Losing Hope:

Author's Note:

I'm sorry, but this chapter is for those who hate violence, blood, and other gross nasty things... If you are faint of heart I suggest you skip this chapter, but then again, why did you even read the series in the first place? Anyways enjoy...

And also anyhting in the chapter that is italisized means that I'm either talking, but tehn there would be "Author's Note:" or it's a flashback... Just saying...

The next few weeks I began to slip in and out of conscious, catching snippets of conversations between the Warden and blacksuits. The longest I stayed awake since the conspiratorial clip was for half an hour.

A sharp stinging pain shot up my arm and into my empty head, my eyes jolted open. The artificial light burned my eyes, the emptiness of my head numbed my brain. I sat up, taking in the boring white plaster walls and ceiling, which is actually pretty boring after you've had very vivid and gruesome dreams and watching a clip that was supposed to brainwash you. The white door swung open and a blacksuit stared at me with his beady oily eyes. I smiled and waved, he grunted as he changed the I.V bag.

"So... What's for lunch?"

He stared at me blankly, he pressed a small red button on the wall adjacent to me. As he walked down the aisle, switching I.V. Bags, I grabbed a surgeon's kit and hid it in the inner pockets of my prison grab. As I leaned back, Cross entered, he calmly walked towards me, he locked his eyes upon mine. I refused to look away, if this was a game of chicken, then I'm not going to lose.

"I see that you still have your strong will, unfortunately that will end like your physical strength."

"If you were attempting humor Cross, I'm afraid that your joke was an epic fail."

"You have so little time to fool around, after all do you really believe that your friends will rescue you?"

"Of course they will, they're my friends!"

"My dear boy, "friend" is a term used to gain one's trust. Besides, do you even remember your identity as well as you remember theirs?"

"Shut the hell up Cross! I know who my friends are!"

"Alas, that wasn't the question I was asking. The question was do you know who you are?"

My throat immediately closed, but even though his statements got to me, I glared at him defiantly. He chuckled and signaled for the blacksuit,

"You will soon realize that I am only telling the truth. Enjoy your thoughts for now, because they will soon to cease to exist."

If looks could kill someone, then the Warden died around, say oh, a gazillion times. I slumped down beneath the cover fiddling with the lock of the small surgeon's kit. I knew I didn't remember who I was, I only remembered Alex, Zee, Toby, and some screwed up memories. A calm blanket of despair enveloped me bragging me into slumber.

The dark blanket swirled into a cozy home-like scene, there was a family sitting out by a beach. Suddenly, I emerged from the water, gasping for air. A tall pretty blonde ran towards me kicking and splashing water at me, giggling.


I grabbed her by the waist and swung her around, we raced back to the shore laughing and kissing.

"Ew! Donovan and Maria sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love, then come marriage, then comes..."

"Stephanie! Stop ridiculing your brother!"

"Yeah, you little twerp!"

I grabbed Stephanie by her feet and swung her around before dropping to the ground and violently ticking her.

The scene quickly blurred, the atmosphere was tense and murky. A loud high pitched scream pierced the silence. Blood flowed out from beneath the door frame, I felt numb. As I quietly turned the ice cold door knob, I prayed that this was all some sort of cruel prank. I closed my eyes as the door swung open and opened them, an average sized kid stood over my sister, pulling a butcher's knife out of her chest and grabbing a dagger and stabbed her, and pulled it out, and stabbed her, repeatedly.

"Donovan... Help..."

I stood there frozen in terror, as I watched her eyes roll into the back of her head. He finally noticed ,my presence and glanced at me, he smiled an eriee smile, and stood up to face me.

"So how does it feel, eh? How does it feel to have the most precious things taken from you?!"

"What the hell did you do?!"

"Why Donovan, I just got rid of those who were most important to you, like how you got rid of Maria."

"What do you mean got rid of Maria?!"

"Didn't you hear? Maria committed suicide after you broke up with her."

"I didn't want to, she forced me to after she cheated on me twice!"

"She cheated on you?! She cheated on you?! You were the one who cheated on her! You made her feel important and desired and then once you were done with her, you discarded her like you did with every other girl!"

"So what the hell does this have to do with my family?! Why the hell did you drag them into this?! You could have just dealt with me!"

"You had the perfect life, the perfect family, straight A's, you were athletic, you could get whatever the hell you desired. You didn't notice your best friend had a crush on her. Of course you didn't notice, you got everything you wanted! So after Maria committed suicide, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands, so I ruined your perfect life by killing your perfect family! Now you finally acknowledge the cruelty of life!"

"So you dragged my family into this?! You bastard!"

I grabbed the knife laying on the floor and rushed towards him. He ducked out of the way, grazing me with one of his smaller daggers. I turned to punch him, he blocked my punch and kicked my stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and kneed him in the stomach hard. He stabbed my side, I pulled away growling. I lunged at him with the knife and stabbed him in the stomach, I quickly dragged the knife upward, earning a splash of warm blood. He fell to the ground, I pulled the knife from his chest and stabbed him repeatedly, even laughing as I did it. His eyes finally rolled back, I plucked the knife from his chest and it clattered as it fell to the ground. I stared blackly around and finally looked around the house, I first entered my parents' bedroom, I walked up to their corpses' and took a knee, and stared into their cold lifeless eyes, tears refused to fall as I closed their eyes. I later returned to the room where Stephanie laid,

"I'm so sorry that I couldn't save you, Steph... I am so sorry..."

I kissed her forehead and slowly closed her eyes, tears still refused to fall. I called the police, and took a shower washing the blood off my body as I waited for the patrol car. I slipped into a plain white T-shirt and some jeans. As I slipped on my Jordans and a jacket the police arrived at the door knocking. I opened the door slowly and shoved my arms out, allowing them to cuff me. The slap of the clod metal against my wrists was refreshing, it told me that everything was over and it was time for destiny to take control. The ride to the jail and the wait there was a blur, even the trial speed on by, my arrival at Furnace was the same too.

I woke up, Cross was right, I was losing hope of ever escaping Furnace, I stared at the surgeon's kit and picked up the scalpel. I learned about arteries and blood vessels back in school. I knew if I hit the right artery then I could end everything, right here, right now. I could finally join Stephanie and my parents, I could also join Maria too. I took the plastic protective covering off the blade of the scalpel and aimed for my jugular. Blood spurted everywhere, I laid back and waited for that familiar sense of death. Better to die than to turn into a monster that would hurt those I care about right? A blacksuit entered, I prayed that he wouldn't notice me, he stared at me, my blood tainted the plaster white walls and ceilings. He slammed his fist against a bright red button on the wall besides the door frame and everything turned red.

"Code 75, Article 347! Suicidal Inmate!"

A bunch of wheezers rushed into the Infirmary and carried me away as I blacked out. I woke up a few days later back in the Infirmary, and my restraints came back. Operation, Death by Suicide was an epic fail.

Author's Note:

Well this was a really sad and depressing chapter... I'm sorry if it depressed you on Christmas... Oh yeah... MERRY CHRISTMAS! As you can tell Turned will be soon coming to an end, I'm sorry, but I can't force anything to happen and besides Donovan didn't spend a bunch of time in the Infirmary like Alex did... Anyways... You can really tell that I tried not to use the F-bomb, I'm sorry, but it has become my mission to not use it... So about Donovan... Why do I put him in so much pain? I mean first, Maria, his girlfriend cheated on him twice! And then committed suicide, second, his best friend murdered his family, third... Did I mention that his best friend killed his family?! I mean how low can you get when it comes to love?! You can't kill someone's family just because your crush committed suicide! Fourth, he was forced to kill his best friend... I ordered this to happen... Sorry... Fifth, he got shipped to Furnace, that's as bad of a life you can get... I feel bad for Donovan now... I mean yes I gave him a perfect him, but I ruined it for him... Sorry D... I think that I learned something from this chapter... One, Donovan's a philanderer... Two, Donovan had a perfect life, that is until Maria committed suicide, and his best friend slaughtered his family... Three... Donovan attempted to commit suicide! OMFG... Whoops... I used the F-bomb... Sorry... Four... Don't let love come between your friends... It might cause your best friend to murder your family... Fifth... Did I mention that Donovan's a man whore?!