinked at the responsibility given to him by the running immortal. The Prime Knight trusted him, despite having a sense of detest to him whenever he was close to the red head. But he had no choice. A person like him would definitely give up his life for her.

One by one, each Grand Chaser took note of the new plan and withdrew themselves from the battle. The Prime Knight still rushed around, ensuring no monsters dared to tailgate on his allies. He'd even let himself be bait momentarily, only to unleash a terrifying roar that blasted every monster to oblivion.

"Mari! Get out of here! We have to retreat!" He screamed at the sight of the Geas, still swinging around her arm and destroying everything in her path.

"We have to press on! We are nearly there!" Surprised at the decision of the girl who was usually a pacifist, he rammed every opponent that separated him from her. As he got closer, he felt that strange feeling he had last night, that suspicion on her grew.

Her eyes were glowing too differently, almost too dangerously.

But it didn't stop him from grabbing her by her arm forcefully and dragging her away from the world of fighting. "MARI! OUT! NOW!"

"NO!" She screamed, soul takers launched around her violently and fired lasers upwards. Magic residue then rained down everyone around her, dissipating them all. She glared at the Prime Knight, showing her seriousness to all this. "We end this battle today."

Of course with that strength, he'd loved to follow her onwards. But for how long can she last? And looking at her now, she was batted and worn out as well. And how many times can she cast that powerful skill?

The odds were against them. And he couldn't risk it. The sight of losing her once more.

"I'm sorry, Mari." The Prime Knight muttered, jabbing a fist up into her stomach lightly. After seeing her collapse so easily after a very, soft punch (He swore, he'd rather call it a gentle push instead!), he grabbed her body and dashed off after his companions.

As he ran, he wondered what the Geas was trying to do. Why was she that desperate to push forward? To the point she'd work herself until she was dead exhausted no less. But questions like that could be saved until she was awake. He glanced around the battlefield once more. There were no more familiar faces. Everyone had retreated.

When he ran, he thought he heard a sad whimper in the midst of war cries and the warm trickle of water on his blood stained body.

"The Rebirth of Chaos… It's inevitable now…."

PK shook his head of that memory, watching the sun slowly setting in the far end of the world as he scratched his head. He knew it had been ages since that day, but, he remembered it all clearly like it had happened yesterday.


"Eh?" He blinked blankly at the sight of lilac hair. A woman, around her twenties, was on her bottom and groaning in pain. PK leaned down, reaching out his hand to her. "Sorry there, I wasn't looking."

"It's okay." She replied, yet she didn't take his hand and independently got up herself. Now he blinked once more. This woman was another familiar face. "Sorry. I need to catch up with my friend."

"W-wait!" PK yowled, grabbing onto her arm. She flinched at his grip; her eyes stared at him with anger. But he overlooked at that anger and saw fear as well. Loosening his grip, but not enough to let her go, he sighed. "Um… If you're here, then… This isn't Dragon Park… Is it..?"

"No… This isn't. It's the Western Range District…" She stuttered uncomfortably. But her glare to him lessen at the sight of the grown man whine.

"Ah man..! I went the wrong way again! I'm never travelling around by train!" He cursed at those infernal mechanisms. He was already used to walking around after centuries. He knew doing something different was a bad idea. Why did he even bother using them? In any case, he had decided to hated those things after he had boarded a death train himself, and felt regret he didn't leave a certain Dusk Bringer behind.

"Um… What did you mean by… 'If you're here'…?" The woman hesitantly asked, her other hand was twitching oddly. The black haired man saw that stance. It was similar to a certain battle mage's habit. Whenever she wanted to deal some firepower, she'd twitched her hand before casting the ball of fire towards anyone.

Strangely enough, he recalled an incident that happened just a few years ago that was reported on the newspaper.

[A Child Arsonist destroyed Anyu Tower Middle School - Serdin]

He recalled that the girl who created the flames had run away from the site immediately. She was seen visiting one of the crucial victims of her arson, one who was believed to be her closest friend, and after that, disappeared from the face of the earth.

But it was by mere coincidence, that PK had seen her wandering around the streets of his favourite park in the dead of night, just days after that news was published to the world. She was weak and staggering, but her will to survive was strong, almost shining in the darkness.

At first sight, he knew who she was.

'If you want to die, then go somewhere else.'

He recalled saying something as harsh as that. But it was merely to test her.

'…. I need to live…. My best friend… Told me to remember her…. I need to live to remember her…'

After hearing that, he figured only one person could say something like that. PK remembered guiding that lilac haired girl to the Northern Territory, and after some negotiations, he gave her a job that she could do in her time of living. A librarian.

'To think she grew up to become a cold person…' He groaned, looking back into the glower of the lilac haired woman. PK let her arm go, smiling at her. He was partially at fault. He didn't do much as to help her recover from her shock after that incident psychologically (Besides, he knew he was bad at things like that). In any case, he was rushing at that time.

He wanted to see her friend, having a guess that it could be her.

"Aisha! It's just a bit more until we reach the place!" A shout from the end of the street made them realize that she was in a hurry and he was stopping her. PK nodded and gave her a smile, looking at the direction of their travels.

"The shrine of the dead, huh?" He muttered darkly. He recalled that very area was used to be the land they used to call the Forsaken Barrows. But for the sake of progress, the government tried to purify the land. Yet it was to no avail. So instead, they decreased the intensity of the darkness by creating a shrine that eased the land.

People began calling it the Shrine of the Dead not because it was built in the middle of the barrows, but because they have seen the dead walking around. And rumours say that one can 'delete' or put to death a curse from that area…

"Well, don't do anything hasty, alright." He grinned with a childish smile, but PK still had her glaring at him. "Hm… If this is the Western Range… Then Mari should be waiting South of here…."

"Mari?!" The woman yelped immediately, a slight tone of hope entwined in the core of her yelp.

"Ah. She's a friend of mine." PK waved and dashed away, not hearing another word of the lilac haired woman's pleads. "Bye."

He didn't really had time to deal himself with that woman now. He knew she was already alright by herself, and the battle mage within her would do her fine. Besides, he remembered that he had come across a person who had the same demonic aura as his long life rival in this area of Kanavan. With him around, their awakenings should be fine.

"…. Mari? Why did I use that name?" He mumbled to himself. "I've confused myself with their names again… That girl knows Melody, not Mari…" He stopped, thinking of his sentence. "Knew…. She knew Melody…"

PK then heard the shouts of a man from another street. He wasn't curious enough to stop and check it out, but enough to take a glance instead.

A blond man was chasing a little blond girl helplessly. And that girl was running with a heavy book in her hand, after a purple haired man with a scythe in his hand. PK sighed. "To think that brat was closer that I thought…"

He decided to take a path southwards that was slightly further away from them.

"Lauren… I don't think I'll be doing this…" Aisha stuttered, standing hesitantly in front of the shrine's entrance. It was dark, gloomy and it gave her chills. The librarian had suddenly her stomach backflip after her little encounter with that black haired man.

He was a mere stranger. Yet she felt that she knew him from somewhere.

She blamed on the fact that he looked a tad handsome. Maybe she had seen him somewhere in the papers or a magazine or somewhere. But there was another reason that made her feel like she had seen him before; she just couldn't put her finger on it.

And that name he mentioned. Mari. Clearly it was one she had never come across before, yet she knew that name from somewhere. Because strangely enough, the image of Melody came to her mind. Was there a connection between them? Was Melody still alive?

The girl did say that she might not be the same girl she knew…. Those words rang into her ears countless of times. At first, it was usually something that gave her nightmares and haunted her very existence. But then… This time… She felt a little relieved instead…

"You're going to back out now?" The man whined, touching gently the altar that sat quietly in the middle of the shrine. "And after all these years, you had to keep a distance with society so you wouldn't see anyone that was close to you sharing the same fate as Melody…."

Aisha backed away slightly. "How do you know about her?! No one else knew about Melody's condition! I made sure that every piece of information linking myself and her were gone and- And-!" The grey eyes of the man glowed deathly at her.

"Of course, you couldn't destroy memories, can you? I mean, the only people who knew that Melody was in there was you and that child who mocked you into making that explosion."

A devilish smile drew out the colours out of the librarian's face. Behind her, the dead rose up from the ground. One by one, skeletons and zombies groaned out of the dirt, all staring at her. Yet Aisha could only stare at that smirk which faded away behind a mask.

"… It was you…."

"WHERE THE HELL DID THESE CREATURES COME FROM?!" The undertaker screamed in rage, slicing off every head, skull, brain and whatever seemed like the cranium of a monster.

"You mean they weren't yours?!" Riku yowled, punching every skeleton that came near him as well as protecting his sister in his arms.

"I HATE THE UNDEAD!" Dirge yowled back, slamming his hand down instantly. A dark circle appeared out of nowhere above him and a gigantic spear formed itself. It then fell and crashed onto the monsters in front of him mercilessly, with flesh and bones flying everywhere.

It was of course, ironic, to see that an undertaker like himself, who practices the dark arts and takes care of a graveyard 24/7, actually hates to see the zombies and skeletons walking around freely in reality. But who could blame him? Dirge just had this sudden urge to despise the undead madly.

They refuse to let go of life and deny their fates that was death. They reject their destiny to move on to the next world and continue to live a lie in the reality that they exist now. With a life like that, of course he saw them as cowards who were pathetic enough to run away from the truth.

"I just hate those who can't die!" He screamed, pulling the lance out of the ground and ramparted around violently, destroying everything in his path. Dirge then threw it, piercing a couple more monsters in the process and continued to hack and slash everything in his path.

All they were doing is wander around the Western Range District, in hope to see the librarian. And suddenly undead creatures suddenly popped out of nowhere and surrounded them. Dirge was just pissed because of their unwelcomed meeting.

"Dirge! Watch out!" The purple haired man heard a shriek and retracted back his scythe, instantly defending himself from what seemed like a torn apart axe of a zombie orc. He merely spat at it and shoved it away with sheer force, ripping its face apart with his bare left hand.

"Was that it?" He laughed mockingly, glaring at every monster around him deathly. "Is that what you pathetic creatures have? Well, I will destroy you all, and leave not a trace behind….!"

"Dirge!" The girl shouted once more, so the man reacted with his scythe. But he was surprised to see numerous glowing pumpkins instead, all floating towards him. "Dirge! Those things are explosive!"

"What?! Explosive undeads?!" He took a step back, trying to configure a counter attack to those things. On the other hand, she couldn't take it anymore. Gisella struggled out of the grip of her brother's hand and launched herself away from him and towards the undertaker. Her hands began to glow in a radiant green glow. Out of nowhere, light shined around them brightly, blinding them of the entire dark world around them. Screams of pain and agony of monsters pierced their ears and faded away quickly. And gradually the light dimmed, revealing a barren, empty land.

Two pairs of eyes merely stared at the blond little girl in awe.

Chapter 7 - End

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