Wishing for Yesterday…[?]

By Saihitei and Cappie-chan

Disclaimers: Yuu Watase came up with it, and we are leaving it that way. If we ever feel the need to desperately own this anime; be aware, we will do everything in our power to try and make it ours.

Chapter 1

Dark gray clouds loomed over the city of Tokyo, crying and blessing the earth with luminescent tears of life and sorrow. The serenity of the area was shattered by a piercing shriek coming from the vicinity of the place where all scholars are born: the library.

"Oh no! I dropped the floor wax on these new books! They are going to kill me!'" the voice seemed to echo throughout the area, now deserted in the late evening. Then, a few moments later, the world had returned into its quiet reverie, in which only the sounds of the drops interrupted such beauty.

"Great…lets hurry up and try to clean them off." Another, slightly deeper voice said, with a hint of exasperation resonating through its tone. Obviously, the female seemed not pleased with this turn of events.

The public Tokyo library was indeed a magnificent place, its curves and arches gracing the block-like and perhaps too modern streets of Tokyo. No, this place held something of a forgotten yesterday, quiet, and unspoken. A place where people could loose themselves amid the books, and allow themselves to happily drown amongst fantasies of old.

"Here, Kai, you finish cleaning the rest of these books. I'll start entering them into this new database." The girl who had just spoken commanded gently.

"But, Yumiko, what am I supposed to do?! The stain won't come out!"

"Wonderful, just wonderful…hah, they will probably just take it out of your paycheck." The girl, now classified as 'Yumiko' retorted as she heaved a great sigh, lifting a lofty number of books closer to the computer.

"Oh…ok then. I don't feel so bad now. Should I go get the new shipment of books then?"

"Uh, yeah…I think so."

Kai moved away from her friend towards the box behind them, tearing into the box of antique books. "Hey! What's this? The Book of the Four Gods? Must be mythology…" She picked up the red-covered book with pale gold thread. "Hey, Yumiko, check this book out. It looks so different from all the others!"

"Yeah, it is sort of weird looking. I bet its worth a lot of money." Yumiko murmured, grabbing it from her friend, and running it through her hands. Indeed, it was a different sort of variety, as if through from years past, and it looked as though it had not been touched in ages. Dust seemed to be permanently stained into it's covers. Yumiko gave one last lingering look at the faded book, and then gingerly tossed it back to Kai, grinning a bit as she teased, "You make sure you don't get wax on that one. I don't think you have enough money for that, it's probably priceless."

"I won't. Besides, you make it sound as though I meant to drop the wax. I didn't," she scowled grimly, not amused by the joke made at her expense. She turned her attention back to the book. "You know, from the colors, it almost looks Chinese. Maybe it's a book about Chinese Mythology? What section is it going under?"

A thoughtful silence took place, and then Yumiko finally answered, "Well, Mythology to be sure, or else International studies. I suppose you should open it up, to see actually what is in the thing. Probably something worthless, like how fortune cookies were made."

"I don't think so. Besides, something this pretty can't be that worthless. I don't think they would have made it look so nice if it was something like that. In any case, books on mythology are far from worthless! They can tell you a lot about people's cultures, you know," Kai muttered as she opened the ancient text. She looked at the pages, hoping to find some way to identify the genre of the book, only to find it blank. "What in blazes-?" She flipped through the whole book, finding it clean and unmarked. "I don't get this…"

"What's wrong? Doesn't it say anything useful?" Yumiko asked, her eyes focused on the glowing computer screen.

"No! It's so…blank!"

"What? Let me see it." Yumiko moved away from the workstation and towards her friend and the book in her hand.

"Here." Kai handed her the book as she got closer. Yumiko looked through the book in a similar fashion as her friend had done before her. With a baffled statement, she turned to the first page.

"Kai…there is something written right here…look!" Yumiko sighed, pointing to the first page, "How could you have missed it? I mean, there is illustrations and everything…"

"Whoops," Kai laughed nervously, scratching the back of her head in anxiety, offering a mumbled, "I must have been to panicked to notice. Let me read it."

The two leaned closer, and began to slowly reading the elegant script…

…Herein contains the tale of a young lady and her quest to gather the seven Constellations of Suzaku together. And if you, the esteemed reader, should read to the story's end, the spell contained within this book shall bestow upon you the powers of the heroine, and grant you your wish. For indeed the moment the page is turned, the story will become reality…

"Hmm, sounds like one of those inspirational feminist novels…or else, it's something with spells…" Yumiko mumbled as she randomly flipped through the pages, and finding the one after the first with script, continued, "They didn't get very far, did they?"

"I don't think they had those kinds of literature back then. China wasn't big on feminism. Besides, this book is too weird. Where is the rest of the story? It's not very inspirational if it's blank, is it? Maybe it's a journal of sorts." Kai said softly, adding "I'd love to own a journal like this…"

Yumiko studied her friend grinning, and then sighing once again, she commented, "Well, it seems that Mr. Translator Einosuke Okuda got tired of it…I suppose we should just categorize it in Miscellaneous…"

Eyes wide, Kai turned to her friend after glancing once more at the book. "You do realize some weird invisible hand is writing on the pages… There's more characters now."

"What the hell…?" Yumiko swore amazed as her eyes followed the now murky and black ink seeping in through the pages, to form the words…

…The two girls unaware of the powers are held inside these ancient pages studied the book in wonderment as words appeared in front of their eyes. Suddenly, sounds of amazement filled the room as the girls found themselves being lifted above the ground, as though being held by unknown source…

"What are they-" Kai began but was interrupted as the book emitted a burst of brilliant white light. "Hey!" The pair was wrapped by the light and pulled by some unseen, powerful force into the book.

When the brightness vanished, all that was left in the room was a small mess of books, floor wax, a computer whose screen was still glowing and perhaps a few strands of hair.


The invisible force brought the girls to empty blackness and left them floating in its barrenness. Well, it would have been a completely ebony void if the two girls had not started emitting light from their bodies.

"Yumiko, you know you're glowing this brilliant sunset-scarlet, right?" Kai asked her friend, who held up her hands in front of her face. "I'm rather glad you are, because now I can see you."

""Sunset Scarlet? …Am I?" Yumiko questioned curiously, looking down at her hands, 'What the hell!? But, you know, Kai, your sort of …glowing bright blue, sort of silver-ish. What the hell is going on?! Are we dead? Did something collapse at the library…is this death?" Yumiko began to grab her arms, as though trying to get a grip on reality, "Kai…I don't want to die…" Tears glistened in the light that she was emanating, "Kai…" (it may be known that Yumiko is frightfully afraid of death…)

"It's alright, Yumiko…here, grab hold onto my hand." Kai said reassuringly as she reached out towards Yumiko.

The winds of time engulfed the two, surrounding them, and separating them, as though they were never meant to stay together; like oil and water, destined to live their own adventure.

"Although, I hope you know that you match the red light coming from over there," Kai said in a deadpan attempt to cheer up her friend, pointing to the growing crimson brilliance behind Yumiko. "…You know, that wasn't there before."

"Yeah…there is a bright glow behind you too…the same color as you. That blue…" Yumiko sniffed a bit still reaching out towards the Kai, who was now disappearing father and farther into the black void.

The two remained silent for a moment, and then their breath stopped suddenly as the familiar force grabbed hold of them, and sucked them quickly and painfully into their separate portholes of color.

And then…only silence remained…


AN: Cappie-chan: *coughs* …well, that's chapter one. Let's see if we can make it to the other chapters! *hopes* Anyways, I write the part of Yumiko…I don't really know where she is going. A mixture between childhood and adult. I mean, HECK, I am afraid of death, so I am incorporating parts of myself into this fic. I hope that me and the brilliant author 'the demon violinist', actually continue this story, which we have been meaning to write for some time now! *glares at D.V.* Anyways, feel free to e-mail me at: furinkoto_neko@yahoo.com , or IM at: NihontoKyudo. I also have wrote some other fics, namely, Inu Yasha and Card Captor Sakura.

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