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Desire and Thirst Part Four

~Edward's Point of View~

In the two years that had passed since Bella's father died, we set roots down in Montana just a few miles outside of Ackley Lake State Park. The single story log cabin that we all built together was perfect for the three of us. While we all shared the large master suite, the home boasted areas for each of our personal interests. Bella had her office, Jasper his library, and I had my music room.

Getting a Steinway delivered here hadn't been easy, but my grand piano allowed me to constantly create and play new music. I lost myself in my original compositions, as well as those by Chopin, Beethoven, and Debussy, just to name a few. My fingers danced across the ivory keys and the melodies echoed through the open windows and out into the wide-open spaces of our property.

I could hear Bella and Jasper laughing as she tried once again to coax him into teaching her a proper waltz from his time. While I couldn't make out the exact words of what she said that got him to agree, the dose of lust that hit me gave me a very clear indication of exactly what she promised in return for her dance lessons.

She was such a naughty girl sometimes, and I loved it.

Not wasting any time when they entered my room, I began to play Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1. He swayed her back and forth in the standard box formation for a few bars before he began adding in a few spins. Bella giggled each time, her happiness wafting through the air as Jasper shared her feelings with me.

As I watched them dance, my body automatically responded to the two of them. We really had come so far as a trio.

"You're doing amazingly," Jasper praised Bella. She smiled so wide it made my still heart practically beat. If there were anyone on Earth who could cause my heart to pump again, it would be Bella. She brought out the best in both of us.

"Thank you," she replied, looking down at her feet. I was positive she would be blushing if she could.

Bella was such a different person when it was just the three of us. She was more relaxed, less hostile and defensive. She let her guard down and just was.

When I finished the song, I stood and clapped as Jasper dipped Bella. "Bravo!"

Once she was on both feet, Bella skipped over to me. "Thanks for playing a song for us to dance to. Maybe you could teach me how to play the piano too. That way I can play for the two of you next time," she teased.

While I loved Jasper, both physically and emotionally, there were still some things that felt unnatural to me. Dancing was one, and holding hands in front of people was another. Hearing the menial thoughts of close minded people made me cringe. Regardless of how acceptable same sex couples had become, their minds spoke their true thoughts. They were vile and disgusting, and it made me feel bad about myself. I felt guilty for letting others affect the relationship I shared with my mates. Time and time again, though, Jasper reassured me with blasts of his emotions. Even now, while Bella was being playful I automatically tensed up and it didn't go unnoticed by my mates.

"Edward," Bella practically sighed out. "It's just us."

My shoulders dropped; I hated knowing I had cause the gleefulness to drift from her body. "I know. It's just me; I always seem to be stuck in the Victorian Age. Propriety and all that bullshit."

My vulgar language managed to bring a smile back to her face.

"One of these days you'll realize that no one else around us matters, and that we will always be here to love you, unconditionally and for all eternity."

I nodded. "I know."

Jasper approached us and spoke. "Now I do believe our sweet Bella made a request." My mind was blank. Besides the piano lessons, I couldn't remember anything else she had asked.

"Um, what did she want?" I questioned, even if Bella was standing between us.

"Well, since I gave her a dance lesson, she promised us a dance of our own."

Fuck me.

My pants got tighter and my excitement rose. This was exactly what I needed to center myself. I could sit next to Jasper, each of us palming our cocks as Bella put on her show.

"I can't wait." I really couldn't.

Jasper guided me over to the black leather chaise and pulled me between his legs. My thoughts of sitting side by side vanished, along with most of my clothes. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to bask in Jasper's love and contentedness.

When the music started, I opened my eyes. Bella stood before us in nothing but a pair of midnight blue lace cheeky panties with a matching top. Her nipples were hard and visible through the lace. I couldn't help but groan; she was Aphrodite and the devil all rolled into one.

Heaven and hell stood before me and I wasn't sure which I wanted more.

I didn't recognize the song that was playing, nor did I really care. The way she rocked her hips as she caressed her own skin was all that mattered in that moment. She made me forget everything...even my own name.

Her unneeded breathy sounds caused my cock to harden. I ached to touch her, to be touch as well. I didn't blink, scared the human action would cause me to miss a single second of her performance. I was panting and leaking venom, my lust out of control. How Jasper could stand to sit so close to me, I didn't know, but I was ready for more.

"I want to touch you, Edward," Jasper purred into my ear.

"Please," I begged as I leaned back into him and continued to watch Bella dance.

~Jasper's Point of View~

The love and lust floating through our room was palpable. Edward was completely taken by Bella's dance that I didn't need to add anything to the emotional climate of the room; I just shared what we were all feeling.

I yanked Edward's head back against my shoulder, exposing his neck to greedy mouth. I locked eyes with Bella and glided the tip of my tongue over his pulse point and left a trail of venom up to his ear. I gently bit down and made Edward hiss. I used the hand that wasn't holding his head back to tease his hard cock; it was like steel under his jeans, hard and aching to be worshiped.

The rumble of my purr grew when Bella's scent reached me. I loved how turned on she got by watching me seduce Edward. It wasn't a game—I loved him and found that making him beg turned Bella on so damn much she would continuously drip, her spicy caramel scent driving both Edward and me insane with need.

I let go of Edward's lobe and watch as Bella shimmied out of her panties, her juices coated the inside of her thighs. I wanted a taste and I could feel Edward did too.

"Come closer, darlin'...and lose the bra. I think you've teased us enough." It wasn't a request, and she knew that, complying instantly.

Edward and I growled when her pretty little nipples were fully visible. She was truly one of a kind. Her red eyes had darkened the moment I had first touched Edward, but now they were black with hunger...and not for blood. Her purr built up in her chest as she sashayed over to use, her hips swaying gently as she walked. It was hypnotizing, especially with her scent drawing closer and closer to us.

Once she was within reaching distance, Edward leaned forward and pulled her on top of us. He wasted no time in shoving his fingers deep within her drenched core, making Bella mewl with happiness. Her loneliness ebbed as her climax approached, elation poured from her every molecule.

I continued to pump and tease Edward's cock. I think Bella had wanted this to be more about him, but Edward wasn't having any of that. He wanted her to be a part of the moment and I couldn't deny I wanted her too.

Even after all these years together, first Edward and I, and now with Bella in the mix, the bond between Edward and I had only grown.

I was pulled from my trip down memory lane by Bella's euphoria; it hit so fast that I couldn't help multiplying it and sending it back out. Bella tossed my hand from Edward's cock and impaled herself down onto him, riding him so hard I thought for sure the chaise would give way and we would be left in a pile of rubble with how fast and hard she was riding him. My cock ached with need and the friction of Edward's back rubbing against me wasn't enough to give me the relief I so desired.

Venom oozed from the tip of my hard length and I used it to coat my finger and tease Edward's ass. He tensed at the feel of my fingers, but relaxed into them quickly and I continued to prime him for my cock. When I felt he was ready, I lifted both of them and gently ease Edward down onto my hard cock.

His ass was tighter than anything I'd ever felt, even tighter than Bella's. He gripped me and groaned through my intrusion, his head hanging limply on my shoulder.

'So fuckin' tight," I groaned.

Edward was incapable of speech, but Bella sure wasn't. "Doesn't feel amazing, Edward? I love having Jasper's cock in my ass. I'm actually jealous it's not mine he's claiming right now."

Her words sparked a fire within Edward and he ground down on my cock, clenching around me so hard I wondered if my cock would fall off. "Fuck," I hissed, holding Edward still on me.

Bella wasn't having it, though, and began bouncing up and down, chasing her seconded orgasm of the night. She could be quite the greedy girl when we got going.

She rotated the bounce with grinding, rubbing her clit into Edward's pelvis. She peaked again and I was unable to hold back. I began pounding into Edward with reckless abandonment, chasing the rising build of my own climax.

I roared with the first stream of my venom as it began to coat the inside walls of Edward's ass. He stiffened as he too exploded inside Bella. The outpouring of emotions caused me to project, and I let everything go: my love, my happiness, my pleasure, my everything. It blasted through the room until we were lying in a tangle mess on the remnants of the chaise.

I couldn't help but chuckle at the mess we had made. Bella giggled too. "Oh well. It was so worth watching the men I love come together like that, not to mention being a part of it in the first place. I love you both so much."

"We love you, too," I replied.

Bella was a nothing but nurturing and giving. She helped Edward understand that it was okay to love me, that seeing me as more than his creator gave him a power over me that I think he longed for to some extent. She made him a better man; hell, she made us both better men.

Unconditional love had been a myth to me. Sure, I'd felt the fluttering of loyalty mixed with love before, but there was always an underlying layer of worry looped in, like they were trying to hold back that little bit of protection around their heart, just in case, so that they couldn't ever be completely broken if their love wasn't returned in the same manner. But Bella wasn't like that; her love was open and pure and honest. She didn't see us a demigods or perfection, she saw us for exactly who and what we were and loved us anyway. It was amazing and freeing to be able to return the sentiment.

Even The Major was content again. Though he was always ready to fight and protect, The Major was at peace with everything. The years of not needing to be on guard slowly allowed me to relish in the tranquil love the three of us shared. I actually felt lighter than ever before. It was amazing what love could do.

Laying here in our bed, content to never move, I basked in our love, satisfaction, and ever circulating desire. Love sure felt grand.

~Bella's Point of View~

Time spent with my mates was always enjoyable. Whether we were making love, hunting, or even just puttering around, I was always content. After leaving the Cullens and their illogical thinking behind, I still worried that they would contact the kings, hoping for help or retaliation for killing the pixie freak, but it never came. As the years passed, I relaxed but never fully dropped my guard...I think it was a condition that Jasper, my major, instilled in me.

Even now, after we had finished making love, I still listened for danger. The sounds of wildlife in the distance, the water on the lake's edge as it lapped against the shore, and the wind blowing through the tree branches were the only things I heard besides my mates' unneeded breaths.

Being content was wonderful, but I wanted more. "I want to travel."

It was out of the blue, but I was being completely honest. I missed it. The wide open space here was nice, but the world was constantly changing and I didn't want to let another twenty year to pass without seeing all the wonders that existed.

Edward spoke first. "Where do you want to go?" he asked, the curiosity in his voice obvious.

"I don't know. Anywhere, everywhere. It doesn't matter. I just want to explore."

"And what about our home here?" Jasper inquired.

"It will always be home, and I'll want to come back because it's just that...home." I sighed and tried to gather my thoughts so I could express myself articulately. "After my parents passed and before I met you two, I had begun to think about how short life really is. The night we met had been the night I decided to live my life like I could die tomorrow. Had I met any other vampires besides you guys, my fate may have been totally different. I may have actually died, but you gave forever and I've never been more grateful for the time and durability you've awarded me with.

"I don't think I've ever actually said thank you for that, so thank you." I smiled at my men, the pride and happiness evident on their faces. "Thank you for giving me such an extraordinary life, for sharing your love with me so unconditionally, and for always being my rocks. Words will never be enough to tell you how completely and utterly in love I am with the both of you. Thank you for loving me too."

Jasper's awe and love hit me like a freight train and I dropped to my knees. The heaviness of it caused my eyes to coat with venom that would never fall. It was a wonderful feeling to be weighed down with love.

"We'd follow you anywhere, you know that," Edward swore.

"Your hopes and dreams are just as important to us as our own are. Seeing the world through your eyes has made this very long undead life so much more bearable for Edward and me." Edward nodded along as Jasper spoke and I found it funny since he was usually the most vocal of the three of us. "You pick the place and we'll be off on the adventure of a lifetime; well, one of the adventures of a lifetime...we'll have plenty of adventures to come."

I giggled. "Thank you guys. I love you both so much." I smiled at them, elated and sated.

"We love you more, sugar," Jasper vowed.

"More than you'll ever be capable of comprehending," Edward followed.

Their love flooded me again as Jasper shared their feelings with me. Nothing had felt like this before. Sure, I loved my parents, but it had been a different type of love altogether, and now I understood why my mother opted to remarry after she and Charlie broke up; this all consuming feeling that the warmth of their love provided gave me a greater understanding of how to love myself.

They were the only ones I want to see the world with. I wanted to experience the magic in their eyes. I knew we should avoid Italy, and we would...for now, but I wanted to start in Europe. It was where all of our ancestors hailed from and it was beautiful to see how much they had done to preserve the history of the lands.

"I think I'd like to start out in England. Maybe tour all of Scotland as well. I'd like to see Stonehenge—hey, did one of our kind make that as a way to fuck with the humans?" My mind worked in mysterious ways, but it seemed like a possibility since we were capable of lifting and carrying such large boulders without any problems.

Both guys started laughing and I felt rage build up inside me. I never liked being laughed at.

"It's not that farfetched," I muttered, fuming at their display.

Jasper was the first to get control over himself and Edward sobered soon after. "Darlin', we weren't laughing at you. It's just funny that you put it together so quickly. Our nomadic friend, Garrett, did it because he was bored one day; he thought it would be a fun way to play war, king of like the humans modern day game of paintball, but they used small pebbles to pelt each other with."

Edward continued, "One day they heard some humans approaching and had to run off; it had been sunny and you know how we sparkle." He rolled his eyes and finished up. "They thought it was a magical place because of how the rocks were placed. Slowly people from all of the country began to visit, so they abandoned it. To this day it's still a huge joke within the vampire community."

"Oh." I was a bit let down that it wasn't something truly magical but I was glad they weren't actually laughing at me. "Well, that sucks. Think we can pretend anything else a vampire did is truly a mystery? I mean, the next thing you'll tell me is we also helped create the pyramids."

Their silence already told me we had, and I groaned. Wasn't anything truly sacred anymore? "Well, I still want to see it all. So when do we leave?"

~Third Person Point of View~

It wasn't long after that the three set off to embark on the journey of a lifetime for Bella. Edward and Jasper did as she asked and stayed quiet about all of the places that vampires helped to create. She wasn't clueless, though; their silence always gave them away each time they came to something that was influenced by vampires.

After they finished seeing everything in Great Britain, they made their way across the North Sea and toured some of the castles in Denmark. They sat in a coffeehouse where people still ate brownies laced with pot in Copenhagen. Bella laughed and smiled the whole time; her infectious laughter relaxed Jasper and her ability to cloak Edward's mind allowed him to completely relax and enjoy their adventure.

While they were always on edge because of how close they were to the Volturi, they didn't allow that to overpower the mood of the trip; it only stayed in the back of their minds.

They made their way back South and through the former Soviet Union countries like Estonia and Ukraine, taking pictures at every chance they got. Bella filled up hundreds of memory cards on the journey.

They rode trains through Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria on the way to Greece where they rented a yacht so Bella could swim in the Mediterranean at night without sparkling. They walked through the small villages and toured the Acropolis. Edward and Jasper enjoyed seeing everything through Bella's eyes.

Their love and commitment to each other continued to grow as the months and years continued to pass. There was no rush; the world was their playground. Home would always be back in the States, waiting for them.

"Where would you like to go next, Bella?" Edward asked as they watched the stars from the back deck of the yacht.

She wasn't sure how they would feel, but she knew it was time to see the next country. "I'd like to go to Italy. See Naples, Rome, Milan. I can handle missing out of Florence to avoid the possibility of the Volturi being in the city, but the country just has too much history to just be skipped over."

Jasper sighed. He knew this was a possibility, and while he didn't relish the idea of setting foot in their territory, he refused to hold Bella back. "It's fine, darlin'. If we run into anyone, we'll let them know we are just passing through, that we have no desire to start a war."

"He's right, love," Edward added. "We're giving you the whole experience, so if you want to see Florence too, we'll go."

Bella was happy and their travels through Italy proved to be uneventful, much to their great pleasure. They saw everything Bella wanted to see: the Coliseum, the tower in Pisa, the Trevi Fountain where Bella could toss a coin over her shoulder for good luck since she had already found love. They even shopped in Milan, much to Bella's displeasure. Italy turned out to be wonderful.

In Switzerland they skied the Alps higher up than humans could go. They also caused an avalanche when they made love and Bella screamed with her release. Luckily no humans were hurt with the destruction and left soon after.

They continued to make love throughout the rest Europe, too. Besides the incident in the Alps, they were more careful not to cause damage to the trains or the yacht. The connection between them grew each and every day. Bella sometime wondered if her heart would ever stop growing with love for her guys, but she hoped not...eternity was only beginning for them.

They toured the former concentration camps in Germany and Bella cried tearlessly for people who died for no reason. They were all glad that Hitler had already been dead because he wasn't even worth draining to sustain them.

They drank when they were hungry and kept on moving, landing in France next. They climbed the Eiffel Tower while the city slept and got lost in the Parisian countryside. Bella had been determined to further immerse herself in all the cultures and quickly picked up each country's native tongue.

When she spoke to Edward and Jasper in French they were even more enchanted by her than ever before. She modeled sexy lingerie for them which resulted in more nights inside their hotel room than out actually exploring the city. No one truly minded, though.

They really did have many lifetimes to see it all.

When they reached Spain they all were ready to head back to the States. They had seen more than Bella had ever imagined she would see before when she was human and was happy to head back home.

They came across the paths of nomadic vampires throughout their travels and even ran into old friends once they were back in the States. Peter and Charlotte proved to be very enlightening for Bella, and she loved hearing stories about her mates before she knew them.

Life never ceased to move forward. The world continued to change and grow. Sadly, the wars continued; the evil never truly gave way to the utopian ideal that had existed longer than the vampire race. Technology changed and adapted, trees began to grow tall when the used of paper dwindled, the air became cleaner when as cars began to use less and less fuel.

Bella, Edward, and Jasper continued to live in Montana. They took side trips and continued their adventures, but home was always where they came back to.

Out of the blue, Edward spoke. "I don't think I've ever thanked you for this extraordinary life, Jasper. After all these years I don't think I ever truly understood the gift you gave me. I love you, both of you."

It was short, sweet, and from his heart. Jasper had been shocked by the sentiment. Bella clasped her hands in both of theirs and allowed the warm autumn sun to warm her skin. "It's been more than that for me too. I finally feel like I fit in and the love that we share has been the best thing to ever happen to me."

Edward smile at her and kissed her cheek; the simple gesture made her light up like the sun.

"There's no thanks needed," Jasper hedged. "It was greed on my part. Maria's war had been hard and I wanted to walk into my own pyre, end all the suffering I was feelin' from everyone there, but you saved me, Edward. You gave me hope when I thought it was lost for good.

"And then you, Bella, danced into our lives and completed our family. We've had our ups and downs but there are no two other people or vampires on the planet that I could ever love the way that I love you."

And as the sun set, the trio made love, basking in the connection they shared. Forever may have begun a lifetime ago, but eternity was only the beginning.

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