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Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Worth More Than That

Notes: This is A/U, EWE, OOC, will have YAOI, and is sort of a PWP. Also, in this fic Snape is alive obviously. I posted this earlier and realized I had uploaded the unrevised story, ooppss. Anyway this is the correct version and it will be a Theo/Draco pairing. Enjoy Lovelies!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I will make no money from the posting of this fic.

~~~~~~~~************Chapter 1***********~~~~~~~~

Draco laid on his large king size bed reveling in the sore feeling radiating through his lower body and the wetness leaking from his abused entrance as he listened to his lover move around in the bathroom. The door opened allowing his lover to step back into the bedroom.

Salazar the imposing sight of the man never failed to arouse him; tall, pale skin, commanding stature and those deep fathomless eyes that always seemed so closed until he sank his cock deep inside Draco's willing body.

Severus Snape was always a guarded man but even he could not hide himself in the throes of pleasure; a fact Draco languished in. It was the only time aside from when Severus first arrived at Malfoy Manor that Draco would see any sign of affection or care from the eternally cold man.

The mood was broken when Severus turned to Draco, expression once again closed and unreadable; "I have to go. Harry will be done with dinner soon and he expects me to be home."

Ah yes how could Draco have forgotten Severus' beloved Harry?! It was a bitter thought along with a sobering reminder of exactly where Draco stood in Severus Snape's life.

How could Draco have forgotten he was no one to Snape but a means to sate his darker urges; urges he would never want to indulge with his pure angel Harry Potter. No, those acts were to unclean to entertain using on the savior of the wizarding world but they were perfect for Draco, an ex-Death Eater.

He was done in that moment; Draco cared for Severus for as long as he could remember, actually it would be easier to remember when he did not care about Severus.

The man was everything to Draco; a lover, guardian, confidante and so much more or at least he used to be. Lately the blonde hadn't even spoken to Severus outside of their trysts. To Severus, however, Draco was a whore, something he used to quell his more risque urges.

Draco was so happy when Severus had finally reciprocated his subtle advances and sexual overtures, thinking he would finally have his chance to be with Severus; only to feel like his heart was crushed when Snape casually mentioned that he and Harry were still together and their clandestine meetings were for sexual gratification only.

But Draco had pushed away the hurt and embraced his chance to show Severus he loved him, foolishly the blonde hoped that Severus would see this and realize he wanted Draco, and only Draco. It had not happened that way and it was killing Draco more and more each time.

Glancing around the room the blonde took in the scattered clothes, whips and toys. In that moment it hit him, Severus would never look at him as more than a means of sexual release.

Draco's feeling of pleasurable warmth fled him, leaving him cold and that once pleasant feeling of slickness between his legs now made him feel vile, dirty, like a whore. But wasn't that what he was? Snape's little whore, always there when the man wanted him, freely giving himself while asking for nothing in return.

Always willing to do whatever Snape wanted him too, as long as it made the dark haired man happy? God how far had he fallen to let himself be used like this?

He truly was disgraceful, turning away from his friends to always be there if the raven haired man called, letting himself be distracted from his potions; this, it had to end!

Turning burning grey eyes to the man who meant so much to him Draco spoke, feeling his heart break with every word he said, pushing through the hurt as this needed to be done; "Indeed Harry does; you should go then and please don't come back."

Severus straightened and turned to look at the blonde, the only noticeable change in his appearance was the widening of his black eyes in surprise; "What are you speaking about Draco?"

To anyone else it would sound as if Severus was unaffected but Draco knew better, he could hear the unsettled tone in that smooth deep voice that always sent shivers up the blonde's spine. It tore at his resolve but Draco would not waver in his decision; this had to end now.

"I do not want to repeat myself Severus but I will. Please don't come back again, I cannot and will not keep doing this. I give you my everything only for you to take what you want and leave me alone to go home to your perfect lover, your little angel."

"I may not be worth what I once was Severus but I am worth a hell of that more than this." To emphasize his point Draco sat up straight, long blonde hair falling over his slim shoulders, as he waved his arm to illustrate the used toys and whips that only a few minutes ago were being used on Draco's pliant body.

"I will no longer be your whore. I can't keep letting you unknowingly break my heart every time you come here. Every time you take me I see the affection in your eyes and my heart dares to hope that you care for me as more than a quick fuck but then it's over and you close yourself off from me, sealing up your heart against mine and tell me you have to go back to Harry."

"Please leave Severus I have nothing else to say to you." Done with his words Draco slipped out of bed, put on his night robe and made to enter the bathroom to clean himself, knowing a house elf would be by to clean the room and replace the soiled sheets.

Severus grasped his upper arm in a vice like grip as the blonde made to pass him, a look of something that could have been pain or regret flashing in his dark eyes but it was gone before Draco could identify it. Once again Severus was the formidable, unreadable man who stood in front of the Dark Lord and lied to his face without showing an ounce of fear .

"I warn you little Dragon if I leave now I will not be back." Draco felt like he had been slapped, no one called him little Dragon anymore. His mother, the biggest user of his pet name, was barely coherent these days as she drowned herself in wine to forget the sins she and her husband had committed during the war.

That particular pet name always brought up too many memories; some bittersweet and some painfully horrible. Draco told Severus he did not want to be referred to by that name anymore and the older man agreed not to use it, apparently Snape was trying to hurt him and he had succeeded but what was one more blow to his already broken heart?

Pulling the remains of his pride and control Draco spoke, the tone cold; "Do not ever refer to me by that name again Snape. Please leave now, I have nothing else to say."

Wrenching his arm away, knowing he would have to use a bruise salve on the blossoming discoloration that was undoubtedly beginning to appear on his bicep from Snape's rough grip, without looking at Severus Draco walked into the bathroom, closed the door and locked it.

Slumping to the floor Draco let the tears fall unabated onto the marble floor of his bathroom, the thought from earlier clouding his mind and tormenting him relentlessly; when had he fallen so far?

Was it after the war and the trials? Was it when he decided to allow himself to be used as someone's plaything before the other went home to his true lover? Was it when he continued to watch his mother drown herself in alcohol? Or when he watched his father led out of the courtroom to serve his thirty year sentence in Azkaban?

Draco truly did not know anymore but he would; glancing down Draco caressed the faded Dark Mark on his forearm, disgust mingled with despair as he continued to touch the cursed mark.

This was a chance for him to move forward, to start again and make himself into something he could be proud of, something all his own without the influence of his father's shadow. After a few moments he regained a semblance of control and stood, stepping deeper into the room and stopping in front of the gilded mirror over the sink.

The blonde surveyed his body critically, taking in everything from his long silken blonde hair, his shining grey eyes, soft pale skin and lithe build. Lifting his head high, channeling his scattered pride, Draco vowed that he would become something someone could love, someone he could be proud of, he would bring the Malfoy name back to where it once was before the Dark Lord came and finally Draco would learn to love himself again.

Nodding decisively Draco turned and with the same grace that he used to be known for he glided across the posh washroom to turn on the shower. His heart was still heavy from his earlier confrontation with Severus but he would live through it; he had lived through worse and survived, he would survive this too.

All Mistakes Are My Own!

Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Worth More Than That

Notes: I really tried writing angst and I just can't do it; just my personality I guess. Anyway while I can't write angst I can write indecisive. Anyway the plot thickens; Enjoy Lovelies!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I will make no money from the posting of this fic.


The blonde surveyed his body critically, taking in everything from his long silken blonde hair, his shining grey eyes, soft pale skin and lithe build. Lifting his head high, channeling his scattered pride, Draco vowed that he would become something someone could love, someone he could be proud of, he would bring the Malfoy name back to where it once was before the Dark Lord came and finally Draco would learn to love himself again.

Nodding decisively Draco turned and with the same grace that he used to be known for he glided across the posh washroom to turn on the shower. His heart was still heavy from his earlier confrontation with Severus but he would live through it; he had lived through worse and survived, he would survive this too.

~~~~~~~~************Chapter 2***********~~~~~~~~

Draco woke a week after his and Severus' breakup, his heart still felt heavy but wasn't that to be expected? Just a week ago Draco surrendered his dreams of finally being with Severus Snape for good and now faced the prospect of reaching out to his friends after his week of isolation and brooding; Blaise and Pansy were not known to be forgiving.

Damn this was going to be a trying day for him but he would get through it; Blaise and Pansy were his best friends. The two of them had stayed by his side through it all, helping him deal with being forced to be a Death Eater, getting him through his trial and finally settling back into life after the war.

Draco felt horrible for pushing them away for the sake of a few hours spent fucking Severus; why had he done it again? It seemed so stupid now when Draco was examining his relationship, if on could call it that, with Severus that he would push aside spending time with his two best friends on the off chance his former lover would call upon him.

In the harsh light of morning, and a new outlook, Draco saw his folly; with a sigh he forced himself out of bed and went about his morning routine. Once dressed in casual though well-made robes he went down to the breakfast table in the kitchen, greeting his mother warmly.

It hurt him to see his mother barely respond to his greeting; it really was no wonder that his mother had not noticed Severus' visits during these past seven months. Narcissa Malfoy was far from what she used to be, no longer was she the consummate well put together socialite.

Looking at her now with her hair haphazardly pilled on her head in the failed attempt at a chignon, the makeup that did not cover the dark circles under her eyes or the ruddy cast to her cheeks courtesy of her daily binge drinking. Draco barely recognized her as the woman who always carried herself with such poise.

His father's imprisonment truly had been the straw to break her after all she endured during the war. Most people would think Narcissa would be pleased to have her husband gone, free of Lucius' stain, but it was so far from the truth it was laughable.

His mother loved his father and he loved her; unfortunately his father's choices had torn their family and their love apart. Draco knew his father was repentant for his crimes and felt the disgrace of his choices but that did not change what Lucius had done.

The blonde loved his father, had forgiven him long ago for getting caught up in something that went beyond him. Lucius Malfoy was many things but he loved his family with his whole heart and being, many nights Draco knew his father went without sleep trying to find a way for Draco and Narcissa to escape the Dark Lord's clutches.

His father unfortuanately never figured out a way and then Draco was forced to be branded with the Dark Mark, when that happened Narcissa and Draco's chance for escape was over. Together the three Malfoys had endured the war, being tormented day in and day out by the Dark Lord's wand in their own home.

Now that the war was over Draco just wanted to put that part of his life behind him, move forward to better things and opportunities. Eating the tasty breakfast that appeared in front of him Draco attempted to draw his mother into conversation to no avail.

Standing he kissed her cheek before leaving the room, walking quickly, he moved into the receiving room and placed a floo call to Blaise. The Zabini Lord was the least likely to scream and hex him; Pansy would not be so easy and he firmly expected to be cursed thoroughly by the short raven haired woman.

Draco waited for the call to connect, hoping Blaise was there, he wanted to speak to his friend and make it right between them again. He started slightly when a handsome blonde's head appeared in the flames, collecting himself Draco spoke; "Hello may I speak to Blaise, please."

Best to be polite but that thought screeched to a halt when the man began to chuckle at him! Before Draco could give a scathing retort in regards to what exactly the handsome idiot thought was funny the blonde spoke; "Do you really not remember me Draco? We only slept in the same dorm for several years?"

Draco gaped, totally speechless; "Theo?! How? When..." Draco shut up after he realized he was babbling like an absolute moron and waited for Theo to speak; "It is. How have you been Draco? Blaise said he hasn't heard form you in a while. He's in the loo right now just in case you're wondering."

Draco grasped for words, finally finding them; "I've been better frankly and needed to speak to Blaise. May I come through?" Theo nodded and stepped back, allowing Draco to step into the floo and out into Blaise's well-appointed study.

Once Draco cleaned his robes of dust he turned to survey Theo; well well babbity rabbity finally grew up and into his body hadn't he. It was hard to believe this tall, handsome man was once a reed thin, buck toothed boy with the social graces of a hippocampi.

"Well Theo I see you have matured well. How have you been?" Theo chuckled; "I have finally filled out thank Salazar for that. Been great actually, working with the Ministry. How about you? Other than you having been better what have you been up to Draco?"

Draco wondered how to phrase what he had been up to without him sounding pathetic, deciding there really wasn't a way Draco just blurted it out; "I recently ended a very difficult relationship so I've been a bit down. But other than that I've been working on my potions mastery through owl with a master in Italy; Maestro Buenaviglio if you have heard of him."

"I have actually heard of your master. Didn't he create a potion to help stabilize nerves in the body when a patient has been exposed to the Cruciatus for too long or too many times? From what I have heard it is ten times better than the existing potion available. Good for you Draco, it is an honor to study under someone that prestigious but then again you were always leaps ahead of us in potions."

Draco preened a bit under Theo's praise of both him and his master; "Thank you Theo and I truly enjoy it. Now that I'm free I can focus completely on my mastery and hopefully be done with it in a year. But what do you do at the Ministry exactly, if you don't mind me asking."

Theo looked stunned for a moment; "Done in a year? Draco we only graduated Hogwarts a little over a year ago! Do you mean to tell me you'll have your potions mastery in only two years? That is amazing, truly! Not even Professor Snape completed his mastery in that amount time."

Theo looked slightly sheepish for his outburst but quickly got himself under control and continued to speak; "My work at the Ministry is actually quite interesting; you see when the Dark Lord came to power many people funded his campaign but until now no one thought to look into the money trail."

"After the war the Department of Financial Crimes was started, essentially we look into Ministry employees, political figures and businesses to make sure everything is aboveboard and no one is contributing funds where they should not be or taking bribes under the table."

"The Minister's hope is that in the future it will be considerable harder to funnel money to a vigilante group, another Dark Lord or bribe an official. We actually work closely with Gringotts. But I'm sure I'm boring you with all this talk aren't I?" Draco smiled at the man in front of him; quite enjoying his time with Theo.

"It's fine Theo, I don't mind hearing you speak about your work; you seem very happy with your choice of career." Before Theo could answer a deep voice Draco knew too well cut through the pleasant atmosphere in the room; "Well well look what the snake dragged in. To who or what do we owe the pleasure of this visit Draco?"

Draco knew Blaise was angry and hurt and hearing his friend's voice again solidified his belief but he came here for a reason and he would see this through, no more running when things became tough.

Turning to face his friend Draco collected his thoughts; "I'm sorry Blaise, I know I should have called or visited but well I guess there isn't an excuse for my behavior toward you. All I can say is I'm sorry Blaise, really sorry." He watched the dark skinned Zabini Lord as he surveyed Draco's face, looking for something.

Obviously Blaise found what he was looking for; "Alright I forgive you but if you ever pull this shit again I will not be so inclined to let it go so easily again, clear?" Draco nodded, smiling brightly at his best friend only to have it fall at Blaise's next words; "But I doubt Pansy will be so forgiving."

Draco sighed; "Fuck Blaise she is going to kill me isn't she?" Blaise and Theo chuckled, causing Draco pout a bit; "Blaise help me!" It came out as a whine but Draco didn't care how he sounded, his best friend forgave him and he was feeling quite comfortable around Theo as well.

Blaise stopped chuckling; "You'll be fine but you will have to explain to her why you pushed her away. I don't need to know all that crap to know you feel badly and forgive you but Pansy will want to hear it. So be prepared to grovel and beg for her to listen and duck when she starts throwing hexes at you."

Draco nodded, knowing that would be the case but for right now he wanted to enjoy his time with Blaise and Theo. Merlin when was the last time he left the damn house other than to fetch potion ingredients? Too damn long it would seem apparently.

Blaise and Theo were speaking to each other and Draco just soaked up the feeling of being with friends again. Eventually his curiosity got the better of him and he had to ask; Blaise and Theo were never close at school but here they were chatting like old friends.

"When did you two become so close?" Blaise and Theo turned away from the papers on the desk to look at Draco almost as if they forgot he was there. Theo smiled; "I told you I'm in the Department of Financial Crimes; well as you know Blaise is working toward his law degree and interns in the Legal Department of the Ministry."

"He and I are looking into a case of fraud; some idiot going around pitching an investment scheme to little old witches and bilking their savings right out from under them." Draco nodded that he understood; "That's terrible actually. Well I'm sure between you and Blaise you'll get him."

Blaise was looking between Theo and Draco shrewdly, examining their interactions before a sly grin took over his face; "Would you two excuse me for a moment, I need to check on something." Draco wondered what his friend was up to but disregarded it in order to talk to Theo more.

He was surprised at how simple and relaxing it was talking to Theo again after all this time; secretly Draco was hoping that Theo would ask him to meet up again or have dinner. The blonde did not have many friends left after the war so another person to talk to was always welcomed.

Soon Blaise reentered the room, a smug look on his face when he saw how closely Theo and Draco had become while sitting on his sofa; "Well Theo if you're ready we really should get back to this case then. Draco I'll owl you so we can have lunch soon."

Draco smiled outwardly but on the inside he didn't want to leave Blaise's house when he was enjoying himself but he stood up and bid the two men goodbye. Before he threw the floo powder Draco heard Theo call his name, turning the blonde watched the taller man approach, a smile on his face.

"I know you said you just got out of a relationship but I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me later in the week. If you aren't busy that is?" Draco thought Theo's mix of confidence and nervousness was adorable and found himself looking forward to having dinner with the man.

"I'd like that very much. Send me an owl and we can set something up." Feeling brave Draco leaned up and placed a kiss to Theo's cheek before quickly throwing the floo powder and fleeing Blaise's study.

He emerged back at Malfoy Manor wondering if he had lost his mind. He just agreed to go on a date with Theodore Nott, not that there was anything wrong with Theo. No, Draco just couldn't believe he had agreed to a date so soon after ending his thing with Severus.

Why shouldn't he though? Why shouldn't he go out with Theo, who seemed like he had matured into a decent, kind and attractive man with a good honest job; there was no reason for him not to at this point. Severus and his relationship was over and Draco knew there was no point in dwelling on something that had never been.

Would that be fair to Theo? For Draco to jump into something with his fellow former Slytherin while still healing from Severus' treatment of him? He did not know! Draco needed advice and there was only one person to get it from; Pansy Parkinson.

Well there was no time like the present to be cursed into oblivion by a wrathful witch hell bent on retribution for Draco's treatment of her. He also knew that once Pansy had screamed herself hoarse and hurled the appropriate hexes she would be willing and ready to listen to Draco, offering advice as only she could.

Taking a deep breath Draco went through the process of casting floo powder into the hearth and calling out Pansy's address; the pretty little witch's face appeared quickly, scowl in place; "What do you want Malfoy?!" Ouch! Being referred to as "Malfoy" never boded well for Draco's wellbeing; "Pansy can I come through please. I need to speak to you and explain."

Her lips thinned; "And apologize?" Draco almost smiled at her but refrained; "Of course Pans, of course." She huffed but stepped back, knowing this was the best invitation he would be given Draco stepped through and into Pansy's living room; unlike Blaise who resided in his family's manor Pansy elected to live in a trendy London wizarding flat.

Draco straightened, brushed off his robes and promptly began his groveling apology; "Pansy I'm sorry for the way I've been treating you these past few months; there is no excuse for my behavior. You're my best friend and you deserve better. Can you ever forgive me?"

Draco braced himself for the tirade that was to come, glancing down at the short witch with confusion when there was no screaming or hurling of spells. Her words surprised him to the core; "Draco what happened? Why did you ignore me and are you sure you're okay you look horrible."

Of course Pansy would see that he was not fine, she always saw right through him even when he tried to present a strong front, letting a sigh go he explained all about Severus, their relationship and the end of said relationship. At the end Pansy looked sad and upset; she knew how much Draco adored Severus and how much this would hurt him.

"Well Draco I'm surprised I never picked up what was going on between you and Snape. But that's not the issue now, I'm sorry that it didn't work out but I'm wondering what the hell you were thinking lowering yourself like that? You are better than that Draco Lucius Malfoy!"

"You deserve more than fucking Severus Snape treating you like a passing fancy, a little toy to trifle with, frankly I'm shocked he would with all the history between your family and him. But then again how well do any of us know Severus Snape; the man was a spy for over twenty years and no one even had a clue."

"That man shows what he wants and leaves the rest of us guessing. You deserve more Draco and I'm just glad you saw sense. Of course I forgive you but if it happens again I'll hex your balls off and feed them to a dragon."

Draco winced at the threat to his manhood but smiled none the less, Pansy truly was an amazing friend and he loved her more right now than he ever had. Deciding to get to his conundrum involving Theo Draco began speaking, immediately grabbing Pansy's attention when he mentioned Theo's name.

Draco finished his explanation of what happened at Blaise's between him and Theo ending with; "So I don't know what to do? Should I go out with Theo and start something so after Severus? Or should I be honest with Theo about who I was seeing since he already knows I was in a difficult relationship. I'm confused Pansy so fix it."

The dark haired witch laughed lightly, totally used to Draco's demands to make things better whenever he was in trouble or messed something up; "Draco really this is not complicated so stop with the dramatics. First the fact that you are considering going out with Theo is a big enough sign that you like him and want to begin something with him."

"But you have to stop overthinking it, for all you know this relationship won't go anywhere; just go out with him, have a good time and enjoy each other's company."

"In regards to Snape I would suggest you not divulging much about the nature of your relationship and only tell Theo Snape was your ex-lover when you're sure your relationship is going somewhere. No use spilling your guts until you know Theo and you are for real."

Draco nodded hearing the wisdom in her words, not surprisingly he felt much better after listening to Pansy's advice. The little witch really did know what to say to him to make him feel better. Thank Salazar for her! With a smile Draco stood and suggested they take a walk around London.

Pansy immediately jumped up and began suggesting the many shops they could go to so they could check out the newest fashions coming out for Fall and Winter. Draco felt like his life was realigning itself, shopping with Pansy was always a fun time and he had not even realized he missed it until this moment.

Letting Pansy tug him out of her flat Draco was already running through ideas for an outfit to wear when he went out with Theo. Life was not as it should be but it would get there one little step at a time; his friendships were already mended with Blaise and Pansy.

Starting tomorrow he would begin working on his potions mastery again, yet another thing he neglected during his experience with Severus. But right now there were clothes to try on and purchase, grasping Pansy's hand they strutted down the street like they used to; heads high and expressions haughty.

Indeed Draco Malfoy was stepping back into wizarding society and he would be better than ever before.

The day shopping with Pansy was absolutely what Draco needed to relax and forget about things for a while; the blonde was in such a good mood that he even purchased a new cloak for his mother; a gorgeous light blue silk robe that would highlight his mother's coloring.

Hopefully the gift would cheer his mother up a little bit. Draco was grown but right now he needed his mother to snap out of her depression. He really needed her support right now even if he could not tell her the reason for his troubles and his mother always seemed to know the right words to say to calm him down.

Draco pushed those sad thoughts away as he separated from Pansy to reach the apparition point in this section of muggle London. Once he reached the warded area he disapparated back to Malfoy Manor with a crack, appearing in the receiving room.

A house elf, he did not know this one's name, appeared to take his parcels to his room, all except the one for his mother; Draco wanted to present it to her at dinner this evening, which according to the clock above the fireplace would be in roughly fifteen minutes.

The Malfoy heir made his way to his room to wash up and change his clothes to a more comfortable outfit for dinner. Once done Draco slid his mother's shrunken gift into his pocket and made his way back to the kitchen, taking his seat across from his mother.

Removing the shrunken package from the pocket of his slacks Draco spelled it back to its original size and slid it across the table to his mother; Narcissa appraised the package with an interested detachment.

Draco watched with bated breath for his mother to open the gift, after a few moments of staring Narcissa opened the paper wrapped around the box. Once the paper was undone she lifted the lid, surveying the lovely blue fabric on display; "Draco it is lovely. Why did you get me this?"

Draco looked into his mother's eyes, feeling hope spark in his chest when he saw the spark of affection in his mother's eyes; "I was shopping with Pansy today to get my mind off things and saw this. I immediately thought of you so I purchased it without a thought. Do you like it mother?"

Narcissa smiled, truly smiled, something Draco had not seen her do in months; "I do Draco, very much. Thank you for thinking of me." He noticed tears beginning to flood his mother's blue eyes, moving from his seat Draco walked to her side, placing a hand on her shoulder to give her the support she needed.

"I'm so sorry Draco; my actions these last few months have been selfish. All this time I've been sulking and despairing you have been dealing with everything on your own. We should be dealing with the aftermath of the war and your father's imprisonment together. Can you even forgive me?"

Draco smiled a sad smile to his mother before leaning down to press a kiss to her cheek, murmuring quietly he reassured his mother; "Of course mother, we all have our ways of dealing with our pain and loss but now we can try to put the past behind us."

Narcissa looked up at him, smiling as well even through her tears; "We will my son. Now let's eat I can imagine your shopping trip with Pansy has worked up quite an appetite." Draco nodded, retaking his seat at the table and practically devouring his meal once it was put in front of him.

The night progressed nicely but once the lights were off and he was lying in bed Draco began to think about what Pansy had said earlier in the day. Was it possible that Draco was really overthinking this thing with Theo, whatever it was? It was possible as he did tend to obsess about things like this.

Another thing was the ease he found himself wanting to date Theo; maybe his feelings for Severus didn't run as deep as he thought. Draco thought hard about why he loved Severus Snape. The answer came easily to him; Severus always took care of him when he was younger, making sure everything would be okay.

Severus meant safety to Draco; was it possible that Draco twisted the desire for Severus' protection into a craving for Severus' love? He couldn't really answer that but the blonde knew that his quickly cooling feelings for his former lover were not normal.

If Draco loved the onyx eyed man as much as he thought he did shouldn't he be more broken up? More averse to dating another man, no matter how attractive that other male was? And Merlin Theo was bloody attractive!

But that was off the topic; Draco did not know much about normal relationships but from what he knew most people who break up generally need more than a week to move on. The possibility that he was not as in love with Severus as he thought he was was actually a good thing.

It made it easier for the blonde to move on, it was just amazing that Draco never figured this out before. Then again he never truly examined why he wanted Severus Snape, he just assumed it was because he loved him but now he didn't think it was the case.

Sighing Draco put his thoughts aside, settling into the covers so he could get to sleep. He had a long day of potions and studying to do tomorrow if he wanted to make up the work he had shirked regarding his mastery.

A sleepy smile crossed his face when he thought about his mastery that was a great point of pride to him. Even when his family's name was worthless Draco managed to secured an apprenticeship with one of foremost Masters in the magical world and it all due to his intelligence, proficiency in potions and his marks at Hogwarts; no help or favors from anyone.

I hope you enjoyed the chapter and I think we will have one or two more chapters to go then we will be done.

All Mistakes Are My Own!

Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Worth More Than That

Notes: Mostly a transitional chapter before we move into the meet of the story; Enjoy Lovelies!

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I will make no money from the posting of this fic.


It made it easier for the blonde to move on; it was just amazing that Draco never figured this out before. Then again he never truly examined why he wanted Severus Snape, he just assumed it was because he loved him but now he did not think it was the case.

Sighing Draco put his thoughts aside, settling into the covers so he could get to sleep. He had a long day of potions and studying to do tomorrow if he wanted to make up the work he had shirked regarding his mastery.

A sleepy smile crossed his face when he thought about his mastery that was a great point of pride to him. Even when his family's name was worth less than dirt Draco managed to secured an apprenticeship with one of foremost Masters in the magical world and it all due to his intelligence, proficiency in potions along with his marks; no help or favors from anyone.

~~~~~~~~************Chapter 3***********~~~~~~~~

The next few days were a blur of activity for Draco. Between dealing with his mastery and rebuilding his crumbling bond with his mother he had very little time to think about his past lover or his prospective lover.

However, Theo was once again catapulted back into his mind when a gorgeous tawny Eagle owl swooped onto his potions lab; the bird extended its scaly leg for Draco to take the letter affixed to its appendage.

The blonde smiled, knowing exactly who sent the letter as the Nott crest was stamped into the back of the parchment, removing the missive Draco summoned the intelligent owl a treat and sent it on its way.

The bird hooted its thanks before taking flight. Draco opened the letter tentatively, his eyes sweeping over the written words. A smile broke out on his face after he was done. It seemed Theo was serious about taking him out on a date if the invitation to Segreto's was any indication.

How long had it been since Draco went out for dinner? Too long and he found he truly wanted to enjoy a good meal and conversation with the Nott Lord. The blonde quickly found a spare piece of parchment and quill, sitting down at his work bench Draco composed his letter; merely agreeing to Theo's invitation to dinner and letting him know he could pick him up at seven on Saturday night. He also gave the password to pass through the Manor wards.

Once done Draco called for his owl Eros. The chocolate colored bird quickly found his master, allowing Draco to attach the reply letter to his leg before taking flight to deliver his owner's letter. Smiling, Draco hummed as he went back to work on his potion, running over the many outfits he owned that would be appropriate for a night out on the town.

Saturday night found Draco being fussed over by an overbearing Pansy and his amused mother; Draco truly wanted to curse them both for their interference, he could dress himself thank you, but he refrained after seeing the light shining in his mother's eyes and Pansy's joyful if sadistic grin.

He really must love these insane women to let them drag him through his closet and try on at least ten outfits before they settled on the first outfit he tried on; the outfit the blonde wanted to wear in the first place!

Pansy finally stepped back after arranging Draco's long blond; his waist length hair was half pulled up and braided, the end of the braid was held by a silver ribbon that almost blended into his silver blonde hair. With his hair pulled back his bangs hung forward and framed his angelic face while the bottom half of his hair streamed down his back and over his shoulders.

Draco could grudgingly admit Pansy knew what she was doing; the hairstyle truly complimented his features and his outfit. The clothes they had decided on were well made and fit Draco's slim build to perfection; a dark silver silk button up shirt dress shirt and tight black dragon hide pants were set off by a silken emerald over robe.

All Draco needed to do was slip on his black knee high dragon hide boots and he would be ready for a night out with Theodore Nott; the butterflies were swirling wildly in his tummy. Who knew the very thought of spending time with Theo could do this to Draco, regardless the blonde was excited to see the other again.

He liked that Theo looked at him with such affection and listened to what Draco said. He also loved the sound of Theo's rich laugh, come to think of it Draco liked most of the things Theo did or said, not to mention he liked the way Theo looked; all broad shouldered, tall and in control.

The Nott male really did fill out nicely just goes to show you never know who would go from duckling to swan when they grew up. Another valuable lesson for the blonde; not all that glittered was gold and never judge a book by its cover.

After all he had always dismissed Theo as unattractive and too quiet when in truth Theo was awkward as most of them were in their teens. Theo just happened to be more awkward then most of them, not that you would know it now. In regards to Theo's quiet nature that was just how the man was; he watched and spoke when it was needed other then that he enjoyed listening to others.

Draco liked that when he spoke to Theo the other day at Blaise's the man had listened intently to the blonde speak and asked good questions or added quality comments to the conversation.

Speaking to Theo was so easy for the Malfoy Lord, something that still surprised Draco. He was raised to play everything close the vest but something about Theo's gorgeous blue eyes made the grey eyed male want to confide in the other, to tell the other man his hopes, dreams and hardships.

It was slightly unsettling but not unwelcome and Draco was committed to see where he and Theo could go; though he was eager to explore this potential relationship with the Nott Lord Draco would take it slow, truly get to know the other male before he gave his heart away again.

A kiss to his forehead brought him out of his reverie and made him realize he must have looked like an ass just standing in front of the full length mirror, staring vacantly at his reflection. His mother chuckled before she spoke, his mother's laugh was a sound that made Draco's heart warm; "Thinking about your date Draco?"

A blush crept across Draco's pale cheeks; "I was; I apologize for not paying attention...I'm just nervous about tonight." Narcissa and Pansy smiled happily at him, it was Pansy who spoke this time; "Don't worry so much Draco!"

"You'll be fine tonight, just be your charming self and enjoy your night out. Narcissa and I will be here waiting for you to get back and give us all the juicy details." Draco scowled at his best friend, not too thrilled to be giving a postmortem about his date when his mother was in the room.

However, the happy look on his mother's pretty face stopped him from telling Pansy to go to hell; "Alright now I should go down to the receiving room so I'll be there when Theo arrives seeing as it is almost seven." The two women nodded, each stepping forward to place a kiss to Draco's cheek before they left.

When the two most important women in his life left Draco slipped on his boots, adjusting his trouser so they were tucked inside the leather boots before he laced them. Standing again Draco took one more glance at the mirror, he was pleased with what he saw; he looked polished, proud and bloody gorgeous and it was all for Theo.

Hopefully the other man would notice his appearance and comment on it; even though the Malfoy Lord knew he was attractive it was always nice to hear a compliment from an attractive male. Plus, Draco's self-esteem could use a boost after the past week and his separation from Severus.

He stopped his thoughts right there; this was not a night to dwell on past mistakes or lovers. Tonight was a night of new beginnings and romance between Draco and Theo, he would not let his sad thoughts cloud what should and would be a delightful evening out.

Finally the blonde arrived at the receiving room; he did not have long to wait as two minutes later the fire flashed green and Theo was stepping out, looking as dapper as Draco thought he would. Theo looked around until his blue eyes fell on Draco, after an appreciative look Theo stepped forward and placed a kiss to Draco's forehead; "You look smashing Draco."

A blush stained Draco's cheeks and nose at Theo's simple compliment; "Thank you and you look handsome tonight as well Theo." And he did, the Nott Lord was wearing a sapphire blue button up shirt that highlighted his eyes and black trousers. His over robe was black as well the Nott crest was embroidered on his left breast in sapphire blue thread while shiny black shoes adorned his feet.

"Are you ready to go gorgeous?" Theo's question brought a grin to Draco's lips, instead of answering Draco moved to slip his arm into Theo's and guided them to the large hearth. The blonde grasped some floo powder from the ornate bowl next to the fireplace once they stepped into the hearth.

Theo wrapped a strong arm around his lithe waist and nodded letting Draco know he was ready to go. Dropping the floo powder the grey eyed male called for their destination; "Segreto's, Out-of-the-Way Alley, London."

With a flash of green flame and a heartfelt prayer spoken to magic herself that he would not screw this up Draco was swept away toward their destination, held tightly against Theo's broad strong body.

Sorry to cut it here but it was the best place to stop. The next chapter will be longer, I promise.

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