Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Worth More Than That

Notes: SLASH AHEAD! I hope you enjoy it lovelies!

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"I wasn't sure anyone would believe me." Theo looked thoughtful for a moment; "How about we sleep now Draco and tomorrow we can discuss plans to keep you safe and Severus Snape away from you. Out of curiosity does your mother know?" Draco blanched; "No, no my mother doesn't know anything about it. I don't know if I want her to."

Theo just stared at Draco for a moment before a look of understand crossed his face; "You know love your mother loves you and there is nothing you can do to change that right? I doubt this information would make her upset with you maybe Narcissa would be upset that you had not told her but not that you had a relationship with Snape."

"I'll think about telling her alright but can we just go to bet tonight. I'm tired and I just want to go to bed and deal with the rest of this nonsense tomorrow." Theo's response was silent but enjoyable nonetheless and Draco didn't even fight being swept into his larger lover's arms and carried to bed.

Tonight they would sleep and tomorrow they would make arrangements for Draco to never have to interact with Severus Snape.

~~~~~~~~************Chapter 7***********~~~~~~~~

Draco shifted, drawing closer to the warmth the always radiated from Theo's broad body; this was the best time of day for the slim blonde. He felt safe here, wanted and cared for here in Theo's arms.

But he couldn't repress the words his lover spoke last night, should he tell his mother about his and Severus' liaisons? It would be best to be honest with his mother; she worried for him now more than ever; it seemed she felt extremely guilty about losing herself to her alcoholism and leaving Draco to fend for himself.

He didn't like it when Narcissa worried after him, he wanted her to smile like she used to when he was a child before the Dark Lord came back and ruined their family. True, their family was never the best example of love but they were loyal to each other and cared for one another even to an outsider it would seem like they were indifferent.

Snuggling further into his partner's side Draco jumped a bit when he heard a warm chuckle rumble from Theo; "Knut for your thoughts?" Draco sighed but decided it was best to be honest with his lover, he wanted this to be a real relationship and he knew he would have to be open with Theo in regards to his thoughts.

"I'm just thinking if I should tell mother about my relationship with Severus. I want to but I don't want her to be disappointed with me or look at me with disgust. I know I never truly loved Snape, I was only looking for someone to protect me, love me but I looked in the wrong place and in the wrong way."

Theo kissed the top of his head; "Draco I don't think your mother would ever love you any less and even if she was upset about what you told her I have no doubt that Narcissa would eventually come around and understand why you did what you did. But you will never know until you tell her and give her the chance."

Draco hummed, thinking about Theo's wise words and decided he would try to tell his mother today, how much he would tell and how well it would go was debatable but as long as Theo was there he would be okay. Theo cared for him and knew about Severus and was still there for him.

Hopefully his mother would do the same even if she needed a few hours or days to digest what Draco told her. He felt a bit dirty when he thought of the things he and Severus did together, the ways he allowed that man to use his body, manipulate his mind and heart until he relied on Severus and Severus alone.

Pressing a chest to Theo's toned chest Draco pulled away to shower and dress; his lover had the day off today with nothing pressing to deal with so today was theirs. Maybe after dropping the proverbial bomb on his mother they could go out for a bit?

Theo's sleep husked voice broke him out of his thoughts; "Love you know we still need to discuss how to keep Snape away from you." The slender blonde knew they would have to discuss that but hoped they could take it one step at a time; today he would try and tell his mother and then when Narcissa was comfortable with the news they could move onto planning on how to keep Severus away for good.

He turned and told Theo just that; the tall blue eyed male did not look happy with Draco's plan but he respected it and would not push the Malfoy Lord. "Alright Draco, if that is what you want then that is what we will do. But I will not let this go."

Draco nodded; smiling a sweet smile at the sexy man in his bed, beckoning Theo with his hand the shorter blonde slipped into the bathroom, knowing his lover would follow him shortly. He turned on the shower, stripped and waited until the water heated; a firm chest and cock pressing against his back alerted him to his lover's arrival.

"Hmm have I told you you're gorgeous love? Everything about you is perfect." To accentuate his words Theo began to touch Draco's body, murmuring words of praise for each part of the slender blonde's body. By the time the water was warm Draco was panting and grinding back into Theo's body, rolling his hips harshly in need.

Theo began to walk forward, pushing Draco into the shower stall so they could wash and enjoy each other. The warm water was heavenly to his body, loosening the tense muscles in his neck and back; Theo's large hands came to massage his shoulders and neck, coaxing the knots to release further.

"Mmm that feels amazing Theo." A moan left his mouth when those strong hands worked their way down his back and began to knead his plump backside. The smaller man was already aroused and wanting, leaning forward Draco rested his forearms on the tiled wall and pushed his arse back more, giving Theo a better view of his backside.

"So perfect, you are absolutely perfect and anyone who can't see it is a blind moron." A moan was the only response Draco could give Theo, his mind was muddled and becoming progressively more fogged as a single finger began to stroke the sensitive puckered skin of his entrance.

A murmured spell was heard and Draco mewled when that stroking finger breached his hole; it felt so damn good! Theo and he had fooled around but nothing to do with penetration; their sex had consisted of blowjobs, hand jobs or rutting against each other like animals.

That wonderful finger was plunging deep inside of him, re-stretching muscles that had not been stretched in a long while. It felt amazing and Draco began to thrust his hips back, pressing that questing finger deeper in him until he screamed when his prostate was struck.

A chuckle was heard from behind him and Theo withdrew his finger only to press in with two, those digits continued to plunge into his loosening hole and pound into his prostate. At this point the slim blonde was shoving his ass backward like a whore.

Needing more Draco brought his hand down from the wall to grasp his needy erection but his hand was slapped away by Theo's. The taller male clasped Draco's rigid length in his hand and began to pump him in time with bringing more sexual sounds from the needy blonde's lips.

Pre-cum was dripping from his slit, mixing with the warm water and flowing down the drain as Theo continued to play with his body to the point of madness; the swirling heat in his belly was a sign that his orgasm was imminent.

Draco could feel his balls tightening up and with another stroke and hit to his already sensitive prostate he was cumming hard, moaning Theo's name over and over again like a mantra as his seed exploded from him and painted the slick tile wall.

He felt boneless and sated, turning he pressed a kiss to Theo's lips, enjoying the flavor that was inherently Theo, pulling away the grey eyed man slid down his lover's body. Draco enjoyed the feel of his lover's muscular form touching his and when his knees hit the floor he was face to cock with Theo's impressive erection.

Casting his hazed grey eyes upward until his orbs met Theo's, when their eye contact was established Draco's pink tongue snuck out and licked from the root of his lover's cock to tip, enjoying the groan that was pulled from Theo.

He could taste pre-cum on his tongue and rolled the liquid around in his mouth, savoring the taste of Theo. Desiring to taste more he took the head into his mouth, sucking lightly while lavishing the tip with swipes of his tongue.

Draco was drunk off watching Theo's face contort in pleasure and relaxed his throat when the taller male began to thrust his hips forward, lightly fucking Draco's willing mouth. His lover's hands came up from his side and slid into the kneeling blonde's hair, pulling on it and causing Draco to moan around the cock in his mouth.

The vibration of Draco's moan brought another level of sensation to Theo and his grip tightened, holding Draco's head still while Theo continued to thrust his hips, pushing more of his length into the blonde's moist mouth.

Draco was enjoying the rough treatment and he allowed himself to be guided by Theo, allowing his taller lover to chase his own pleasure. The slender blonde watched his lover's face the whole time, admiring his handsome face and the way Theo bit his bottom lip as he thrust harder into Draco's mouth.

His lover's speed picked up and Draco suppressed his gag reflex, taking his Theo's cock deep into his throat and swallowing around the sensitive head. A hoarse shout was his reward, feeling mischievous Draco brought his hand up and began to fondle Theo's tight balls before sneaking around the soft globes and teasing the man's perineum.

Theo was shaking in pleasure and with a hoarse warning he came hard in Draco's mouth, the kneeling blonde swallowed everything his lover had to give him, enjoying Theo's masculine taste. When the cock in his mouth stopped pulsing Draco pulled away and licked any remaining cum from Theo's now softening cock.

He yelped in surprise when strong hands gripped under his arms and pulled him onto his feet, his lips were immediately seized by his partner's. Draco did not resist the invading tongue, letting Theo's slick appendage explore his mouth and taste himself on the shorter man's tongue and lips.

After a few moments Draco's brought his tongue to play and almost instantly his and Theo's slick tongues intertwined; Draco moaned into the kiss and let himself be carried away in the pleasure of kissing Theo.

Soon air became an issue and they pulled away, smiles on both their faces; Theo reached for the shampoo and washed Draco's long platinum strands. The grey eyed male mewled when his scalp was massaged; his scalp had always been sensitive.

Soon Draco's body and hair were clean and it was the shorter blonde's turn to wash his lover. The slender male enjoyed washing his lover's hair and body, taking the time to explore and touch all of Theo's muscles. When Draco turned off the water and went to leave Theo grasped his upper arm; "Hold on love I forgot something."

A gasp was pulled from his lips when he felt Theo's cleansing charm clear out the lube from his passage. "You could have warned me you were going to do that." Theo just chuckled at the adorable pout that was on Draco's face. "Ah but where the fun in that be?"

A huff was Theo's answer and Draco went to get himself dressed and presentable for breakfast with his mother. Thinking about breakfast and his mother made him nervous because he would be attempting to tell Narcissa about his failed relationship with Snape.

Sensing Draco's unease Theo pressed a kiss to his forehead; "Don't be worried love, I'll be there and it will be fine. Give Narcissa a chance hm." Draco nodded and went back to dressing, it was now or never it seemed.

I hope you enjoyed this slashy chapter and next time we will get to see Narcissa's reaction as well as the plan to get Snape out of Draco's life for good!

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