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Canterlot Castle Infirmary, 6:52 PM

"Oh, everypony, he's waking up!" That was Twilight. At least, Keldeo thought it was. It was hard to tell. "Pinkie, wake up Rarity! Keldeo, can you hear me?"

"Ugh... Twi... Light...?" Slowly his eyes opened, a large purple blur coming into focus. "Oh, Arceus, I've gone blind..." He heard her chuckle.

"No, Keldeo, you're not blind. You're just waking up. You've been out for about 8 and a half hours..." It was then that Keldeo bolted upwards, immediately regretting his action when pain shot through his head. He must have visibly winced, because Twilight sounded concerned when she spoke. "Are you okay? Take it easy, Keldeo... You used up a lot of your energy when you finished off Discord..."

"Ugh... Y-Yeah... I'll be okay." He heard the sound of a door opening, and he realized he hadn't even bothered to figure out where he was. "Where am I, anyway?" Rarity's voice, groggy but thrilled, was the next one he heard.

"We're in the Castle Infirmary, darling." He looked over to see the white mare trotting toward him alongside Pinkie Pie and his other friends, minus...

"Spike... What happened to Spike? And Kyurem?" Fluttershy gave him a sweet smile, as she always had.

"Spike is sleeping in the next room. He said he wanted to talk to you when he wakes up." The Pokémon felt a twinge of guilt. Spike's jealousy, though amplified by Discord's control, had to have already been there. He didn't want to lose a friend over something as trivial as a woman's affection. He loved Rarity, but he didn't feel right knowing Spike had loved her first. Hopefully he could clear up the situation.

"Alright... And Kyurem?" Rainbow Dash spoke next.

"After you passed out, the guards took him. He's being treated in the dungeon. You really kicked his sorry flank, Keldeo! You were so cool! Almost as cool as me." She shot him a grin, which caused him to genuinely smile.

"Yeah, yeah... Could I have a moment with Rarity, girls?" The group nodded and left the room, chatting softly to each other as Rarity closed the door. She turned to him, tears building up in her beautiful blue eyes despite a wide smile on her face.

"K-Keldeo... I'm so happy you're okay... I was so worried when you passed out..." She made her way over to him, hopping up and leaning against the bed, her hooves folded on top of it.

"I know, Rarity... I'm sorry I put you through that."

"No, Keldeo, do not be sorry for saving Equestria single-hoofedly!" Keldeo's eyebrow perked.

"What do you mean? I couldn't have done what I did without all six of you girls. So... Really, I have YOU to thank." He smiled at her, earning him a slight blush as she looked awkwardly to the side.

"I suppose we DID help... But you don't have to thank us." She smiled back at him, tenderly touching his cheek with a hoof and gazing deep into his eyes. The intense look she was giving him made his entire body feel warm.

"Uh... R-Rarity, I-" He stopped when her other hoof rested gently against his lips.

"Shh... Hush, dear..." She grinned and brought him into a tender yet deep kiss, her tongue brushing against his lower lip, seeking permission to enter. Which, of course, he granted eagerly by parting his lips for her. The slippery organ made its way in, swirling around his own tongue for a moment. They wrestled for dominance briefly, Rarity eventually submitting with a soft moan. The couple made out for a good 10 straight seconds before breaking the kiss for air. Panting softly, Keldeo held Rarity's head against his chest, causing her to blush.

"I love you, Rarity..." His voice was soft and full of love. She responded, her voice just as soft.

"And I love you, Keldeo... When you go, I... I-I..." Her sentence was cut short by a little sob. The Pokémon simply held her, knowing exactly what she meant. The time for him to leave this world forever was approaching, and though he was excited to get home and tell his masters, who were surely worried sick about him by now, all that had happened, he would miss Rarity greatly. She had his heart, and he wasn't sure if he would be okay leaving her forever. Clearly, she was thinking the same, obviously not comfortable with never seeing him again. Not sure how he could comfort her, he just held her in his forelegs, stroking her lovely indigo mane gently.

"Shh... Rarity... I know..." They heard the door open, and both of them looked over to see Spike standing in the doorway. To Keldeo's surprise, he gave them both a small smile before speaking.

"Hey... Uh... Rarity, could I talk to Keldeo for a sec?" The Unicorn nodded, releasing him form her embrace.

"Of course, Spike, dear. I'll be right outside." She left the room, leaving the dragon alone with him.

"Spike, I-" Spike held up his hand, silencing Keldeo.

"Let... Let me talk first... After that, you can say what you want to say." Nodding, Keldeo closed his mouth and let the dragon speak. "I just wanted to apologize for how I acted. Getting jealous over Rarity and letting Discord control me... Not my proudest moment." He took a deep breath, then continued. "Anyway... Even though you're going to have to leave to go back to your world, I want you to know that I won't try anything with Rarity anymore. I realized that it must have been more of an obsession than actual love if I let Discord use it against me and... Well, everypony else. So... I'll make sure nopony tries anything with her." Spike smiled up at Keldeo, who smiled back and held out his hoof.

"Yeah... Thank you, Spike. Apology accepted. And, um... Sorry about the whole thing with Rarity. If I had known..."

"Nah, it's alright." They shook on it and Keldeo crawled out of the bed, stretching out with a groan.

"Jeez... I'm all stiff... Twi said I was out for a long time... What all happened while I was sleeping?"

"Well, after you passed out, the guards took Kyurem to the dungeon to treat him, and the others rushed you to the infirmary after waking me up. Really, nothing else happened... Except for when we were coming inside, the sky started like... Quivering? It was freaky."

"Quivering...? That is weird..." The two walked outside to the others, who had been waiting for them. Rarity smiled.

"So, you two have patched things up, I assume?" Spike nodded.

"Yeah. We're cool now. At least, if Keldeo is alright with that?" At this, Keldeo simply chuckled.

"Of course." Twilight smiled at them both.

"I'm glad you guys worked things out. Now... Celestia would like to see us all in her throne room. She said... It was time, Keldeo." Everypony's face fell slightly, but the Pokémon nodded.

"Lead the way, then..."


The walk to the throne room was a short one, but seemed like ages since nopony felt up to speaking at all. Along the way, Rarity had wrapped her tail around Keldeo's as a show of affection, but he could also tell that she was going to miss him. And he was going to miss her as well. When they arrived, a soft, golden glow enveloped the door's ornate handles and twisted them, the large doors opening slowly. They saw Celestia sitting on her throne, Luna and Cadence on either side. Although, Luna kept glancing outside, as though she were waiting for something. Taking a deep breath, Keldeo slowly made his way towards the three princesses, the rest of the group right behind him. The Sun Goddess offered them a smile as she spoke.

"Good morning, my little ponies... And Keldeo, and Spike. I'm glad to see that you've both rested and healed up. Now, as for why I've called you all here..." Twilight spoke up now.

"Yes... You said you knew of a way to send Keldeo home?"

"Yes... But I can't do it alone. So I've called for a friend to come help" The purple mare's brow perked.

"A... Friend, Princess?"

It was then that a loud fluctuating hum came from outside the window, the entire throne room bathed in a bright white light. Everypony covered their eyes instinctively as the light became more and more harsh, the very loud sound of something rushing in through the window nearly making them unable to hear anything properly. The light faded, and Keldeo was the first to uncover his eyes. What he saw made his jaw nearly drop to the floor. Standing before them, proud and tall, was none other than Arceus, the Alpha Pokémon. As the colt Pokémon stared up at him, Arceus leaned his head down. With what could only be described as a mouthless smile, the large creature spoke.

"Hello, Keldeo... I have come to bring you home. Now that Discord has been destroyed, and his dark, chaotic magic along with him, I was able to open a portal back to our world without interference. I have come for Kyurem as well." He looked around the throne room, his gaze finally resting on Celestia, Luna, and Cadence. Celestia smiled up at him, but Cadence cowered a bit at his sheer size. at over 10 feet tall, he was not someone she wanted to mess with. Of course, he was clearly not looking for conflict. "Hello, Celestia. It has been a long time, hasn't it?"

"It has!" The princess perked right up, speaking to him as casually as if she were talking to her sister. "I wish we could see each other more. It's boring here sometimes... Guards, bring Kyurem up here, please." As the guards galloped out of the room, the two continued their conversation, and Keldeo looked to his new friends. Each of them bore a sad smile, happy that he was able to go home, but also sad he was going to have to leave them. Especially Rarity.

They heard massive, hulking footsteps heading toward the throne room, and Keldeo knew that surely it was Kyurem. Which meant he had almost no time left. "Listen... I don't have much time left here, so... I guess we have to say our goodbyes..." They all nodded solemnly and he spoke once more.

"Twilight... Thank you for all my lessons, both in magic and otherwise." The mare smiled, her horn glowing as all his presents from his welcoming party appeared in a large bag.

"It was my pleasure, Keldeo. Don't... Don't forget your stuff." She wiped away a single tear, and he used his own magic, which he had now more or less figured out, to take the bag from her.

"Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash... I hope you two stay a happy couple. Thank you guys for showing me around Ponyville." Dash chuckled, her face burning the same red color as Big Mac's coat.

"Don't mention it, kid. It was a lot of fun."

"Yeah! I had a super-duper time with you and Dashie, and I'm happy we got to meet you!" Pinkie threw her forelegs around him in a hug, nearly crushing him. Rainbow quickly tried prying him free.

"P-Pinkie, you're gonna break him!" Blushing and laughing sheepishly, she let him go.

"Hehe... Sorry, Keldeo..." The Pokémon took deep breaths.

"It's okay... Hah..." He smiled at her, his gaze going over to Fluttershy. "Fluttershy... Thank you for being so kind to me, even though I obviously scared you." Fluttershy let out a tiny giggle.

"Oh, that's okay... I know now that you aren't so scary." Smiling, he looked to AJ. "Applejack, I'm glad we became friends. I knew you would be somepony I could count on as soon as I met you."

"Heh... I do try to be there for my friends, Sugarcube" She ruffled his mane with a smirk. He pulled away and grinned, fixing it before looking to Spike.

"Spike... I'm glad we were able to make up and be friends again. And... Thank you." Everypony was confused, aside from Spike, who chuckled.

"Don't mention it... I'm glad we could be friends again too." The two shook again, And Keldeo finally looked to Rarity.

"Rarity... I..." She put her hoof to his mouth, quieting him before she brought her lips to his very softly. After a moment. she pulled back, smiling tearfully"

"I know, Keldeo... I love you too." He stayed silent for a second before nodding, hugging them all one last time. Arceus spoke now.

"Keldeo... I am afraid it is time to go."

"Right... L-Let's go, then..." He pulled away from the hug as a portal opened up in the middle of the room. Arceus hovered toward it, looking back at Keldeo and Kyurem, who was now staning at the door in a pair of magical cuffs.

"I agree... I've had enough of this world. When we get home, I'm leaving to go to Sinnoh."

Without another word, Kyurem trudged through the portal and disappeared. Keldeo stepped up to it and, looking back one last time at his friends, he held back a sob and headed through, never to see Equestria again.


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