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Story: Worth More Than That

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He was happy that she approved but how would Theo feel about all this? The strong hand in his gave another squeeze, causing the young blonde to slide his bright grey eyes to meet the other's shining sapphire orbs. When their eyes met Draco knew Theo was just as pleased with Narcissa's words as he was.

Clearing his throat the grey eyed male spoke, his smooth voice light with happiness; "Thank you mother; Theodore and I are unbelievably happy you support our relationship and hope we won't disappoint you."

Narcissa chuckled; "Draco I love you, I know I haven't said it enough but you are my son, my baby, and I will support you no matter what you do. I could never be disappointed with you. Theodore, or Theo, is becoming as much my son as you are and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you two once this business with Snape is concluded."

The two blonde males nodded and excused themselves to dress for their upcoming visit to the Ministry's Legal Department; Draco hoped it would go smoothly, he just wanted his life to move forward and it seemed that as long as Snape loomed over his life it would not happen.

~~~~~~~~************Chapter 9***********~~~~~~~~

Draco followed Theo into the Legal Department; he was nervous but hopeful. If this meeting went well he wouldn't have the constant specter of Severus hovering over his life and relationships. Hopefully, Snape would take the Order seriously and not make a fuss; plus it would be nice if the little Golden Boy didn't find out and stayed out of it, too.

Theo stopped in front of the reception desk and requested to speak to a Lord Michaelis; the name was familiar to Draco for some reason but he became sure he knew the man when he saw the walk into the waiting area. The elder Lord was a stalwart presence in the Wizengamot; he was fair and impartial and didn't give a damn what people thought. The man did what was right and to hell with the sycophants.

The Malfoy Lord immediately felt at ease with Theo's choice. Together the three Lords made their way to a large office, showing the elder male's high position within the Legal Department. Once seated, and served with tea, Lord Michaelis looked to Theo in question; "Lord Nott please tell me what this visit is in regards to? It is Sunday after all; what business was so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow?"

Theo looked to Draco, silently telling the other it was his floor. Taking a deep, bracing breath the grey eyed male spoke; "It is actually my pressing business that has brought us both here, Lord Michaelis. If I may speak freely, please?" The older Lord nodded and gestured for him to continue.

"Thank you, My Lord. You see before Theodore and I began our courtship I was in a relationship with another. It was quite secret and after a while I broke it off. Unfortunately, this suitor did not take my rejection well and has begun stalking me and making unwanted verbal as well as physical advances to the point of threatening me."

"I fear for my safety, sir. The man is not one to be trifled with and he is quite intimidating. I am confident that you will handle this matter with the utmost discretion. I am here to seek an Order of Restraint against Severus Tobias Snape."

The only clue that the older man was shocked was the slight widening of his eyes. Draco and Theo stayed silent and let the other man collect himself, after a few moments the elder recovered; "I can see why you would request discretion in this. Do you have proof of this harassment? As you know Snape is not only a decorated war hero but also the known lover of Harry Potter."

Draco internally rolled his eyes; of course he had fucking proof! He wasn't some idiot! He wouldn't be here unless he could validate his claims of harassment and stalking. Pressing down his indignation the Malfoy Lord sat straighter; "Of course I do. Would you like to see the memories of these unwanted advances?"

Michaelis nodded and opened the top desk drawer, retrieving a pensieve. The older gentleman placed the basin covered in runes on the large desk between them and gestured for Draco to extract the memories in question.

The smaller blonde complied, placing the tip of his wand to his temple and withdrawing two silvery threads; one for the night Severus invaded Malfoy Manor and the second from the Ministry Ball last night. Once the threads were detached from his skin Draco placed them into the pensieve.

Once the wisps settled Michaelis leaned forward and glanced to Theo; "Lord Nott would you like to view these memories with me?" The taller blonde looked to Draco, asking for permission. Permission which Draco granted with a small smile and nod. With a smile in thanks Theo leaned forward toward the pensieve.

The Malfoy Lord leaned back into his chair, calming himself. It was quite unsettling to have people watch you memories, especially ones that were as private as the ones being viewed at the moment. Well it had to be done if he wanted Severus to be out of his life for good and Potter found out and wanted to start something with him then let him.

He was brought out of his thoughts when both men came back from the review of his given memories. Theo looked enraged and Michaelis looked disgusted. The Michaelis Lord shook his head slightly before speaking; "Alright, I see that your claim has merit. Now, you have to swear to me on your magic that these memories have not been tampered with or altered in anyway."

Draco retrieved his wand once more and raised it; "I, Lord Draco Lucius Malfoy, do hereby swear and affirm on my magic that the memories I provided to Lord Andrus Michaelis are true and have not been tampered with. So I speak it, so mote it be." With a flash of blue light the oath was sealed between Michaelis and Draco.

Theo and Michaelis watched as Draco levitated the pensieve off the desk as proof that he was telling the truth and had not lost his magic. Theo spoke then; "Well Lord Michaelis can we move on to drafting the Order of Restraint. I want this issue completed and the letter sent today."

"That shouldn't be an issue Lord's Nott and Malfoy. Let me just fill out the requisite forms and we can get the missive sent out today. Now, once the Order is delivered to Mr. Snape the magic in place on the paper will activate, enforcing the Order. Mr. Snape will not be able to contact you or be within fifty feet of your person or property, Lord Malfoy."

The grey eyed male sighed in relief; "Do I need to do anything more?" Theo answered Draco's question; "Yes, when you sign the Order of Restraint it will be with a blood quill, sealing it with your blood and magic. That's how Snape will be kept away from you; the magic within the Order with recognize you as the one who needs protection."

Draco merely nodded and waited to sign the forms that Lord Michaelis was filling out quickly. Within ten minutes Draco signed the Order and the elder Lord sealed it and sent it out for delivery. When the letter disappeared both blondes stood and thanked the man for his help.

Before they left the large office Lord Michaelis called for Draco's name; "Lord Malfoy, you will know when the Order has been activated. It will feel like a wash of warmth and safety in your magical core. If you ever want to dissolve the Order you just come back to me and we can rescind it."

Draco thanked the elder man once again and left the office. When they reached the floo's in the atrium Theo stopped and turned to face the smaller blonde. The grey eyed male was aware of the people watching them with barely disguised curiosity; "I adore you, Lord Draco Lucius Malfoy." And with those words Theo took Draco's lips in a searing kiss, pulling gasps of shock from the assembled crowd of onlookers.

Draco for his part could give a damn if the Dark Lord was watching them at the moment and let himself be kissed senseless by his lover. When they pulled apart, gasping for air, he smiled up at Theo; "And I adore you, Lord Theodore Malcolm Nott. Now let's go home, I believe mother is expecting us."

Theo smiled, grabbed some floo powder and tugged the smaller male into waiting hearth. Draco wrapped his arms around the taller male's waist and waited for Theo to throw the powder. The Nott Lord threw down the powder and smirked at the gathered crowd before the happy couple was swept away in green flames.

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