"Hey Kakashi-sensei, when are we meeting for training tomorrow?" Uzumaki Naruto asked. "I need to get stronger if I want to beat that stuck up Hyuga-teme."

Hatake Kakashi looked down at his wayward student. "Naruto, I won't be training you, I need to be focusing on Sasuke. He's facing Gaara, he's going to need all the help he can get."

Naruto's face darkened. "Of course, the teme gets special treatment."

"Naruto, if Sasuke were to face Gaara now, he'd most likely be killed," Kakashi said. "Now's not the time to be selfish, think about your teammate."

"Oh right, of course I'm being selfish by asking my jonin-sensei to help train me," Naruto growled. "But then again, this is no different than the Academy, baka-senseis wouldn't teach me cause I'm the 'demon' brat."

Kakashi frowned. "This isn't like you Naruto."

"Really, have you ever gotten to truly know me Kakashi, I mean hell the only thing you've ever taught me was tree walking, everything else I've learned on my own. Don't bother trying to explain your actions, I know the Council has been pushing you to teach their 'precious' Uchiha," Naruto said. "But it won't matter, Sasuke won't be able to beat Gaara even with your undivided attention. You need a monster to beat a monster."

Kakashi's head snapped around at Naruto. "What are you saying Naruto?"

Naruto looked up at Kakashi, his normally bright blue eyes now a steely icy blue. "Gaara is just like me, he's a jinchuriki…but then you already knew that, didn't you sensei?"

Kakashi sighed. "Yes, I knew that Gaara was a jinchuriki, Hokage-sama briefed all the jonin who had teams in the Exams to watch out for him, since he's unstable. But how did you know?"

"The furry bastard in my gut gave me some boosts to my body, mainly accelerated healing, better hearing, smell, night vision and such. Made it a lot easier to escape those mobs growing up, that is whenever the ANBU were late, eh Inu-san?"

"You knew?"

"Of course I knew, you, Weasel-san, and that one ANBU who smelled like trees were the only ones who actually kept the villagers away, well you three and Neko-chan. The others would wait until the last minute to jump in."

Kakashi was furious; he was going to have a long chat with the Hokage about the professionalism of the ANBU.

"Don't bring it up with the old man, he already knows," Naruto said. "Why do you think that he had your squad be my detail as often as he could?"

"Naruto, how strong are you?" Kakashi asked. The blonde grinned; much like the fox inside him.

"So you caught on," Naruto said. "It's hard to say. You know my charka reserves are probably higher than Kage-level, but my control is at genin, and with the hebi-teme's seal messing it up more, my chakra control is probably at academy level or worse. I don't have a set taijutsu style, mainly because I was never taught one. My stealth and speed are probably high-jonin to ANBU if I really tried. You don't paint the Hokage monument in broad daylight wearing a bright orange jumpsuit without learning stealth and evasion tactics."

Kakashi was stunned. "You didn't answer my questions, what do you rank yourself at?"

"I'd say, without this damn seal, I'm mid to high-chunin, but that's because I don't have a lot of experience or versatility of jutsus. The only ones I know are the Kage Bunshin, the Kawarimi, my version of the Henge and the Shunshin."

"What do you mean 'your version' of the Henge?" Kakashi asked.

"You'll have to talk with the old man, he declared it a kinjutsu for some reason and said it was an S-class secret."


Naruto shrugged. "Talk to jiji. Now I'm going home to go to bed. It's been five days since I got any sleep that wasn't being unconscious and even for me that's pushing it. Ja ne sensei."

Before Kakashi could say another word, Naruto vanished. 'No smoke, either he was lying about his abilities or that kid is as much a genius as his father was, to be able to use an Elemental Shunshin at his age. I wish I would tell him about his heritage, damn Sandaime-sama, why won't you let me tell Naruto, he deserves to know his family,' Kakashi thought before vanishing as well.

Naruto reappeared outside his apartment. Across the door, in red paint were the words Die Demon Die. Naruto sighed before making a ram hand sign, releasing the seal protecting his door. Naruto had gone to the Hokage when he first entered the Academy, asking for a way to protect his apartment from the villagers trying to break in and wreck it or worse. The Hokage gave him a book on the art of Fuinjutsu.

And Naruto took to it like a fish in water. It didn't hurt that the Yondaime Hokage had been a master of fuinjutsu and the Yondaime was Naruto's hero, his respect for the man had gone up even after finding out that the Yondaime had been the one to seal the fox in him.

'Man, these villagers are either really stupid or they are in such denial that they've become blind,' Naruto thought as he entered his apartment.

Yes, Naruto knew that he was the son of the Yondaime Hokage, Namikaze Minato, and Uzumaki Kushina, the Red-haired Whirlwind. It was amazing that no one could see the resemblance between the two blondes.

'People only see what they want to see,' a deep voice said in Naruto's head.

No one knew that Naruto knew of his heritage. Naruto had figured it out when he had entered the Academy. He had read up on the previous Hokages, since it was his dream to surpass them all, and had done some snooping. Everyone knew that the Yondaime Hokage had sacrificed his life to 'slay' the Kyubi on October 10th 13 years previously, that date was also Naruto's birthday. The Sandaime had told Naruto that his parents had died in the attack, and using those clues Naruto spent nearly three months scouting out the Konoha Hospital's archives room to find out about his parents.

And low and behold, Naruto found his birth certificate with the names Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina on the parents' lines. That night Naruto cried himself to sleep, comforted in the knowledge that his parents didn't abandon him, like the orphanage matron had said, but that the Sandaime was right, and that they had died protecting the village and their son.

That night was also the night that Naruto met his tenant for the first time. It was shocking to say the least, the first thing out of the fox's mouth was, "I'm sorry."

The fox, whose name was Kurama, explained to Naruto about the night that he 'attacked' the village. How he was pulled from Naruto's mother, who had been the Kyubi's previous jinchuriki, by a masked man and then was put under a powerful genjutsu that made him lose his mind and attack the village. Kurama had told Naruto that the only person capable of controlling him was an Uchiha who possessed a fully formed Sharingan, and the only person ever to achieve this was Uchiha Madara, the founding father of the Uchiha clan.

The two struck up a working relationship; Kurama would give Naruto chakra when in need, while Naruto would sign the Kitsune summoning contract, which was located in the ruins of Uzushiogakure.

So first chance Naruto got, he snuck out of the village, and led by Kurama's directions, found his way to the ruins of his mother's clan's home village. When Naruto found the contract, Kurama explained that as the Nine-Tailed Fox, he was the boss summon of the foxes. And if Kurama were to be summoned, while he would have nine tails, he would have only one tail's worth of chakra. The seal that kept Kurama inside Naruto would do it's job, and slowly convert eight tails worth of Kurama's chakra into Naruto's own chakra, expanding Naruto's natural reserves to unheard of levels. It wouldn't happen overnight though, the whole process would take roughly 25-30 years, depending on how much chakra Naruto used.

The next morning found Naruto making his way to the Hokage Tower. He ignored the secretary, who hated him anyway, and shoved the door open.

"Hey old man, I need a couple of favors," Naruto said.

"Ah Naruto-kun, what brings you here?" the Sandaime Hokage asked. "I thought that you would be training already."

"That's part of the reason I'm here jiji, I need a sensei. Kakashi has to train the teme because of the damn Council, and he left me high and dry."

"I see."

"Also, while in the Forest of Death, Hebi-teme hit me with a Five Element Seal, and I need someone to undo the seal. It's messing up my chakra control more than you would believe, not that it was very good to begin with."

Hiruzen chuckled. "Well, I think I'll be able to help you on both counts Naruto-kun. If you go to the hot springs, you'll find one of my students who will help you with that seal, and he'll train you for the month."

"Oh please tell me you don't mean 'him'," Naruto said. "Not the pervert!"

"I trust Jiraiya with my life, despite his eccentricities, and he's the only Konoha seal master around."

Naruto sighed. "All right, but he better train me instead of peeping on women. But there's also something else I'd like to discuss, and I need you to send your ANBU from the room."

Hiruzen looked sharply at Naruto, and saw the serious look on the boy's face. He said to the shadows, "Leave us."

Three shadows disengaged themselves from the walls and vanished in puffs of smoke.

"Now then Naruto, what did you want to tell me?"

"Are you sure you sent all the ANBU? Because there's another one hiding behind the bookcase."

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes. "What are you talking about Naruto? I don't sense anyone there, and I've sent all the ANBU from the room."

"I see, then…" Naruto vanished in a blur, then reappeared holding a masked ninja by the scruff of his cloak. "Looks like Danzo is still playing with little boys."

Hiruzen looked furious, as he gazed down at the white masked ninja. "I see that my old teammate has disregarded my order to disband 'Ne.' I had a feeling that ROOT was still active but I had no proof. Thank you Naruto but how did you know that this traitor was there, I couldn't sense any chakra signature."

"I smelt him, my furry tenant gave me some upgrades to my senses," Naruto said. "My sense of smell is on par with an Inuzuka, and my eyesight and hearing are just as good."

The Hokage's eyes widened. He knew that Naruto had been in contact with the Kyubi but he hadn't known that the Kyubi had affected Naruto that much.

"So you're finally taking it off, eh Naruto?" the Sandaime said. Naruto grinned.

"Never could hide anything from you old man, but yes, I think its time for the village and the world to see what the 'dead last' can do."

Hiruzen grinned. He knew that Naruto was a much more competent ninja than nearly anyone thought him to be. As Naruto said nearly five years previously, "It's better to be thought of as an idiot and to be underestimated, the villagers won't stand for a powerful 'demon', so let them think I'm an idiot but when I'm ready, they'll be in for the surprise of a lifetime."

"But what about the Council and the villagers, what will they say?"

"Well, for one since I'm a ninja, I only answer to the Hokage, and I think it's time for them to realize that this is a ninja village," Naruto said.

Hiruzen bowed his head. Naruto was right, he had let the Council gain too much power in the years after the Kyubi attack.

"And second, they would be really stupid to keep attacking the son of their greatest hero."

"WHAT!" the Hokage spluttered. "What are you talking about Naruto?"

"Drop the act jiji, I've known since I joined the Academy," Naruto said. "I found my birth certificate in the Hospital's archives room, and the Kyubi showed me his memories of that night."

The Sandaime sighed heavily. "Then I guess it's time I give you this Naruto, as I now have no longer any reason to withhold it from you. Your father didn't want you to know until one of three things happened: you turned 16, you became a chunin or you figured it out on your own."

The 'Professor of Shinobi' stood up and walked over to the portrait of Minato that was hanging from the wall. "Your father stored some things behind a blood seal for you, so if you feel that you are ready…"

Naruto stood up and walked over. He bit his thumb and swiped some blood across the symbol of the Yondaime's clan, the Namikaze. The symbol glowed blue and cracked, reveling a hidden storage space. Naruto withdrew two scrolls: one with blue and yellow coloring, the other with the Uzumaki clan symbol, a red spiral.

"Minato knew that when you found out, well he wanted you to have something to remember them by," Hiruzen said. "That blue and yellow scroll contains the notes for your father's signature jutsus: the Rasengan and the Hiraishin no Jutsu. The scroll with the red Uzumaki seal is from your mother, it contains her jutsus, kenjutsu style and some other information on her clan."

"I see, well then I better get going, I'm burning daylight," Naruto said. He pulled a scroll from his pouch and then sealed the other two scrolls inside it. "Ja ne jiji," Naruto said before vanishing out the window.

The Sandaime chuckled, "That boy is full of surprises, Minato, you would be so proud of him, as would you Kushina."

Naruto reappeared outside the village's hot springs, wearing a frown. "All right, where are you, you pervert?" he muttered, looking around.

A perverted giggled came from the bushes, Naruto sighed and crept silently around to find an older man with waist length, white spiky hair, looking through a hole in the fence while scribbling franticly on a notebook.

"Hello there ero-sennin," Naruto said brightly behind the older man.

The man yelped and leapt into the air. He landed several feet away. "Gaki, what the hell are you doing? You just messed up some Grade-A research," the man snapped in a whine.

"Oh be quiet pervy-sage, I need your help," Naruto said.

"Why should I help you?" the man snapped.

"Well, it would help you settle a debt you owe your godson Jiraiya," Naruto said sharply.

"What the! How do you know that?" Jiraiya asked in shock.

"I've known since I nicked my birth certificate from the Hospital Archives nearly four years ago," Naruto said.

"So you know about your parents?" Jiraiya asked, his tone serious.

"Yes and I know about our furry friend as well as why you haven't been around for me."

A flash of pain flickered across Jiraiya's face. "Naruto, I am sorry I haven't been there for you but my spy network needed constant surveillance and life on the road is no place to raise a child. I was planning on returning when you got older to overlook your training," Jiraiya said. "I truly am sorry that I haven't been around enough for you."

"That's enough pervy-sage, I understand why you couldn't stay with me growing up or take me with you, it's just like why tou-san sealed the fox inside me. Sometimes the needs of the many outweigh the means of the few."

Jiraiya looked downcast at the world-weary outlook that his godson had adopted.

"You said that you needed my help?" the white haired man said.

"Yeah, your old boy-loving teammate hit me with a Five Elements Seal during the Chunin Exams and shot my chakra control straight to hell," Naruto said.

"Orochimaru," Jiraiya growled.

"Yep," Naruto said. "He hit me with that seal, then gave teme a nasty hickey if you understand?"

Jiraiya's eyes widened. "So he's after the Sharingan."

"Most likely," Naruto said. "Now can we get this over with, I have training to do."

Jiraiya sighed. "Let's take a look," he said.

Naruto lifted his shirt and channeled some chakra; the Shiki Fujin seal appeared on his stomach, then on top of that a Gogyo Fuin appeared.

"Sensei told me that you were studying fuinjutsu, couldn't you have done this?" Jiraiya asked, as his fingers glowed blue.

"I'm still years away from doing that, I'd say I'm at an intermediate level right now," Naruto said. "Rather have a seal master do it, rather than I mess it up."

Jiraiya nodded. He cried out, "Gogyo Fuin Kai!" and slammed his hand into Naruto's stomach.

"Ack!" Naruto cried as he clutched his stomach. "Damnit pervy-sage, you could have mentioned it would hurt like hell."

"Sorry gaki but that's the only way," Jiraiya said. "But your chakra control should be back to normal now. Since you know about your parents, does that mean you're going to learn their jutsus?"

"Yes, I got my parents' scrolls from the old man before I got here, so I'm going to go home and start looking over them."

"Do you know where your parents' house is?" Jiraiya asked. Naruto shook his head. "Well then, I'll show you." The pair leapt off, Jiraiya in the lead, heading toward the Hokage monument.

"I thought that tou-san's house was destroyed in the Kyubi's attack," Naruto said as they came upon a modest two-story house with the Namikaze and Uzumaki clans' symbols intertwined above the door.

"Sensei thought that this would be the best way to protect it, have everyone think it was destroyed," Jiraiya said. "Your father protected the area with a bunch of seals before he and Kushina left the house that night, and sensei had me lay down a camouflage genjutsu seal on the house to make sure it was protected.

'I am sorry kit for taking your family from you,' a deep voice echoed in Naruto's head.

'Kurama, so you're awake,' Naruto said.

'Yes, thanks to that pervert undoing the seal that that Hebi-teme put on you, we can now talk once again. And I have only the utmost respect for your parents, though I didn't wish to be sealed once again. They gave their lives to protect their kit, which is something that all demons respect greatly.'

'I know Kurama, but don't blame yourself. It's that Uchiha-teme's, Madara, fault. We still need to figure out how he knew when kaa-san was going to give birth.'

"Naruto, hey gaki, you there?" Jiraiya asked.

Naruto blinked and left his mindscape. "Sorry ero-sennin but I was talking to the Kyubi."

"What! You can talk with the demon," Jiraiya exclaimed.

"Hai, I've been able to talk with the Kyubi for years," Naruto said. "He's not so bad when you get to know him and before you say anything, hear me out." Jiraiya nodded. "The first time I talked with the fox was the night I found out about my parents. And do you know what the first thing he said was?"

"What?" Jiraiya asked.

"He apologized," Naruto said. Jiraiya's eyes widened. "That's right, the Kyubi apologized for killing tou-san and kaa-san. In fact, he respects them greatly for their sacrifice. And the fox was under the control of someone else when it attacked the village. He shouldn't have been able to break free of kaa-san's seal that night."

"Your father did say something about a masked man showing up and messing everything up," Jiraiya said.

"Yes, tou-san fought Uchiha Madara that night," Naruto said. "Madara was the one who released the Kyubi from kaa-san and controlled him into attacking the village."

"How? Madara was thought to have died after battling the Shodaime Hokage at the Valley of the End."

"That's true but no body was ever found," Naruto said. "And the Kyubi said that the only one who could control him was a fully evolved Sharingan, one that was the eyes of Madara."

"How can you be sure that this isn't a trick being played by the fox?" Jiraiya asked.

"I know it's a lot to take in but it's true, believe me kyoufu," Naruto said. Jiraiya nodded.

"All right, I believe you kid, what you've said matches up with what your father and sensei said of the events of that night," the Gama Sannin said.

"Thank you Jiraiya-sama," Naruto said.

"Now don't start with the sama, I don't deserve such respect and besides your parents never called me that either, hell your mother was the one who gave me the pervy-sage nickname, said it fit me perfectly."

Naruto looked at Jiraiya for a moment before he collapsed laughing. Jiraiya soon joined him. When the pair finally caught their breath, Jiraiya looked at his godson and said, "So then, what do you plan on learning first?"

Naruto gave Jiraiya a prankster's grin. "Everything," the blonde said "But realistically I hope to have the Rasengan mastered in time for the finals."

"It took your old man 3 years to do that, and it took me nearly a year," Jiraiya said. "Do you really think you can master it in a month's time?"

"Using my shadow clones, yes," Naruto said. "And besides, the reason it took tou-san three years was that he started from scratch, while I have his notes. There probably was a lot of trial and error that went into developing the Rasengan, that took up most of the three years."

Jiraiya nodded, impressed.

"It took you nearly a year from beginning to mastery, so that's a fairer estimate on how long it should take to do it."

"But you have a month?"

"Yes but I have my shadow clones to help me, they speed up my learning curve not the physical aspect of training. But since the Rasengan is all about chakra control, I can use the clones to help."

"That's brilliant, wish I had thought of the idea when I was learning it," Jiraiya said.

"Well first I need to get my chakra control up to an acceptable level," Naruto said. "Right now, it's at mid-genin level. I want it at high-chunin or even low-jonin by the end of tomorrow."

"Aren't you aiming a little high there?" Jiraiya said.

"Not really," Naruto said. "Taju Kage Bunshin!"

The clearing suddenly filled with around 100 clones. Jiraiya was gob smacked at the amount.

"All right, I want 25 of you to work on tree climbing until we can do it without thinking. Another 25 of you will work on the leaf exercise while tree climbing, and the rest of you start on water walking. Use up all your chakra then dispel, slowly."

"Yosh!" the clones cried.

Jiraiya watched in amazement as the clones rushed off to their assigned tasks. Then he turned to the original. "And what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to up my gravity seal to the next level and spend the night getting used to it," Naruto said.

"You use a gravity seal? What level are you at?" Jiraiya asked.

"Yes, I've been using them ever since I started the Academy, and I'm at level 10 going on level 11," Naruto said.

Jiraiya was stunned. 'A kid his age already at level 10 of a gravity seal!' he thought. "So what am I to do while you train?" he asked.

"Well do you know anything about chakra affinities?" Naruto asked.

"Of course I do, why wouldn't I, I'm the great Gama Sennin…"

"All right, then can you tell me what my affinities are?" Naruto asked, cutting Jiraiya off.

The white haired man pouted but pulled out a couple slips of paper. "These are chakra papers, you just put a little bit of chakra into them and they'll tell you your affinity."

Jiraiya took one and channeled some chakra into it. The paper caught flame then began turning to dust. "I have two affinities; earth and fire, though I can use water to a small extent."

Naruto took the other piece of paper and channeled some chakra into it. The paper spilt down the middle, one half crinkled while the other turned soggy.

"Wow, you have three affinities," Jiraiya said. "Two of them come from your parents. Your father had lighting, while your mother had water. I am surprised that you have all three of those, especially since wind and lighting are elemental opposites. I wonder if the wind element came from the Kyubi."

"Probably, I mean the stories said that the Kyubi could use a tail to create a massive shockwave."

"Since you know your affinities, what will you do now?" Jiraiya asked.

"Well, I'm sure that my parents left some notes regarding lighting and water chakra training, so if you know anything about wind chakra that would be great."

"I don't know much, just that wind chakra is supposed to be the element best suited for offensive power, and it can cut through pretty much anything."

"So do you know any exercises that can help me utilize wind chakra?" Naruto asked.

"Try and cut a leaf using only your chakra," Jiraiya said.

"Right then, Kage Bunshin!" Another 50 clones appeared. "Go and each grab a leaf and cut it using only your chakra," Naruto ordered. The clones nodded and raced off.

"If you're using all those clones, what are you going to be as original?" Jiraiya asked.

"Well, like I said, I need to get used to my new weight so I'll take it easy, though since you're a spy, you must have some jutsu that enables you to hide in plain sight, or turn invisible, right?" Naruto asked.

"Now that you mention it, I do have a jutsu that fits that description perfectly," Jiraiya said, mischief gleaming in his eyes. Here was something that he could give his godson that was his alone. "I call it my Transparency Jutsu, really useful for sneaking around, makes you turn invisible. It's nearly perfect, I just have to disguise my scent as well."

"Can you teach me, I think I might have an idea on how to use it against Neji-teme as well as give the village something to enjoy?" Naruto asked. Jiraiya smiled and nodded.