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Story: Worth More Than That

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A gasp was pulled from his lips when he felt Theo's cleansing charm clear out the lube from his passage. "You could have warned me you were going to do that." Theo just chuckled at the adorable pout that was on Draco's face. "Ah but where the fun in that be?"

A huff was Theo's answer and Draco went to get himself dressed and presentable for breakfast with his mother. Thinking about breakfast and his mother made him nervous because he would be attempting to tell Narcissa about his failed relationship with Snape.

Sensing Draco's unease Theo pressed a kiss to his forehead; "Don't be worried love, I'll be there and it will be fine. Give Narcissa a chance hm." Draco nodded and went back to dressing, it was now or never it seemed.

~~~~~~~~************Chapter 8***********~~~~~~~~

Nerves fluttered through Draco's slim form but he was buoyed by Theo's strong hand in his and his comforting presence next to him when he sat down with his mother for breakfast. It had seemed so easy when he and Theo talked about it earlier that morning; simply tell his mother about his doomed liaison with Snape and then it would be okay.

Easy in theory; hell in execution, Draco didn't want his mother's disapproval or disgust directed at him when he told her about his lack of judgment in regards to being Severus Snape's secret lover. But he would have to, his mother needed to know if he and Theo were going to press forward with the legal aspect of ensuring Snape could not harass him anymore.

Taking a deep breath Draco placed his fork down and looked into his mother's shining blue eyes; "Mother I have something to speak to you about and I beg you to let me finish before you say anything." Narcissa's eyes shone with concern and curiosity as she weighted her son's words, with a nod she bid him to continue; "Of course Draco, do go on."

The slender blonde male clasped Theo's hand again for strength and began his absolution; "You know when the war ended and I went back to school for the repeat seventh year I was upset and lost, you were absorbed in your own guilt and I felt so alone."

Here he held up his hand to stop his mother's words of apology, Draco knew his mother regretted her bout of alcoholism but he needed to say what he had to say without interruption. "While at Hogwarts I began to have feelings, inappropriate feelings for someone I should not have. These feelings were for someone who was always there for me and I twisted those feelings of comfort into feelings of romantic love."

"Needless to say nothing happened while I was at school as it would have been inappropriate; when I graduated this fixation went on to engage in a relationship with another wizard but I couldn't accept it, I wanted him and so I went about making subtle advances and innuendos."

"Finally this man responded and I was elated that he wanted me, recognized me as a potential lover, that he was giving me the chance to love him and for him to love me. I was a fool mother; a damned fool to believe it would be so perfect. In the end I was a concubine, a bed warmer for his lust and needs, and in the end he would go back to his proper lover for dinner and affection."

Draco saw his mother's eyes, though her face was a mask of calm her eyes were calculating, trying to figure out who Draco was speaking of. Deciding to put her out of her misery the young blonde began speaking again; "After a while I couldn't take it, I felt dead inside, I was allowing myself to be used and it was killing me."

"I came to the conclusion that he and I would never be, I came to the realization that Severus Snape would never love me like he loves Harry Potter." Here his mother gasped in surprise before her eyes hardened in anger and she spat out her next words, Draco braced himself for the verbal lashing but was pleasantly caught off guard when his mother began to berate Snape.

"How could that bastard do this to you, to use you like this. I thought he was a friend of this family but instead he comes into this house and disgraces our family and our trust. You were a broken, scared child and he took advantage of your misplaced love."

"I will not stand idly by and let him hurt you any longer Draco. I want him barred from this house and I never want him near you again." Narcissa met Draco's eyes and the younger Malfoy felt a surge of warmth fill him, his mother wasn't angry with him.

She only wanted him happy and safe, squeezing Theo's hand Draco continued with his explanation; "Thank you for understanding mother; I thought you'd hate me or be disgusted by me. The reason I'm telling you this now is Snape has not taken my rejection of him well, he came here unannounced and uninvited the night of Theo and my first date."

"If it wasn't for Kaya removing him from the Manor I do not know what could have happened. I changed the wards that night and now he will need the password to enter through the floo. He also cornered me at the Ministry function last night and was quite forceful; it was frightening and I want to, and Theo agrees, place an Order of Restraint against Snape."

"I fear he may go too far next time and I may be hurt. I care for Theo, I don't want Snape any longer, and I don't know if I ever truly did desire him as a lover but now it doesn't matter. I want Theo, no other and unfortunately Snape cannot understand that. Why I don't know and I don't care, I just want to live my life happily with you, Theo and my friends without the threat of Severus Snape hanging over my head."

Theo chimed in here, attracting Draco and Narcissa's attention back to him; "If we quietly and discreetly go forward with the Order of Restraint Harry Potter may become aware of Snape's indiscretion. Are you ready to deal with that Draco?"

"I want you to go through with this Draco but I want you to be aware that it may get messy; the public if this is leaked will have a field day and you will be made out to be the villain. I will stand by you as will your mother, Blaise and Pansy so we can run interference and get the facts out there but hopefully it won't come to that."

"I know several people in the Legal Department, several which I trust to handle this quietly. They will draw up the papers after you provide the necessary memories as proof of Snape's unwanted advances as well as a written legal statement describing said unwarranted advances. Once done the Order will be drafted and delivered via Ministry owl with the official Ministry crest on the parchment."

"After that Snape can appeal the Order or let it go without much of a fuss but brace yourself for the backlash if Potter finds out his lover has been stepping out on him. I doubt Snape or Potter will want the public to know their dirty laundry but Potter will probably try and confront you privately."

"I don't want you meeting him alone baby, if he should contact you for a meeting I want it to be here at the Manor with me in attendance." Draco nodded, showing Theo a small grateful smile and silently thanking the other for being so supportive of him.

Narcissa smiled toward Theo as well, affection shining in her clear blue eyes; she seemed to understand that Theo and Draco weren't playing around with this relationship, that their relationship was one for the long haul. Draco knew his mother heartily approved of Theo's desire to court him and marry him in the future.

Theo was after all a pure-blood as well as the Head of a Noble House of good standing but most important fact was that he adored her son, a son who needed someone to care for him and treat him with the love he so desperately needed.

Clearing her throat she brought the attention back to her; "Theodore I cannot thank you enough for being here for my son. He adores you and I cannot see any reason why I should stand in the way of your building relationship. You have my blessing and I'm sure if Lucius' as well if he was here to give it."

"Make Draco happy and I await your wedding announcement as well as my first beautiful grandchild from the two of you." Draco was shocked silent; yes, he wanted to be with Theo, saw no reason why they wouldn't end up married with children but it was one thing to think it and quite another to hear it said so bluntly by his mother.

He was happy that she approved but how would Theo feel about all this? The strong hand in his gave another squeeze, causing the young blonde to slide his bright grey eyes to meet the other's shining sapphire orbs. When their eyes met Draco knew Theo was just as pleased with Narcissa's words as he was.

Clearing his throat the grey eyed male spoke, his smooth voice light with happiness; "Thank you mother; Theodore and I are unbelievably happy you support our relationship and hope we won't disappoint you."

Narcissa chuckled; "Draco I love you, I know I haven't said it enough but you are my son, my baby, and I will support you no matter what you do. I could never be disappointed with you. Theodore, or Theo, is becoming as much my son as you are and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you two once this business with Snape is concluded."

The two blonde males nodded and excused themselves to dress for their upcoming visit to the Ministry's Legal Department; Draco hoped it would go smoothly, he just wanted his life to move forward and it seemed that as long as Snape loomed over his life it would not happen.

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