"Seriously Daiki, I could use some help here," said the read head, voice on the edge.

"Not my fault for being choosy over this and that for the wedding. If it's too hard then lets just call it off. The registration form has got some form of approval so we're practically married already." The former ace of Touou threw his arm over his head as he sat on the couch next to Kagami, flipping TV channels.

"Really? You're saying that now?" The weight of the wedding was really down on him, with it being two weeks away. His partner couldn't pick a better time to be a jerk too.

"You've been staring at that catalog for hours now to look for 'THE SPECIAL WEDDING CAKE'. What's wrong with the usual ones we buy from Atsushi's bakery? His's probably taste a lot better than those overly decorated cake with yucky sense of coloring."

"So that's it; the wedding's off? because you're too lazy to make a decision on oh I don't know – the venue, the tux, the food, the cake, PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING?!" He finally snapped.

"I didn't say that. Geez. What I mean is that there's no need all those over-the-top stuffs. Our friends know us. They won't expect any of that. I know you're competitive but you don't have to be all that inferior seeing other people's wedding. Let them do it their way, and us with ours."

Kagami pouted, half guilty for losing it at his other half."Still does not justify you being a jerk throughout the whole process in making this a success."

"That's because I know when I wake up the next day after the wedding, be it lavish or not, even without the wedding – I'm still gonna love you the way I do now. Maybe more."

He hated that blunt honesty, not-beating-around-the-bush confessions from the bluenette. How could he do it with such straight face? He could feel his face warming up to the statement. Aomine smirked at the sight of his blushing partner.

"Sh – shut up, Ahomine. And stop that look before I punch you in the face."


An epilogue; because I saw a prompt on wedding on my tumblr dashboard and couldn't resist writing one. Thanks for reading!