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Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Worth More Than That

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Draco thanked the elder man once again and left the office. When they reached the floo's in the atrium Theo stopped and turned to face the smaller blonde. The grey eyed male was aware of the people watching them with barely disguised curiosity; "I adore you, Lord Draco Lucius Malfoy." And with those words Theo took Draco's lips in a searing kiss, pulling gasps of shock from the assembled crowd of onlookers.

Draco for his part could give a damn if the Dark Lord was watching them at the moment and let himself be kissed senseless by his lover. When they pulled apart, gasping for air, he smiled up at Theo; "And I adore you, Lord Theodore Malcolm Nott. Now let's go home, I believe mother is expecting us."

Theo smiled, grabbed some floo powder and tugged the smaller male into waiting hearth. Draco wrapped his arms around the taller male's waist and waited for Theo to throw the powder. The Nott Lord threw down the powder and smirked at the gathered crowd before the happy couple was swept away in green flames.

~~~~~~~~************Chapter 10***********~~~~~~~~

Draco and Theo exited the floo and went to find his mother; she would want to hear what happened when they went to file the Order of Protection. The smaller blonde felt better now that Severus couldn't stalk and harass him but he was nervous about the possible backlash if the news got out.

No doubt most people would blame Draco for this predicament. Everyone now saw Snape as a hero but Draco knew better. Yes, Snape was a hero but he was also cruel and could be incredibly cold, almost heartless, when he needed to be. What the public saw was a snarky man but Draco knew the depths of Severus' sometimes depraved mind.

One could never forget that Snape joined the Death Eaters willingly and it was not the torture or killing that turned him away from the Dark Lord. No, it was his misguided love and guilt over a simple muggleborn witch. If not for Lily Potter Severus would still be happily serving the Dark Lord and murdering muggles with glee.

Of course not many knew this but Draco did. True, he was grateful for Snape's treachery against the Dark. If not for him the Light surely would have lost it all and Voldemort would have seized power with little to no resistance. It was as much Snape as it was Potter who ended the war.

He was sure Potter would be making an appearance at some point, probably as soon as he could sneak away from Snape, demanding to know why Draco was doing this to his lover and by extension him.

Draco would not back down in the coming confrontation between him and Potter; he did what he needed to do to be safe. The Malfoy Lord wanted nothing more to do with Snape now that he saw what the man truly thought of him. Nope, Harry Potter could have Severus Snape; he could deal with the dour man's whims.

Draco had Theo and he was perfectly content with his choice in partner. Theodore Nott was a good man who loved him and cherished him for who he was. The grey eyed male never feared being himself around the Nott Lord and that meant everything to him. With his position in the world Draco had to present an image but when in the comfort of his closest people he loved to let loose and laugh with them.

That he could do that around Theo was a blessing from Magic herself. Never before had Draco felt so at ease with anyone other than his mother, Blaise or Pansy. The taller blonde was everything he wanted, everything he needed, and he would rather die than let him go now that he had him.

Narcissa rose from her chair next to the fire when she saw Draco and Theo enter the room; "Draco, Theo, what happened? Has the Order been issued?" Theo nodded while he led Draco to sit on the loveseat in front of the hearth. Once they were all seated the Nott Lord began to detail their meeting; "We saw Lord Michaelis and he was quite helpful when Draco explained the situation and showed him his memories of being accosted by Snape."

Narcissa's eyes hardened but she held her tongue, knowing it would do no good to verbally thrash Severus Snape for his actions in front of Draco. Theo's blue eyes caught hers and she knew, once again, that this man would take care of her son. It warmed her that her baby finally found someone who complimented him and supported him in his choices.

The soft pop of a house elf brought her out of her thoughts, glancing over she saw it was Tilly; "What is it Tilly?" The little elf bowed and began to explain; "Pardons me, Misses but there is someone here to speaks with little Master Draco. What should I's be telling them?"

Narcissa looked at her son, who was radiating nervousness and a bit of fear, and she knew immediately who was calling; Harry Potter must have found out about the Order. Of course the boy would come here to confront Draco, seeing as his lover couldn't. She turned to Tilly; "Please bring Mister Potter here. Thank you Tilly." The little elf curtsied and popped out to go fetch the Potter boy.

She looked at Theo and Draco; "Boys, I want you to maintain your tempers and listen to what Mr. Potter has to say. I will not have any shouting or fighting within these walls." Both blonde males nodded their agreement and all three waited for the green eyed boy to be led into the room.

It didn't take long for the raven haired savior to enter and when he did his angry eyes widened a bit when he saw not only Draco but Narcissa and Theo. Deciding to be hospitable Narcissa looked to Tilly once again; "Tilly, would you bring a tea service for four, please." Once again the little elf bowed and popped away, leaving the four of them alone.

Narcissa did not stand but she gestured for Harry to take the wingback chair across from hers and next to where Theo was seated on the loveseat with Draco. Once their visitor was settled she spoke; "To what do we owe the honor of your visit, Mister Potter?" She would not call him Lord Potter; he didn't deserve the title yet not until he claimed it as his own.

She could see he was angry and agitated but was trying to hold onto his manners and answer her politely; "Thank you for seeing me unannounced, Mrs. Malfoy. I actually wanted to speak to Draco in private if I could. I have something to ask him." Narcissa nodded; "I'm sorry but that will not happen. You see, Mr. Potter, I as well as Lord Nott are quite aware of what you want to speak to my son about."

"That being said whatever you have to say can be said in front of us. If you cannot abide by this then by all means leave." After her words a tea tray popped onto the coffee table. Narcissa smiled and offered the raven in front of her a cup which was denied.

She poured herself some tea, once finished she gestured for Theo and Draco to serve themselves, and observed the boy in front of her; Harry was trying not to fidget but she could see he wanted to say what he had to say regardless of the fact that she and Theo were there.

Finally, the boy spoke; "I want to know what Draco's playing at with this Order of Protection against Severus?!" Harry turned to glare at Draco with open dislike; "What are you trying to pull with this garbage? Are you jealous that Snape chose me over you? Jealous that he's with me and didn't give you the time of day? Why do you want to ruin what we have together?"

Narcissa didn't say a word, she would let her son answer and defend his actions. After all Draco was in the right in this case and Harry needed to know that. Draco cleared his throat and grasped Theo's hand for support; "What am I playing at? I'm not playing at anything Harry Potter. I did what I had to do to protect myself from an unstable man who couldn't accept that I didn't want to be his whore on the side anymore."

"Tell me Potter does Snape know you're here right now? Let me guess; he doesn't because if he did he would have told you to leave it alone. He would have told you that because he knows what I did was warranted and deserved. Severus knows that Order is deserved and he also knows his actions were wrong."

"As for you accusations that I'm jealous of your relationship with Severus. Maybe at one point I was but I woke up and realized that I didn't want Severus as a lover. At one time I wanted it more than anything, so much that I lowered myself and became his lover on the side. Oh he gave me the time of day, on several occasions."

"But eventually I woke up and realized what I wanted with him could never be. When that happened I ended it with him and sent him back to you. I want nothing more to do with him in anyway but he didn't accept it and began to stalk me, cornering me when no one was around and making threats."

"He wouldn't leave me be so I took matters into my own hands and went to the Ministry to get the Order. I can tell you now that I needed to prove my claims of harassment before they would issue the Order. I provided a statement along with several memories showing Severus' violent words and actions. I'm sorry if this news hurts you but there is nothing I can do about it."

Narcissa observed Harry, watching the myriad of emotions flittering across his green eyes. She felt somewhat bad for the boy; he just found out the man he loved cheated on him and if that wasn't bad enough he found out his lover was still chasing after the man he cheated with. She kept her silence though; this was between Draco and Harry.

"I don't believe it! You're lying, you have to be lying! Severus would never hurt me like this; he would never cheat on me with you! You're nothing to him, just an ex-Death Eater, and I regret testifying for you during your trial. I should have just let you rot in Azkaban. You're a filthy liar and I know you bribed someone to give you that Order against Severus."

Narcissa now felt nothing but pity for the boy. How could he be so blind to Severus' infidelity? As much as she wanted to speak she didn't, not even to defend her son against the boy's hurtful words. This wasn't her fight to win. Draco shook his head while looking at Harry with nothing but pity in his eyes, not an ounce of anger was there and that made Narcissa feel proud. Her son was finally growing up and using his head to retain his cool.

The Malfoy Lord sighed; "If that's what you believe then so be it but know that I pity you your blindness. At some point you'll realize the truth and when you do I'll be waiting for your apology. Until then I don't think we have anything further to say to each other. You don't believe me and I am not about to cancel the Order so we are at an impasse. Please leave my home."

The Potter boy looked like he wanted to argue but decided against it and stood to leave. Narcissa called for Tilly and asked the elf to escort Mister Potter out and lock down the floo once he left; she didn't want anyone else visiting today. Besides all those close to the family could apparate into the Manor so if they needed the three people in the sitting room they could find them.

Once Harry walked out of the room Narcissa smiled at her son; "I'm proud of you, Draco. You kept your head and took the higher path by not rising to Potter's ridiculous accusations and hurtful words. You've grown into a fine man and I'm proud to call you my son." Draco beamed at her praise and leaned into Theo's side; she could see her son was still a bit ruffled by Harry's visit but she knew her child would pull himself out of it.

Narcissa allowed her beautiful smile to turn into a wicked grin which immediately set Theo and Draco on edge; "Now, why don't we discuss the plans for your upcoming engagement and wedding. I'm not getting any younger and would like a few grandchildren before I'm too old to enjoy them." She cackled when she saw their eyes widen and a crimson blush rise on her son's neck and cheeks; Salazar this was just too much fun!

~*~*POV Change~*~*~

Theo glanced over at Draco and chuckled at the impersonation of a cherry his little lover was doing. This action of course got him a glare from the blonde sitting next to him; "What love? I think it's grand that your mother approves of our relationship and has given us her blessing to become engaged and married. I, for one, see no point in waiting. I love you and I want to be with you. I want to raise a family with you. What do you say, Draco? Will you marry me?"

The shocked look on Draco's face was priceless and Theo swore he'd never forget this moment for the rest of his life. After a few moments the grey eyed male got his composure back and with a smile he kissed the Nott Lord lightly on the lips; "I'd love to be your husband, Theo. But I think you should ask again when you have a ring for me." The taller male laughed; trust Draco to say something like that! "Of course, I think we should make a visit to the jewelers in High-End Alley; I trust they'll have something that meets our approval."

The smaller blonde seemed to bounce in his seat; "I would like that very much. Mother, would you like to accompany us to the boutique?" Narcissa's whole face lit up; "I would love to! Draco's you're my only baby and I would love to be their when you choosee your bonding ring; I remember when Lucius and I went for ours. It is a very personal experience and the experience varies from person to person. But you'll see when we get there. I word of advice let your hearts, and minds, be open to the process of selecting your rings; that's the best way to ensure you get the rings that will speak to your love and personalities."

Theo smiled a sad smile at Narcissa as he watched her twirl her bonding ring on her left hand; it was gorgeous and fit her to the tee. The band was platinum with inlaid diamonds, emeralds, and pearls; each stone and the metal itself was a testament to her personality, her mind, her heart and soul. The Nott Lord wondered what his ring would turn out like but in the end as long as he got to bond with Draco he could care less.

His little blonde lover completed him, understood him when no one else did, and trusted him like no other. The Malfoy Lord was a good, loving, person who had a hard life but now Theo would do everything within his considerable power to make sure Draco's life would be filled with nothing but happiness and love from here on out. With a small but warm smile he stood and offered his hand to his lover; the smaller male smiled back at him, those silver eyes shining with love, and slipped his smaller hand in his.

When both males were standing they turned to Narcissa and each offered their hand; this woman was so much like a mother to Theo who never knew his and he wanted her to be a part of this experience with them. The tall blonde woman took their hands and allowed herself to be gently pulled to her feet. Once they were all standing they exited the room and walked toward their future hand in hand. Theo knew it wouldn't always be easy; there would be fights, misunderstandings, and hard times but as long as they stuck together as a family they would be alright.

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