Turned: One Shot of Donovan's Point of View from LockDown

The Capture:

I woke up to find the room filled with a blood, red light. The Bloodwatch. Alex was already up, sitting up straight. I better calm him before he does something dangerously stupid.

"Alex, lay down, don't do anything, don't move, don't freak, just lay down. Keep quiet, kay?"

He stayed still; some wheezers were moving up to our floor. Several walked past our cell, and then one stopped and marked our door. Alex jumped up.

"No, no this can't be happening not after what we've gone through! We are so close, so close! This can't be happening, this can't be happening."

"Alex, chill, look we aren't screwed until the blacksuits come okay? We'll work out a plan until then."

"You're right, the blacksuits only take one of us, so if you get taken, I'll come back to save you. I don't care if the cops throw me back I here, I'll come back. If I get taken you'll come back for me deal?"


The cell door slammed open and a blacksuit entered the cell. It grabbed me, I tried to pull away, but it had a death grip. Alex threw himself at the blacksuit. I watched in terror as Alex was thrown on the floor, he was screaming, I couldn't hear him, my heartbeat overpowered his voice. Then everything went black.

I was in a glass dome, across from me; Toby, Gary, Zee, and Alex were being beaten by the blacksuits. Alex's face was bruised and bleeding. Zee was on his knees unable to defend himself against their blows. Toby was face down in the ground. Gary was fighting back. I was in a glass dome unable to help them. I pounded on the glass, yelling at them to get up and fight back. Then I noticed it, there was water in the dome and it was rising, fast. I couldn't do anything, but watch each time Toby, Zee, Gary and Alex got pummeled, the water level rose to my chin, I was going to die, I couldn't breathe, my lung were on fire. I tried swimming towards the surface, but the dome seemed endless. My vision blurred the last thing I saw was Toby, Gary, Zee, and Alex all face down in the ground and the blacksuits grinning.

Then I woke up.

I was strapped in a bed, in a room full of frail boys, and monsters. The Infirmary, a starch white room, nothing decorated the walls, white cots and curtains were lined down the room leaving an aisle. I turned my head and I saw the warden grinning at me. I took in his cold black eyes, his ancient leathery skin, and his wicked grin. I was strapped to a bed with an I.V. hooked to me, I couldn't move. A blacksuit came in and changed the bag. It was filled with a black liquid with gold specks.


Author's Note:

This is my first ever fanfic... so please don't hurt me if its not good! Anyways, I absolutely love the "Escape from Furnace" series ever since my friend introduced the series to me (thanks!) and Donovan has been my favorite character ever since and I got so upset when he (SPOILER ALERT) died... So my friend come up with an idea to write about Donovan's point of view while he's being turned up to the grand finale, his death. The original idea was for the two of us to write a chapter and switch off, but since she doesn't have to time to help me I guess I'm on my own... Anyways enjoy the story and I'll try to continue it hopefully,but I'm easily distracted... Please rate and comment!