Alrighty then, so this is my first ever attempt at fanfic and I hope you like it! The chapters really vary in size but they do begin to get longer as time goes on (and I feel like my writing improves but I'm redoing some of the older chapters). Just so you know if you're expecting like smut smut smutty smut then this isn't one of those stories, just to warn you know now but we do get there way off in the distance but it isn't a regular occurance but maybe it'll be worth it?

The main focus is on Eleanor and Daryl's relationship as it develops and I do my best to keep away from just copying out like the scripts so you won't get alot of the others characters as much but more so towards the end.

All the usual stuff, I don't own TWD and all that jazz yadda yadda, Eleanor's my baby though, I hope you guys like her.

So yeah, enjoy! :D let me know how you like it, if at all.

Chapter 1

It'd been days since she'd seen any sign hope. After things started to get crazy she'd made the decision to leave the city along with her friend and stick to places that were less crowded, it seemed logical. There was no way they could get back home, all the airports had been pretty much on lock down since it all hit. No one was allowed to come into the country, let alone leave.

Eleanor and Harriet had come to America from England for the year after they finished college. It was supposed to be their year full of adventures around the whole of America, travelling, volunteering the occasional party all that kind of stuff before they would start different universities in September, where they'd be hundreds of miles apart.

But that part of her life was never going to come now.

They kept to themselves, driving nowhere in particular; they had no maps and this was only supposed to be a drive through state but they just felt like they should keep moving, keeping going in the hopes that they'd stumble across anything. However, everywhere was abandoned by people; the only thing left was the living dead that took their place. They'd stop every now and again when they gathered their courage at petrol stations and the few houses that were close to the road to quickly gather any food and other supplies they would need. They'd spend the nights curled together in their car, the doors locked and parked out of the way, scared but knowing at least they still had each other.

But it wasn't even like that anymore. After a while they ran out of petrol and they had no choice but to begin walking on foot. As ridiculous as it sounded they didn't even acknowledge that this would soon happen, even more so they didn't want to and they felt like idiots for not creating a plan of what to do next. They just kept driving and driving, both trying to avoid what would be the inevitable.

"What do we do know?" Harriet asked her voice uneven, littered with concern.

Eleanor looked back at her cautiously, seeing the fear in her friend's eyes as they began to fill with tears. Eleanor turned away fixing her eyes on the road that stretched ahead of them, she hated to see her friend upset and she knew that she didn't have an answer to that question. Eleanor had never been the more dominant person in their friendship, she was always laid back, letting Harriet make most of the decisions and she'd just go with it, happy just to be a part. However, since everything in the world began to change she found herself making more and more of the decisions, Harriet becoming increasingly emotionally unstable and frantic as the pressure built and hope began to disappear.

"I don't know." She replied softly, dropping her head to lean her forehead against the steering wheel listening as Harriet began to cry uncontrollably. Eleanor knew she'd begun to panic, the sounds of her sobs slicing through her making her stomach swirl with dread and she looked back at her friend, pulling her into a tight hug to comfort her.

"… I guess we should probably set out on foot" Eleanor whispered softly in Harriet's ear, trying not to make her panic more.

"And go where? There's nowhere to go." Harriet sobbed hysterically, her whole body shaking now.

"Well we can't stay here, what will we do once the food runs out?" Eleanor replied, releasing Harriet and she took hold of her hand. "We'll pack all we need and walk, maybe we can find a petrol station or something that we could hold up in, maybe even find other people?"

"And what about those things?" Harriet spat, yanking her hand from Eleanor's grip, wiping her face with her sleeve to rid herself of the tears.

"We'll just… avoid them, out run them..." Eleanor began, leaning over to the back seat to grab a backpack, unzipping the front and pulling out a small pocket knife. "…and if needs be" she said, gently placing the knife in her friends hand and Harriet glared down at the knife then back to Eleanor giving her a hesitant nod before they both released a gentle sigh, leaning back into the seat of the car to collect their thoughts and plan out their next move.