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For The Love of My Mate

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One – BPOV

The air in the Great Hall was cooler. Or maybe it was the fact that the excitement was flowing through me at such speed that goose bumps were spreading across my skin. I gazed around the room; taking it all in for the first time in my eighteen years.

The high vaulted ceiling decorated in pictures to rival the Sistine Chapel.

The four towering pillars in each corner of the room that were made from pure white marble – a word etched in each one. The one to my immediate left displayed 'Valour'. The next 'Faith'. The third 'Courage' and the last 'Trust'. All in the flowing script of our Vaeletian language.

The feature that held my attention the most was the raised dais in the centre in the centre of the room on which sat three high backed wooden chairs each intricately carved with a crown at the head. The chairs were ordinary compared to the rest of the room, yet they seemed all that more majestic in their beauty. Why they held my attention so – I don't know. Maybe because in a few short moments I would be approaching that dais and those chairs to take my Fealty Pledge. The pledge that every Vaeletian child looked forward to and was groomed for from a very young age.

The pledge signified the coming of age. At eighteen you were considered an adult – one of the Order. It meant freedom and more training with your powers. Powers that I was born with and could use efficiently already; however, even I could recognise that I did not know everything I could about them. I was going to enjoy learning more.

As far as I knew there were four of us taking the pledge today. I knew nothing of the other three that would be taking the pledge with me except that they all the same age as me. The pledge was always taken at age eighteen on the night of the first full moon of autumn. I had turned eighteen two weeks ago and tonight was the first full moon. My parent's and older sister were here to witness the coming of my age. Alice, my sister, had taken the pledge last year. I was not allowed to attend due to my age. I found my parent's standing five feet in front of me chatting with another couple. I watched as a second couple joined the group. I stared. And stared. And stared some more. Vaeletians were beautiful people but the newcomers seemed to surpass even those standards.

The man was tall, broad shouldered with wavy blond hair that kissed the tip of his ears. His face was smooth with well defined lines and kind, bright blue eyes that twinkled when he smiled at something my father said. The woman was petit and delicate looking compared to him – though just as beautiful. She had long flowing caramel coloured hair that fell down to the middle of her back in smooth waves. Her face was small and round; touched with soft feminity. Set in her face were almond shaped eyes the colour of freshly mown grass – a colour that I had never seen before.

What surprised me was the feeling of rightness and belonging that I felt towards these two strangers. The intense emotion of love and caring I felt towards them left me shocked and breathless.

"You ok, Bee?" I turned to find my sister standing beside me, smiling up at me.

Alice, my older sister by just eighteen months, was diminutive in size but made up for it in personality. Her hair was a darker shade of brown than mine – almost bordering on black. Her eyes were the same stormy grey as our mother's. I had always preferred her eye colour to my own mocha ones that matched our father's perfectly. I wasn't tall by any means but I still towered over her 5'0" with my own 5'4". We shared many of the same features. The shape of our eyes were slanted in the same way. We both had full lower lips which lent us a naturally pouty look and we both had our mother's button nose. Despite our similarities and differences we were as close as sisters could be. She was my best friend.

"I'm ok, Ali." I replied. She reached out and squeezed my hand in a show of strength and support.

"I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a night to remember for you, Bee." She said cryptically.

I quirked an eyebrow at her, "You have a...Feeling?" I asked hesitantly. Usually when those words left her lips it meant that she had had a vision but didn't want to share the details. Alice's power came from our paternal grandmother. She was a psychic. My own power of shielding came from our paternal grandfather.

"Yep. A feeling. You'll see." She replied in a sing song voice.

"Uh huh." I returned sceptically.

Before Alice could reply there was a loud clap from the centre of the dais. We turned and found a medium build, medium height man standing in front of the chair in the middle with two men now occupying the chairs on either side of him. The man standing had long black hair that fell around his face in wisps and deep black eyes that shone with mirth. He had a pleasant smile on his thin lips and an open, welcoming expression on his thin face. The one on his left had a more angular face with blond hair and the one on the right had dark brown hair; both of them also had black eyes.

"Welcome my friends, welcome! Let us begin this meeting of the Council of Vaeland." The man in the centre exclaimed happily. I knew his name to be Aro, but having only met him twice I didn't know him well – something which he assured me would change over the course of my training.

"Our first order of business – and perhaps the most important – to welcome four new members. They are here tonight to pledge fealty and to be assigned mentors so that they may begin training." He paused and swung his gaze around the room.

"I would like to take this opportunity to remind members – old and new – of our laws. Above all the law." He gracefully sat down in his chair and clasped his hands together before continuing in a somber voice, "The first and foremost is to never betray your kin. To do so is a punishable offense. The second is to never use your powers against another in revenge. Again, punishable. And the last but not least – never covet what is not yours.

There was a long silence following his speech and I took the opportunity to look around at the gathered company. My parents had moved to stand on my either side and I could feel Alice behind me. I felt safe...comforted. I smiled and directed my attention back to the dais as Aro had started speaking again.

"...So let us now welcome our newest members. Step forward to stand before me as I call your name. Tanya Denali."

I watched as a tall strawberry blond haired girl walked to the end of the dais with a confident gait. She was beautiful; statuesque. She had high defined cheekbones and a long thin nose. The smile across her pale pink lips was smug bordering on arrogance. I wasn't sure what to make of her.

"Ms Denali, welcome to the Order. Your mentor is Esme Cullen." Aro said with stoic expression. Tanya nodded in acceptance and moved to the left of the stairs in front of the dais. I noticed the lady that I had admired earlier had moved to stand with Tanya, smiling as she spoke with her quietly.

"Jacob Black."

A rather tall and bulky boy stepped forward to stand where Tanya had been. He was handsome in a way, with short cropped jet black hair and deep brown eyes set in a tanned angular face. I was however put off by the sheer mass of muscles and the arrogant tilt of his head he seemed to be sporting.

"Your mentor is Charles Swan." Aro finished with a nod towards my father who moved from beside me to greet his new charge. Jacob would be my father's third charge. The first was his friend Harry Clearwater's daughter Leah. The second was Jasper Hale – Alice's mate and now fiancé.

"Edward Cullen. Your mentor will be me. Please join the others."

There were several loud gasps at Aro's words. Even I knew that this was unprecedented. This Edward Cullen must be something special to have one of the leaders of the Order offer to be his mentor. My next thought – and breath for that matter – was stalled as I caught my fist sight of Edward Cullen. He was beautiful. That was not a word I would have normally used to describe a man but for him – it fit. He was tall, broad shouldered but not a mass of muscles like Jacob. More subtle, more defined and much, much more appealing. He had the oddest shade of hair. It matched his mothers but with tints of blond and deeper browns running through it. His jaw was chiselled perfection with smooth translucent skin. But it was his eyes that held my attention.

They were the clearest, deepest green I had ever seen. They were even sharper than his mother's was and they were looking right at me.

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