Title: Yatarella – A K Fairytale Fic
Author: modern warfare king
Fandom: K/ K Project
Pairing: Yata Misaki and Saruhiko Fushimi (and lots of other pairings lol)
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I own nothing from K. I only own the plot!
NOTE (PLEASE READ): This fanfic is SHONEN-AI. You guys can read that, right? And this is AU (Alternate Universe) and it's not related in any way to the real K. I made this up just for fun. Setting's nighttime at Shizume Kingdom lol Enjoy the madness, guys! Oh, there's also cussing so watch out!

Chapter 1: Pretty in Pink

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived a nineteen year old named Yata Misaki who lived with his stepfamily but wasn't really having the time of his life with them, since he was treated more as a housekeeper rather than an actual family member…

Yata muttered things to himself as angrily swept the floor of their house because he didn't really like chores but unfortunately he had no choice because he was too intimidated by his stepfather, Suoh Mikoto.

"Hey, Chihuahua," his blond stepbrother, Eric Sutr called out to him in English.

"Why the hell do you always have to talk to me in English, man?!" Yata snapped almost immediately. Whenever Eric's friends came by to the house for friendly visits, Eric would always talk to them in typical Japanese but he's especially very friendly with a particular somebody named Kosuke Fujishima. Yata always teased the blond about that guy but was unaffected. But what Yata didn't know was that deep inside, Eric was all happy and giddy and stuff but of course it didn't show in his ever so stoic face. "You can just speak normally for God's sake!"

Eric just looked at him, deadpan. He then dug his arms into the pockets of his pants. "Mikoto-san, Anna-san and me will be going to Shizume Kingdom's grand ball. You stay here and watch the house for us," he said, ignoring Yata's recent rant.

Yata cursed under his breath, getting more pissed off with Eric's English biz. Instead of lashing out, he analyzed his stepbrother's sentence carefully. The blond definitely mentioned Mikoto, Anna and himself. He also heard the word Shizume, which was apparently the name of their kingdom. He tried hard to understand all of the other words but failed miserably. He was going to have to ask his best bud who lived next door, Rikio Kamamoto for a good translation, if he would ever remember what Eric said anyway.

Then Eric just left him without another word, an English word to be exact. Yata rolled his eyes and continued sweeping. He sighed and hoped deep inside someone would come and save him from this life of his someday. Someone, somebody… anybody would do.

"Yata," a familiar voice called. Yata immediately turned around to meet eyes with none other than his stepfather.

"Y-Yeah?" he stammered. Sure, he was his stepfather but why would he always feel so nervous around the redhead? He just hated himself for stuttering around Mikoto. Anyway, he was flanked by Anna and Eric, looking all formal and fancy. Mikoto himself looked fancy which Yata rarely witnessed.

"We'll be going now. Take care of the house for us," Mikoto told the orange hair with his usual blank and expressionless face. Yata raised an eyebrow at him. Maybe this was what Eric was telling him all along?

"Huh? Where are you guys going?" he asked, blinking twice.

"To Shizume Kingdom's grand ball, of course," Mikoto replied. Okay, that cleared everything up. However, Yata wasn't really happy with his stepfather's answer. His jaw dropped in disapproval.

"Eh?! And I'm just going to stay here?!" Yata whined. He was a stepchild but this didn't seem fair to him at all. "But I wanna pick up chicks and—" He was cut off when his hazel eyes met Mikoto's daunting yet inexpressive amber eyes. He looked down awkwardly at his shoes and waved his hand. "Uh… never mind. Have an awesome ball or something…"

He sighed softly as he glanced at his stepfamily went off to the grand ball without him.

"This sucks balls, man!" Yata yelled as he kicked close the door. He folded his arms as he sat on the living room's couch, obviously pissed at his so-called stepfamily. He wanted to go somewhere where he could go off and actually be himself for a change. And you know… meet someone special. He almost choked when he thought of something that cheesy. He shook his head as he rose from his seat and walked to the window with a good view of someone else's house.

"Hey, dude! Are you there?!" he shouted.

"I ain't deaf, man," said a voice from the window across Yata's. "You want me to come over there, right?"

"Duh. Why would I be calling you from here then?" Yata snickered. Rikio was actually his only friend in this lonely part of Shizume Kingdom. It was a good thing his friends weren't talking rats or something else weirder than that.

"Fine, fine," Rikio chuckled. Yata sighed of relief as he sat back on the couch, smirking to himself. Finally, some fun. He planned on taking out his anger at Rikio because he had been holding so much pent-up mixed feelings towards his family lately. He heard knocking on the door. His face brightened as he ran the door. He opened the door and was about to punch his friend to the face as a greeting when he saw Rikio along with someone else.

Yata raised an eyebrow at the stranger and looked at him from top to bottom. He had blond hair with purple rimmed sunglasses with lavender tinted shades and wore a black tuxedo over a plain shirt and black pants. Yata was almost convinced he was normal if it weren't for his very out-of-place wings behind his back and the wand he was holding.

"Hey, Yata-chan. I know you've been down lately coz of family problems and all so… I'd like you to meet Izumo Kusanagi, your very own fairy godfather!" Rikio introduced the stranger to Yata. "Now don't ask me where and when I met him coz…" Yata then muffled his hand over his mouth and resisted the urge to laugh out loud.

Rikio and Izumo raised eyebrows at him. Then they both looked at each other and grinned.

"Say, Yata-chan… you want to go to the grand ball too, right?" Izumo asked, smirking as he played with his wand. "So that… you could pick up chicks?"

Yata's eyes immediately flared at Izumo. "Who the hell told you that?"

"A little bird told me," Izumo chuckled sarcastically. "Or maybe I could just read your mind because I'm really actually a fairy godfather."

Yata folded his arms, still unconvinced. "Oh yeah? What if I actually wanted to go there? Will you… oh, I don't know? Turn me into a fancy prince or something?" The tone of Yata's voice sounded as if he was declaring Izumo a challenge. And of course, the fairy godfather didn't have a problem with that at all.

"Okay then, since you want to go to the ball so bad to get yourself some pretty ladies and to show yourself off to your family…" Izumo whistled as he waved his wand around and muttered something under his breath. "Voila!"

Right before everyone's eyes, a spark came out of Izumo's wand and it directly went to Yata. Yata still laughed out loud to himself because he thought that this charade was the best and most realistic yet. Yata was still laughing as he coughed at the colorful smoke around him. Maybe Izumo was aiming to be a comedian or something because that was just freakin' hilarious.

When the smoke cleared, Rikio's eyes widened and Izumo smirked as he folded his arms proudly. A second later, Rikio couldn't help but laugh his heart out. Yata raised an eyebrow at his bud.

"The hell are you laughing at?" he asked, placing a hand on his hip. He felt his clothes suddenly softer but ignored it.

Rikio wiped off tears from his eyes as he pointed at Yata. "You!"

"Me? Why— What the?!" Yata's eyes widened in utter shock as he looked down at his own clothes. They weren't his usual clothes anymore and was instead a freakin' long pink gown with lots of girly ruffles and ribbons and other girly stuff. Hell, he even wore gasped as he immediately touched his chest but thanked the heavens it was still flat. After that, he gripped tight on his clothes and tried to rip it off to no avail. He touched his head and thankfully he still wore his beanie… but instead of black… it was pink with cute little ribbons as well which perfectly matched his dress. Someone was begging for a knuckle sandwich. "Are you asking for a death wish, punk?!"

"Oh, sorry. I forgot you wanted to be a prince to pick up chicks in the grand ball… Oops. My bad," Izumo chuckled sarcastically.

"Why you—" Yata was launched himself and was about to land a punch on the godfather when Izumo waved his wand again and smiled.

"See you!" were Izumo's last words as the nineteen year old guy in a pink dress was magically transported somewhere Yata least expected.

Yata rubbed his eyes and thought he was just seeing things. He rubbed them again just to make sure. The lights, the chandeliers, the exaggerated and fancy decorations… Yep, he was in Shizume Castle alright.

"Oh shit," he muttered to himself.

It seemed that Yata Misaki who was pretty in pink was transported in Shizume Castle in the kingdom's grand ball. He almost hyperventilated in embarrassment as he quickly looked for the exit. When he was about to make a run for it, three familiar faces caught his eye. He almost forgot his stepfamily was in the ball as well. Boy, was this his lucky night…

"Goddamn it…" He turned his back from them and walked away, hoping he would never be spotted. He swore if he ever saw that godfather's face again, he'd definitely go all out. He whistled nervously as he passed through ladies and fellow gentlemen. He wondered why they haven't noticed his odd look yet but that wasn't important. He needed to escape and that's that. He was thinking of jumping out a window in some vacant room inside the castle's premises.

Then suddenly, all the lights went out. He raised an eyebrow but he still made his way through the crowd. He should be having the time of his life tonight if weren't for his stupid pink gown. He heard people whispering about the prince. Ladies whispered that they'd hope to be the prince's first dance. Yata rolled his eyes and just wanted to throw up at such cheesy stuff.

"Ladies and gentlemen… please welcome our very own Prince Saruhiko Fushimi!"

"Saruwhat?" Yata said to himself as he stopped to look at the so-called royalty. The room's only light then shone upon him, the Prince of Shizume Kingdom. People applauded for his debut.

For a prince, Saruhiko Fushimi still wore glasses. He had dark blue hair which matched his white shirt tucked in a blue overcoat. A sword can be seen attached to his left hip. Very formal and very prince-ish but Yata didn't care at all. He just wanted to get the hell out of the place.

Fushimi looked around and was very pleased with the crowd which was full of so many pretty and beautiful women. Sadly, none of them actually caught his eye yet. His eyes widened as he spotted a lady in a glamorous pink gown walking around. He chuckled to himself and wondered why the lady was up and around. Maybe she was actually trying to get his attention? She should consider herself lucky because it worked.

"Hm… Suddenly my mind's all about her…" he thought to himself as he felt his heart pounding like a bass drum. "Don't tell me…" He smirked to himself as he rubbed his chin. He now knew who to dance with tonight.

Beside him were his two royal guards, Seri Awashima and Munakata Reisi. This was a first in a while they saw the Prince that amused.

"Your Highness?" Seri called the Prince, tilting her head.

The Prince ignored her as he slowly walked down the stairs on his own, smiling ever so charmingly. Ladies swooned over his perfect visage. Yata sighed heavily and rolled his eyes, still looking for an exit. Typical woman behavior. It always made him nauseous.

His peripheral vision saw the spotlight was getting nearer and nearer. Yata wondered who the lucky gal was. He smiled widely as he finally found the perfect exit in the furthermost corner of the room. No people plus big window equals good escape route. He quickly ran to it as he thought to himself, "Finally… freedom!"

Yata could already smell sweet freedom. He opened the window and grinned to himself in victory. He was about to step on the ledge when a hand suddenly grabbed his arm.

"Ah, shit," he cursed under his breath. His heart literally stopped that moment. He didn't dare turn his head around as cold sweat dropped from his forehead. Was it Eric… Anna… Mikoto or Rikio? He gulped and took a deep breath as he peered over his shoulder. The creeper's face wasn't all that clear because it was dark and all. "What do you think you're doing, cree-cree—" He was too nervous to finish his sentence when the most unbelievable thing happened.

"My lady," Prince Saruhiko greeted with a warm smile across his face.

Bad: the spotlight was on them. Worse: people looked at them and him in a pink dress. Worst: them as in him and Prince Saruhiko Fushimi.

A/N: First chapter of YataShimi Fairytale AU finished! Bwahahaha! This is random, I know. But thank the lovely Shieru-chan! She infused my brain with lovely ideas. I dedicate the story to you, my dear Totsuka! So anyway, how was it for you readers? Hope you enjoyed this crack fic. And this, I swear… more madness and laughter ensues in the next chapter!