Title: Yatarella – A K Fairytale Fic
Author: Shouhei-kun
Fandom: K/ K Project
Pairing: Yata Misaki & Fushimi Saruhiko; Suoh Mikoto & Munakata Reisi (from now on)
Rating: T (coz of the vulgarity, homoness and all that jazz)
Disclaimer: I own nothing from K. lol I also don't own Cinderella. I only own the plot!
NOTE (PLEASE READ): An AU (alternate universe) shonen-ai fic.There's also cussing so be careful! Take note, Reisi's is third person while Misaki's first person. That's all. Enjoy! And cheer up! Always smile! I love you!

Epilogue: And They All Lived Happily Ever After

Initiate: Munakata, Reisi

As the sun dipped into horizon, the wind gently swept against the king of the kingdom of Shizume, who stood firmly in the balcony. Three years had already passed since that unforgettable incident…

Thorough research (DNA, and blood samples, and etc.) of the kingdom's wisest men proved Munakata Reisi was indeed king. Saruhiko wasn't considered an impostor, since it was all the Silver Wizard's— Colorless Wizard's doing. The real Silver Wizard was kind-hearted, gentle, down-to-earth, helpful, approachable, friendly, selfless… unlike his twin brother. The Colorless Wizard was a mirror of the Silver; the complete opposites. Adolf did what was best for the kingdom whereas the younger wizard only cared about his own wellbeing.

Saruhiko didn't find the news surprising, and happily stepped down from the hierarchy; his rank as prince of the kingdom. Reisi's powers of persuasion didn't work on him. He still wanted the bluenette to be the prince because in his eyes, he would always be the prince he served under loyally with all his heart. It would never change. But all that Saruhiko wanted in life was to spend the rest of his life with his beloved Misaki.

"Besides, you'd do a way better job than what I'll ever do in a million years," Saruhiko added, shrugging.

One case closed, leading to a new case: the Sword of Damocles.

It just so happened to be the keepsake his parents gave him for his tenth birthday. But it was just more than a simple birthday gift. The Silver Wizard's clairvoyant powers allowed him to foresee his twin brother's future schemes, hence the reason why he personally created the blade for the child. He was predestined to defeat the Colorless Wizard. "Use it at the right time, Reisi. You're destined for greatness." Even if meant sacrificing himself at the hands of his own twin brother, Adolf accepted his fate, just so Reisi would lead the kingdom to its betterment and prosperity.

Another case closed. What about his final case? A case that it would always be forever a blur and mystery to him: Suoh Mikoto.

He never really understood the man. He hardly talks but he constantly annoys him with his conceited smirks and snickers. But his simple gestures of affection moved mountains within the Blue King. A warm embrace, a peck on the cheeks or lips, caressing of hair…

Reisi shook the thoughts off his head, getting sucked in by the redhead's unbelievable charm yet again. But then, he never really did understand himself either. He would never ever understand why he would fall for someone like him. He hated it when feelings got in the way of logic.

Out of nowhere, a pair of arms tangled around Reisi's waist. There was only one person in the entire world who would be able to do it…

"Mikoto, would refrain from sneaking up on me from behind more often?" Reisi said. "Or else I might mistake you for someone else." And pin you down the ground, my sword inches from your neck, he forgot to add.

"It's not like anyone else does this to you, right?" Mikoto chortled lightly. He was glad he was able to wrap his arms around his beloved King this easily. Back then, Reisi wouldn't even let the other get near him. It was like he had some invisible restraining order within his grasp.

"We'll see about that," Reisi snickered with an odd glint in his eyes.

"Hmm…" It was another way of Mikoto saying, "Really now?"

"What brings you here anyway?" asked the Blue King. Mikoto visited the castle everyday and had an all-access pass around the castle premises. It was his prestigious privilege as the King's lover.

"Anna asked me for a favor," Mikoto replied.

"And what is it?" Reisi, thankfully, maintained a good relationship between him and Mikoto's children and clansmen. No disputes between the two colors whatsoever.

Mikoto turned his head and smiled at the petite child behind them. Anna shyly walked over to the two men, her eyes a little brighter than usual. She laced her fingers and made pleading eyes on Reisi, to the Blue King's surprise.

"I want to be a princess," she blurted.

Reisi thought he heard things. It took him quite a few seconds to process the young girl's words.

"So? What do you say?" Mikoto said calmly and casually, like it was no big deal. But for the Blue King, it was a big deal. She was asking him to be her daughter. It was as if Mikoto proposed to him indirectly.

Reisi grabbed Mikoto's collar furiously. "You forced her to do this right?!" he exclaimed, blushing rather furiously as well. "I'll never forgive you if you did!"

Obviously, Mikoto wasn't forceful towards anyone. Heck, he hardly asked anyone for favors anymore. He rolled his eyes as he leaned in and brushed his lips against Reisi's. It felt like three lifetimes but their mouths quickly part, for the sake of Anna.

"I wish I did, Reisi," said Mikoto, smiling.

It wasn't the kiss that convinced the Blue King, it was his genuine smile. Life was so unfair.

"…I'll think about it."

Initiate: Yata, Misaki

Damn, what is it with this cold? Why am I even always affected by the freakin' weather in the first place? I already have a runny nose, my body's trembling, and I'm constantly sneezing. Ugh. I swear, I think I may have low tolerance with cold weather. Not that I'll let anyone know, of course.

"Achoo!" Fuck. This must be the millionth sneeze I've had today. I think I'm gonna die. Okay, I really hate the cold now, and that's pretty much the understatement of the century. And to make matters worse…

"I knew you were gonna catch cold," snickered a voice I've heard more than a gazillion times.

"Shut up," I growled at Fushimi Saruhiko. Former prince. Current… ugh… boyfriend. It sounds so lame and cheesy it makes me wanna hurl. But with my newly stricken cold, I kinda might…

"Now, now. Don't give me the cold treatment," he joked lamely. I wanna spit on his face, but with our relationship status… Gah. I knew I shouldn't have said "yes" sooner! Why did I even agree? I mean, there's practically nothing about it. He's creepy, clingy, possessive (maybe even obsessive? Oh, God.)… Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

I clicked my tongue. If further translated, what I actually said was, "Shut up. Stop annoying me, you damn monkey." I think I know why I refer to the guy as a monkey. See the above description.

"Don't give me that look," he said, smiling. Why was that smile always so bright? I never really did understand physics. Am I even making sense here? Tch. Figures. "Here. Merry Christmas, Misaki." He handed me some paper bag that magically came out of nowhere, or I'm just too distracted he brought it along with him this whole time.

"Uh, thanks," I muttered, looking inside the paper bag's contents. I scowled and took out Saruhiko's apparent Christmas gift for me. "A whale plushie? Gee, thanks." It was color blue, and soft and cushiony. I blinked as I noticed that the whale was holding some small box. Was it another gift for me? Oh, you shouldn't have (insert sarcasm here). I took it out of the mammal's (I know it looks like a fish, but science says it's a mammal. Here's a bridge. Now get over it.) fins and observed it like some curious kid looking at something he had never seen before. I narrowed my eyes as I slowly opened it. Th-thump!

Ah, shit! A ring! A ruby ring! I-Is he for real?!

"We've been together ever since… But how about staying together forever?"

Fuck! Commence the tripling of speed of my heartbeat right now.

"Marry me, Misaki."

Well, fuck me! Ugh. Ah… uh… I think I'm going to hyperventilate… I-I… Okay! Misaki. Calm down. You can do this… You can fucking do this, man! Man up!

"Er… Saru…" I started, my eyes wandering aimlessly. I honestly don't want to look at him right now. I really, really, really don't want to now. Fuck. I am sooo nervous. Another understatement. I don't even… I…

"What is it?" he said to me with those anticipating blue orbs of his. Damn, why does he look some kid right now? It's making me more nervous… I hope he doesn't hate me (though I really wish he did) for this…

"Sorry, but…"

He snapped his head up, smiling weirdly. "It's okay. I-I understand. I can wait…" He must be stupider than I thought. Wait, he looks nervous too! I want to laugh so hard, but my heart is a big lump in my throat. Life can be so unfair sometimes…

"You didn't let me finish, idiot," I huffed. I cleared my throat and braced myself. Don't hate me (I hope you still did). "I forgot to buy you a present this year!"

He blinked. "Uh, it's okay…" He looked so lost. Poor guy.

I then mentally smirked to myself. Guess he wasn't going to expect what I said next, eh?

"So will a 'yes' make up for it?"

You know what happened next, right? All of us do.

I know it's cliché and ya'll will hate me for it forever but I'll say it anyway:

"And they all lived happily ever after."


A/N: Only fairy tales end in happiness. That's what they say. But I'd like to prove that happy endings also occur in real life! So I hope with this ending, I made you guys at least smile. We can do this, K fandom. We can get through this together! Go, fight, win! I was saved from the pits of despair with the help of my lovely friends I can't live without, and especially Teppei Tenshi (a.k.a. Teppei Kiyoshi). I love you guys. I mean it. You are the doki dokis to my kokoro.

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