Prompt: Coming Home

"Dad," I said into the cell phone. "I'm coming home in a few hours. Jason and I... We're on a train, coming home from our...uh... reading camp?... to California. I'll see you soon. Call me when you get this message. Bye." I hung up. Figures. Another call gone to voicemail. I sighed and put my cell phone back into my bag.

"Hey, don't stress about it, Pipes. He's important. Famous. He's got a job to do, and he's gotta do it." Jason said, waking up from sleeping in our compartment. We'd been on the train for about two hours when it came to a stop. A voice came over the speaker.

"Hello everyone, this is your conductor speaking. We have now arrived in Hollywood, California. Please enjoy your stay and thank you for riding with us."

Jason got up and stretched, then held his hand out for me to get up. I smiled and took it. His hand was smooth, really smooth. It felt like a cloud in my hand. Maybe it was a Zeus thing? He grabbed our bags when my cell wrang. The number flashing on the screen said it was a private caller. Dad always told me not to answer those, but I had this feeling that I should. "Hello?" I said when I pressed the "answer call" button.

"Piper!" My dads voice came through the phone.

"Dad?" I asked.

"I got your message, Pipes. Sorry I couldn't get to it, I left my phone at home." He explained.

"It's fine dad. So, are you okay with us staying a few days with you?"

"It's definitely fine, honey. I won't be home, but the caretaker might. And the style team. Just hand out for a while and I should be home soon. Now, I really gotta go. I love you Pipes."

"Love you too dad." I said and hung up the phone.

"What did he say?" Jason asked.

I shoved my phone back in my little draw string backpack that I had on my back. "Nothing much. He's not going to be home when we get there so we have to hang out for a while before we can see him." I explained to him.

Jason nodded as we exited the train. We walked for about ten minutes when the view of Hollywood came into view. Home. I suddenly realized that Jason still had my bag. "Babe, I can take my bag. You've had it for a while." I said, with, I'll admit, a hint of charmspeak in my voice. He nodded, but snapped out of the little trance pretty fast. He was learning.

"No fair, you're using charmspeak on me." He joked.

I laughed. "Let's go, Lightning Boy." I said to him. We kept walking until we were in a really familiar group of houses that were kind of isolated from the rest of Hollywood. The rich people and their kids live there. In the distance, I could see the biggest house. My house. The iron gates were shut tight, with the letter M on both sides. The big white house looked like an enlarged version of Cabin 10 (Aphrodite's Cabin), just not as cabin-ish. "I'm home." I whispered to Jason.