A- Apples

We sat in the woods, just the two of us, under a huge apple tree. I was layng against Jason's chest, and he was up against the tree, playing with my hair. I wanted to freeze time.

"Jason," I said, "Don't you wish that you could pick a moment, and freeze time so that it never ends?"

"Always. Like when I woke up on that bus holding your hand. I didn't know where I was, who I was, or who you were, but I knew that you were important. That, and your hand was totally soft." He said.

I laughed at him. "I wish I could freeze time now." I told him. We were quiet for a while, both of us just thinking and taking in the moment. I moved a little, so that I wasn't up against his chest, but sitting on his lap. He laughed and grabbed me around my waist, pulling both of us down. I saw our reflection in the lake. We looked so young. Now, we were lying on the ground together, holding hands.

"Have you ever thought about staying a certain age forever. Like... dying young. Leaving a beautiful corpse. I know it's kind of a gruesome thought, but girls at my different schools used to do that. Pretty themselves up just in case somebody killed them, so they could look beautiful forever." I said. Jason was quiet.

"That's immortality my darling." Jason joked as he leaned over and kissed me. When we kissed, the apples on the trees seemed to dance, the world brightened up, and I knew, I was in love with Jason Grace.

OH the pretty little liars quote ;) I love that show!

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