So... It's finally come to this. My first ever crossover fic. I hope you're all as excited as I am. :D

So... Nopony was able to guess what it was going to be. Well, surprise! It's Pokémon! The perpetually frozen dragon that can fuse with other dragons is Kyurem. The sword-wielding, pony-like Pokémon is Keldeo. I can't believe no one saw it... lol

So. I really hope you all still want to read it. I don't know the typical Brony reaction to Pokémon, so I'm just sort of hoping for the best here...

SO, without further ado, I give you: The Princess and the Swordspony!


There Must've Been Some Magic...


Unova Region near Lacunosa Town, Evening

"Try again, you almost have it!"

"Argh... It's hard, though... I can't get it right..."

Enter Keldeo. A young swordsman Pokémon, trying desperately to please his masters Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. Unfortunately, his skills, though sharpened through training daily, are not enough to perform the Secret Sword technique. Currently, he was training under Master Terrakion, a large, ox-like Pokémon, brown in color. Normally, he had a joking personality, able to bring humor in to any situation, no matter how grim. Now, though, he had to be strict.

The young Pokémon's horn glowed as he focused every bit of power into it. "Come on... Rrgh...!" A blue glow surrounded the sharp weapon-like object atop Keldeo's head as a blade formed around the base of it. Terrakion's brows perked as he watched.

"I've... A-Almost... Rrrgh... G-Got it...!" The glow sharpened from the base up, slowly, before fading. Terrakion let out a sigh, smiling at his shared apprentice.

"You're getting there, kiddo... Let's call it a day. Besides, my stomach's growling like mad. I could eat a flock of Swanna if you put 'em there for me! Gahaha!" His joke failed to brighten the unicorn's mood, however. Keldeo simply nodded, sighing.

"Yeah... Let's go..." He began walking slowly back to their den. Terrakion caught up to him, frowning. He didn't often see Keldeo like this, unless he had failed. He was a good student, though, so that wasn't that much. But he always let it get to him in the worst way. Keldeo didn't like failing. It always made him feel inadequate, especially in the eyes of the three swordsPokémon training him. They were masters, experts at using the Sacred Swords they possessed like horns.

But he couldn't, and it killed him.

"Aw, come on, Kel... You'll get it. We weren't masters when we started out either, you know. In fact... Cobalion had the most trouble learning." The young pony's eyebrows perked.

"W-Wait... Are you talking about OUR Cobalion? The one who's better than ALL of us? Our fearless leader?" Terrakion nodded, smiling. "...You're a bad liar," deadpanned Keldeo.

"N-No... Well, I am, but I'm being truthful! You can even ask him!" Keldeo sighed and kept walking, his face downcast. "Look... I'm just saying that you'll get it eventually, so there's no point in forcing it. Understand?"

"Yes, Master Terrakion... I understand..."

"Alright, good! Now, let's get home." Keldeo nodded and broke into a gallop, Terrakion running behind him.


"Master Terrakion was actually telling the truth about that?!" Keldeo was shocked. Cobalion simply nodded. "S-So he wasn't just trying to make me feel better..."

"Of course not, young one. He was sincere. Where it took the others one mere year's time, I required a year and a half. You need not push yourself so much."

"Right... But what if we get into trouble, and I"m the only one who can use my 'sword' because you three are... Like... Tied up or something?" Cobalion's eyebrow raised.

"When has that ever happened? Besides that instance with the angry Ariados."

"I had to save all three of you!"

"They rendered us unconscious first, remember." Keldeo clenched his teeth.

"T-That's not the point!" He stopped talking when he felt Cobalion's boot-like hoof brush down his mane to his neck as he pulled the young apprentice into an embrace. Keldeo looked up at his master, surprised at the show of tenderness.

"Keldeo... It is true you need to learn. But we can fend for ourselves until you do so. I have faith in you. We all do. You have the ability, that much is clear. But do not push yourself so hard you cannot use the Secret Sword when the time comes because you have worn yourself out."

Keldeo blushed in embarrassment, realizing the truth in his master's words. "...Y-Yeah... I know, but-" Cobalion waved his hoof, stopping Keldeo from protesting.

"Enough, child. It is time to sleep."

The young unicorn's mouth opened to speak, but he stopped. "...Alright... Sorry..."

"You have done nothing wrong. Off to bed, now. We can train more tomorrow, if you wish." Keldeo nodded and went off to his room, sighing. He suddenly had an idea, however. He would wait until they went to sleep, then go out and keep practicing! It was genius! He grinned to himself and lied on his makeshift bed of leaves and grass, awaiting an opportune time to sneak out.


It was now an hour after Keldeo had lied down. He was positive they were all asleep now, so he got up and stretched, smiling as he heard multiple satisfying pops from his bones. 'Here we go... I'll make you proud, Masters!' Quickly but quietly, he ran outside of the den, inhaling the cool night air. It was fall, so it was relatively chilly outside, but he ignored the shiver he felt as he galloped to the open field where they had practiced earlier. He began focusing his energy again, smiling to himself when his horn glowed yet again.

As he focused, however, he failed to notice the glowing yellow eyes behind him, in the trees near the edge of the field. They had a hungry look to them, eyeing the young pony like a hunk of meat. A light would've been heard by anyone in the silence of the night, but as Keldeo was concentrating on his horn, he wasn't listening, and therefore didn't hear it.

Keldeo was shaken, however, by heavy footsteps from behind him. He gasped and turned, letting out a small whimper of fear when he saw the hulking creature behind him. Ice coated its wings, tail, and most of its head. The area suddenly seemed colder, the grass beneath its giant feet frosting over. Small wisps of cold breath could be seen coming from its mouth, which had three jagged teeth. The pony Pokémon shivered, both from the freezing aura coming from the giant ice Pokémon before him and from fear.

Slowly its mouth opened, and Keldeo stared into the intimidating maw. "I-I know who you are... And w-what you want... You're Kyurem... Aren't you...? And you're here to... To eat m-me?"

"Food... Hungry... Rrrrggghhh..." A deep growl rumbled in Kyurem's throat after he spoke, sending chills- both literally and figuratively- down the unicorn Pokémon's spine.

"N-No... No! I won't let you eat me! Go away!"

"Silence... You... Shall sustain me...!" An icy blue light appeared from the dragon's throat, slowly growing. He launched a very powerful Ice Beam attack, which would've hit Keldeo if he hadn't run from it. He kept running, panting.

"Nononono! I can't die! Not like this! GAH!" A rock had seemingly appeared from nowhere under the young Pokémon's hoof, tripping him and sending him spiraling into a tree. His head hurt and he saw stars. "Oww... That hurt..." Shaking his head, he stood, wobbling a bit. His balance had yet to return to him. He must've hit his head good.

His focus shifted to the thudding footsteps getting closer with every second. He shook, scared. It couldn't end... Not yet. He had to survive! He made to keep running, but stopped when his hoof slipped, sending a bit of dirt falling down the cliff he had somehow made it to. 'Of course,' he thought bitterly, 'There WOULD Be a cliff...'

"Come out, little pony... You will be mine..."

The hulking Ice-Type appeared through the trees, blocking off Keldeo's escape. He bit his lip, trying to think. Unfortunately, an escape plan failed to form. He was out of options other than jump, but he couldn't survive the fall. "No... What do I do...?" Kyurem slowly stomped closer, eager to swallow Keldeo nearly whole. His food supply had dropped suddenly when Lacunosa Town became abandoned, ironically from fear of Kyurem himself. So he had adapted to eat small Pokémon and still be okay. Even so, he could only eat once a day, and so he was not only hungry, but also weakened.

Upset, Kyurem began to form another ice beam. Suddenly, a portal opened up to Keldeo's right. He stared at it, very confused, until he realized something. 'Wait... If I can knock Kyurem into the air... It'll suck him in... And I'll be saved!' With a new resolve, he glared at Kyurem. As the Ice-Type launched the beam of pure frozen energy, Keldeo swiftly circled around to Kyurem's right, dodging. When he got close enough, he slashed at Kyurem's soft, sensitive underbelly, causing him to screech painfully and stumble backwards. 'This is my chance!' The pony ran at Kyurem, focusing all his strength into his horn. A full blade formed, and he gasped happily. "Yes!" He smirked at Kyurem, slashing at him one more time.

"Keldeo! What's going on?!" Keldeo froze, turning toward the voice. There, in the trees, stood Virizion, Keldeo's third Master and personal mother-figure.

"M-Master Virizion, I- Gah?!" He was cut short as a large pebble raced under his hoof from the suction of the portal, tripping him. Desperately, he gripped the nearest tree and held on for dear life. "V-Virizion, help me!" The deer-like Pokémon nodded, racing toward him with her incredible speed.

She noticed Kyurem get knocked upwards by the pebble when it struck his eye. The giant dragon roared in pain, gripping at anything for balance. It would happen, however, that he managed to grab Keldeo's left hind hoof, pulling him hard enough that his hooves slipped off the tree he was holding onto.

The last sight Keldeo saw before blacking out was Virizion's horrified face as she screamed his name.


"Ugh...What happened...?" Slowly, Keldeo's vision returned to him as his eyes opened. Just as the last thing he saw was Virizion, the first thing he saw when he came to was a pink pony with large eyes and a poofed-up mane staring down at him. Wait, what?!


Sooo... What did you think...? Was it good? I tried to be as visual as possible. So I hope you all enjoyed... Ehehe...

Also, it occurs to me that some of you may not know the Pokémon that I mentioned. If you do, though, you can skip ahead to the review button. :P

Apart from Ariados, they are relatively new (and unpopular, apparently, since they aren't the classic 151 Pokémon)... So here. Copy these addresses into your browser's URL area, take out the spaces, and hit enter. At least get a feel for the appearance of them; it makes it easier to picture them in your mind. :P

bulbapedia . bulbagarden wiki / Keldeo_(Pokémon)

serebii pokedex-bw / 646 . shtml (I didn't put Bulbapedia for Kyurem because I want you to see the original form of Kyurem, which is the first sprite on the left, NOT Black Kyurem or White Kyurem.)

bulbapedia . bulbagarden wiki / Cobalion_(Pokémon)

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Oh, and I like to put in my own picks for fitting voices when I do a Pokémon story when they talk, or a fic where I use OCs. So, here's what I think...

Keldeo would be voiced by Laura Bailey, using her Young Trunks voice from the DragonBall Z series. While still young sounding, he would sound determined.

Cobalion would be voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch, with his voice sounding like a deeper version of Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. Bold and strong, but still soft and caring for his friends.

Terrakion would be Christopher Sabat, using his normal voice. An example of it would be Piccolo from the DragonBall series. Big and strong, a little intimidating, but gentle if he wants to be.

Virizion, being the only female, would be voiced by Laura Bailey as well, but using her normal voice. A good example of it would be in the anime Kekkaishi, where she voices Tokine Yukimura.

Last but not least, there's Kyurem, whose voice actor would have to be a deeper Richard Epcar with some added echo effects. To hear how that would sound, see Batou from Ghost in the Shell, then deepen it and imagine it echoing. Bam.

Anywho, I've rambled. I'm shutting off my nerd for now. lol

Peace out, yo!