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Title: Desire and Thirst

By: Deebelle1

Beta'd by the über talented and extraordinary Brie. She's the best and I love her!

So here is my second entry for the contest. I hadn't planned on writing another one, but I got drunk and this was the result.

Summary: Hunger consumed us every moment of forever. Jasper and I walked the earth together yearning for the day our thirst for blood could be quenched. All it took was one fateful night and her, to change everything we thought we knew. That desire could overtake our thirst. Entry for the Public Lovin FF Contest. 18 and over only please.

Disclaimer: I've never written a vamp fic or a threesome before, but go big or go home, right? If either of those are hard limits for you, STOP RIGHT HERE!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Desire and Thirst

The warm weather had drawn out the college crowd. They wanted to enjoy one of the last warm nights that autumn had to offer before the winter weather and studying took precedence to fun. Jasper and I were in search of something to eat and fuck.

A nightclub was as good as place as any to find either a criminal to drink or an all too willing body to desecrate before draining. We scanned the room in search of our prey, both using our gifts to find a victim.

The music was loud, the bass high. Strobe lights pulsed with the beat of the music. It was hotter and more humid inside than it had been outside; Jasper and I could smell the pheromones being secreted by the ready, willing, and able bodies. I tasted the air until I found what I was looking for.

My eyes locked upon a girl whose friends had identified as Bella. Even from the distance between us, I could smell her sweet blood in the air. Apple pie fresh from the oven on a hot summer day. She brought memories of my mother cooking in the kitchen. It called to me and it took all my control to stay planted in my seat. My hunger was fierce and I had to have her, but for now, I watched and waited.

I listened as her friends purchased a couple more drinks. According to her friends, she needed to have some fun since her parents had died and left her all alone in the world. She was a perfect candidate indeed. No one would miss her.

I watched Bella for over an hour. She continued to consume a few more drinks and her friends were worried she'd take it too far and ruin their evening. When they had suggested the night out earlier, they hadn't anticipated she would get smashed. They bought her a bottle of water in hopes of helping her re-hydrate before she consumed anything else. Bella told them not to worry and to just have fun; she'd be okay.

I turned to Jasper to see if he'd selected his meal, and he appeared to be hypnotized by his prey. I followed his gaze to see what had appealed to him and was shocked to discover the girl I wanted was who he desired as well. I really hoped we could reach an agreement over her. I really didn't want to give her up.

The more inebriated the girl became, the easier it was for me to resist the call her blood had on me. Her saccharine aroma still sang to me, but it had been dulled because of the alcohol. Jasper, on the other hand, wasn't having it as easy because the things she was feeling continued to entice him. According to him, her emotions were an intoxicating blend of lonely, content, and horny all rolled into one. It made him feel good, something he didn't get to embrace often.

"I don't think I can stay away," he said as his eyes roamed over the petite brunette's body, causing him to lose control of his gift.

"Rein it in," I whispered, too low for the human ears around us.

He tore his gaze from the girl and noticed his power had caused quite a few people to pair up and start making out.

I chuckled at their thoughts once his influence had been removed. Some had started to question their sexuality, since they had enjoyed kissing someone of the same sex. Others, though, had not been drunk enough to understand why they had done what they did, and the last few were thinking about asking their partners to take the fun elsewhere.

It was amusing to watch.

Sorry, Jasper thought.

I acknowledged his thought with a tip of my head. I quite enjoyed their little show.

The object of our desire was now dancing in the middle of the dance floor without a care in the world. Her friends had abandoned her to dance with a couple of guys they thought were hot.

She was an enigma to me. I couldn't hear her internal voice and I wasn't sure how I felt about that.

On one hand, I was rejoicing because she was the first being, human, vampire, or werewolf alike, who was able to repel my gift. On the other, I had an innate need to know exactly what she was thinking about.

The thing that stunned me the most was, when I focused on her, all those around me disappeared too. I hadn't realized it either until Jasper nudged me.

"Are you all right, Edward?" he asked, obviously sensing my changing emotions.

"I can't hear her," I said, dumbfounded. "She's completely blank to me, and when I focus on her everyone else's voices are gone as well."

"Are you going to be okay?" he asked.

I nodded. It would just take some getting used to. The quiet was becoming enjoyable.

Jasper sometimes considered his ability a hardship, especially when the fear and pain of our victims took over. He'd worked long and hard to build up a wall around himself so he could survive the feed. After all, we were vampires. We needed blood to live.

We didn't enjoy taking lives to provide ours, but the secret must be kept. We couldn't leave witnesses or the Volturi could show up an end us at any time. We were kinder than others of our kind. We provided our victims with ultimate pleasure before we took their lives from them.

The club already smelled like sex. Their bodies were grinding into one another as they danced to the pulsing beats of a remixed Usher's Climax. I bet she smelled as good as she looked.

I watched a bead of sweat as it dripped down the side of her face. I followed it as it continued to move over her carotid artery, and I focused on it for a seconded as the blood pulsing through it drew me in. Sadly, for now, I tore my eyes away and followed the drop of sweat as it disappeared beneath her navy blue tank top.

Jasper and I shared a silent conversation. We'd let her choose which of us she wanted. The other would pick someone else to feed upon. The reward of her was worth the risk of disappointment.

We both approached her as one of Rihanna's songs began to play.

Yellow Diamonds in the light

And were standing side by side

As your shadow crosses mine

What it takes to come alive

My hands reached for her hips and I pulled her against me, my body molding to hers as Jasper approached in front of her. Her breath hitched and she looked over her shoulder and into my eyes. There were full of questions, but I shook my head. They could be answered later. She allowed her body to relax and she began to move with me.

She tilted her head back onto my chest and closed her eyes. I led her to the beat of the song as I watch Jasper shift into our space. When Jasper finally did close the distance, her eyes popped open as if she could sense him in front of her.

He tipped his head to greet her and then joined in the rhythm we had established. Within moments of Jasper joining us, one of Bella's hands had found its way into Jasper's blond waves and he leaned down to capture her mouth in a searing kiss. I was unable to look away as they deepened the kiss.

He took her lower lip between his and sucked on it. I watched as she pulled back a little and licked his top lip before pulling it into her mouth to nibble on.

It turned me on in ways I never expected as I watched her return the kiss with equal vigor. Feeling like she had chosen him, I began to pull away, but before I could get far her tiny hand wrapped around my wrist. She broke the kiss and turned to face me.

Jasper's thoughts had been blocked to me the moment she touched him. I could sense he was trying to tell me something, but I didn't have a clue what it was, since I couldn't hear him. Besides, Bella was now the focus of my attention.

She stared at me for a beat, searching for something before she finally spoke. "Kiss me."

Her voice was like dark chocolate, rich and alluring; at least, what I remembered it to taste like. There was nothing I could do but comply with her demand. Her warm lips and hot breath lit my cold, stone-like body on fire. She was perfection, but I wasn't any closer to understanding which of us she was going to choose.

When she released me from the kiss to breathe, she stared deep into my black eyes. Whether it was my hunger or lust that had turned them that color, I wasn't sure. I could do nothing but stare at her into her lust-filled cinnamon eyes.

In my peripheral vision I watched as she took Jasper's hands and placed them on her breasts. I growled while he groaned. I was sure she was responsible for climate change. My cock was hard as steel and I could tell Jasper was in the same predicament I was.

Everything felt like it was happening at warp speed, but it had only been fifty-six seconds since she ensnared us under her spell. There would be no turning back from what was starting.

We found love in a hopeless place

I realized she wanted us both. There was no turning back now. We both wanted her too.

We found love in a hopeless place

The three of us moved through the mass of people and into a dark corner. There was no time to find a more remote location. Based on the noises I could hear, we weren't the only ones who would be fucking in here.

We found love in a hopeless place

Like a siren, she called to us, owning us without trying. One night would never be enough. I knew when all was said and done I wouldn't be able to kill her, and apparently, neither could Jasper. It was hopeless.

We found love in a hopeless place

The bottom line was that we were both fucked. This wasn't a life we would wish upon anyone, but we knew we couldn't let her go. She was destined to become one of us.

The music changed, and Tyrese's Sweet Lady began. It was such a sensual song.

The beat flowed and I couldn't control my need for her. I slid a leg between hers and she ground down onto it. I squeezed her ass, careful to avoid touching Jasper. I needed more, though, so I raised her skirt so I could feel the soft suppleness of her skin.

I took extra care to avoid bruising her fragile body. The initial contact of my cold touch to her warmth caused goose bumps to rise. It took a couple minutes for her body heat to penetrate mine and allow the bumps to go away. Her skin was like velvet, and it felt incredible to be able to caress her.

I allowed my hands to wander further since she hadn't complained. I reached under her shirt and unclasped her bra. I pealed the straps down her arms and then pulled the black lace down the front of her shirt without actually exposing any more of her flesh to our eyes.

She moaned and arched her back as Jasper's hands caressed her bare breasts under her top. I wanted nothing more than to see them in all of their naked glory, but I wasn't sure how she would react. We were in public, and though it didn't seem like it, I was a gentleman.

I couldn't resist, a gentleman or not. I wanted to watch his hands fondle her. I wanted to see what shade of pink her nipples were. I wanted to taste them. So I pushed her shirt up and exposed her chest to darkness.

The benefit of being a vampire allowed me to see the pale blush of her nipples. Jasper's cold hand had worked them into stiff peaks. He released one and I was able to suck it in my mouth and ever so carefully lick and nibble on her. I focused on keeping my teeth from nicking her skin as we took turn pleasuring her.

I could hear the sound of their kisses as I feasted on her breast. Her heart was pounding away in her chest and her breath was ragged. I loved the sounds she was making.

Our hands jointly roamed her body. I had one hand massaging her ass and the other kneading and pinching at her tit. Jasper had one on her other breast and his right was under her skirt and in her panties, rubbing her wet pussy.

She smelled incredible and I needed a taste. I dropped to my knees and tore the matching black lace thong from her body. Being so close to her nectar made me moan in delight.

I'd never been more thankful to have perfect vision in the dark.

Jasper, ever the southern gentleman, spread her bare lips between his index and ring fingers and continued to rub her clit with his middle finger.

I was mesmerized as I watched her become wetter with his ministrations. When I couldn't take it anymore, I leaned in and took my first taste.

Her essence exploded on my tongue and I growled with pleasure. She tasted like the sweetest of salted caramels and lavender. My thirst for her blood was forgotten as I drank her in.

With my heightened senses I was able to listen as Jasper verbalized our desires.

"Are you enjoying this as much as we are?"

She moaned in response.

"Does Edward's tongue feel good? I bet you taste as amazing as you smell." He took a deep breath and increased his pressure on her clit.

"Have you ever had two men do this to you before?" She must have shaken her head in response.

"You have no idea how much I―we enjoy knowing that we get to give you this experience. I wonder if you'd enjoy having us both fuck you at the same time as well."

Her emotions must have given her away. "Oh, you want that don't you? Edward pounding into you pussy while I fuck your ass?"

My cock was stiff and ready. Her human body wouldn't be able to take us without being prepared, so I used her juices and a bit of my venom for numbing to allow Jasper a smooth entry into her body. I started slowly and continued until she was taking three of my fingers up her ass.

She was ripe and ready for the taking.

I stood back up and lifted her off the ground. I'd already released my cock from its confinement in my jeans while I was kneeling at her alter. I moaned as she licked her juices off my face. There was nothing sexier to me than a woman who enjoyed the way she tasted.

Jasper undid his pants and had coated his length in her wetness. I had a hard time containing my need for her, but my need to know she was okay with his intrusion into her body outweighed my need for instant gratification.

We'd never done this before, sharing a woman.

Vampires were possessive creatures and the fact that this woman could entice two of the fiercest ones to cooperate together proved she was special.

I think the bond we had developed as brothers and the connection Bella had to us both prevented our nature defense mechanism from kicking in.

She groaned as Jasper seated himself inside her tightness. I rocked her gently in my arms to help her get used to the fullness she hadn't experienced before. It was incredibly difficult to retain from joining with them immediately.

It wasn't long until before I could feel all the tension in her body give way to the pleasure and I was able to enter her as well.

It was a tight fit, but her body was made for us. Only a thin bit of skin separated Jasper and I inside her. It was an odd feeling being able to feel each ridge of his cock so close to mine, something I had never anticipated feeling before or liking as much.

I looked into his dark eyes and felt his lust hit me full force. I groaned and my knees almost gave way to the onslaught of enhanced emotions. He seemed to be enjoying the connection as much as I did.

With Bella's legs balanced on Jasper's forearms and his hand now gripping torso, we began to move.

It was a marvelous experience, having her bounce up and down on my dick. She was so wet, but her pussy was like a vacuum around me, sucking me deeper within her body with each downward moment Jasper made.

The synchronicity of our movements matched the beat of the new song the DJ was playing, one I didn't recognize. In-out, swivel-grind, up and down. Rocking to and fro, I got to witness the ecstasy on her gorgeous face.

We weren't quiet by any means, so thankfully the blaring music concealed the noises we were making. Not that we would have stopped. Jasper or I would have just snapped the neck of anyone who threatened to disturb us.

Still, as people moved throughout the club, we found paradise together. I watched as Jasper used his gift to make her come over and over again. She convulsed around me so many times as I fought the urge to come myself. I didn't want this moment to end.

The songs kept changing, and Jasper was unrelenting. His focus was solely on the two of us, and when it seemed like Bella wouldn't be able to handle any more, he pushed a final burst of euphoria out and we came together.

Spurt after spurt erupted from my cock and coated the inside of Bella's pussy. I could feel each of Jasper's twitches as he came. Bella had come so hard that final time that tiny tremors still shook through her as we came down from our high.

Tonight had been magical, and beyond anything either of us had ever expected when we entered the club. Bella was a gift and we would cherish her forever.

She was our redemption and persecution all rolled into one. With Bella so sated I was able to finally hear Jasper's thoughts and they melted with my own. We wanted her with us forever. Normally I wouldn't wish this life of blood and lust on anyone, but I knew I couldn't live without her and neither could Jasper.

"Please. Say you'll be ours," I begged. I couldn't imagine living for eternity without her by our sides.

She was the balm to our damned souls.

"We'll give you the world and worship you forever," Jasper stated as he cupped her cheek in his hand and stared into her dark orbs.


With that one word, she sealed her fate and owned our unbeating hearts.

There in the dark corner, where only Jasper and I could see clearly, we each bit down on her neck. An immortal kiss, if you will, taking in her essence to nourish our bodies before finally injecting our venom into her.

I didn't know it could be like this. We'd never shared a feed before. It was pure ambrosia, so sweet and tangy. It was like her blood sang to us both.

No, it wasn't the smartest place to begin her transformation, but waiting wasn't an option. Thankfully the loud music and Jasper's ability were able to conceal and keep her noises to a minimum as we darted out the back of the club and to our car.

We drove her to the tiny cabin we'd been renting in the woods so she could complete change into a vampire. Her transition was moving faster than normal. We assumed it was because of the fact that she had two different makers rather than the usual one.

Everything about her became more defined. Her human scent had altered from a warm apple pie aroma into a succulent, spiced caramel that was similar to the way arousal has tasted. Jasper and I wanted to do nothing more than lick her from head to toe. She had bewitched us before, but now we coveted her completely. We would cherish her for all time, even if sharing would be difficult. It was better than the alternative of her choosing only one of us.

When her heart sped up, Jasper and I each took submissive positions at the foot of the bed. Waking from the change could be overwhelming and that was last thing we wanted her to feel. With the last beat, we held our unneeded breath and froze. It was all in her hands now.

We listened and waited. She hadn't moved yet, almost as if she was scared of what might happen if she did. Five minutes passed before she finally took a breath and tasted the smells around her. She sat up so quickly that she startled herself. It was hard to hold my laughter, but I did. I wanted so badly to say something, but both of us waited her to speak.

"Where am I?" she asked.

We both looked up at the same time. Her red eyes pierced me directly in the heart, and I purred. She was my mate. Her eyes darted to Jasper and he purred as well. I guess she was his mate, too. I never thought I'd be willing to share my love with anyone else, but I trusted Jasper and knew he would protect her just like I would.

Her responding growl and tantalizing gaze sent a shiver down my spine. I wanted her. We both did.

When she spoke again, I knew she had finally grasped what had happened and I couldn't be more grateful for her the word she spoke as her eyes darted between us.


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