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Story is set sometime in Season Six after Sam got his soul back and Eve has made her first appearance. Other than that, I am taking liberties with the season and ignoring the events of how it ended. Read at your own risk. Also this is unbetaed, so all mistakes are my own.


SPN Sabriel By Any Other Name….

Sam Winchester had a problem. Well, Sam had a lot of problems actually. First and foremost in the world of travesties that made up Sam's life was that Lucifer wanted to ride his ass in the worst way possible in every sense of the word, the tall hunter the Devil's designated meat suit. If that wasn't bad enough, he also had a coiling addiction to demon blood, a burning urge of consumption he had to fight off every time he gutted a hell spawn or else loose himself again to it.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

The life of a hunter was not an easy one especially during the Apocalypse especially one that he had inadvertently started. Ok, technically Dean had kicked it off while he was serving time in hell, but action under torture could be excused….had to be excused for the sake of continued sanity. Doing his part, Sam had killed Lilith after Dean had begged him not to. It was Sam's own foolish pride and misplaced trust in the demon Ruby that had gotten them into this one.

So yeah, Sam had a lot of problems. His current one though appeared out of nowhere on his bed sucking a strawberry lollipop in a very lewd way. The archangel's sudden appearance made Sam dive out of his chair and go for his gun before he realized who or better yet what it was. One moment he was doing research in the usual run-of-the-mill motel room that the brother's favored, and in the next moment, he had the most unwanted company that he could think of.

"Gabriel! What the….?! What are you doing here? Where's Dean?!", Sam demanded out of concern for his brother. He hoped that Dean was still in the bathroom and not in some bubble universe being killed over and over again. Listening for signs of life from the bathroom, Sam put away his partially drawn firearm. Bullets would be about as effective as throwing marshmallows at one of Heaven's most powerful warriors so there was little need for it.

"I'm out already! What are you shouting about!?", Dean yelled as he exited the bathroom, rubbing his still wet hair with a scratchy towel. His eyes widened when he realized that they were not alone anymore. "Holy hell, what's he doing here?!"

"How should I know?!", Sam snapped back, throwing his older brother a irked look of confusion. It wasn't like he had invited the former Trickster revealed archangel here.

"I'm still in the room.", Gabriel said with a playful grin. He liked how befuddled the hunters looked with their figurative pants down around their ankles.

"Yeah, that's the problem.", Dean growled, regaining some mental ground before Sam, "Why the hell are you here?! You're wasting your time if you want us to play your stupid games or agree to be contender for Heaven and Hell."

"Can't a guy just pop in on friends when he's bored?", Gabriel shrugged as he stretched out across Sam's bed and amused himself by making it a whole lot bigger with a wealth of fluffy pillows and fuzzy blankets.

"There are so many things wrong with that sentence I can't even…", Dean started with a look of barely contained disgust.

"Then don't. You'll blow what few brain cell you have left.", Gabriel pointed out helpfully. He found he was getting tired of Dean but strangely enough Sam was stilling holding an allure about him. Gabriel wondered how mad the younger Winchester would be if he sent Dean somewhere for a little while so that they could talk privately.

"I'm calling Cas!", Dean snarled, slamming the door behind him hard enough to shake the tacky pictures that always seemed to decorate the walls of these places. Gabriel arched a brow in surprise at the older Winchester's sudden departure. Perhaps Dean's self preservation instincts were better than he previously thought. Satisfied for the moment, Gabriel turned his attention back to Sam to find the hunter frowning at him with a thoughtful look tinged with worry.

"Gabriel. Why are you here?", Sam interrupted the silent space that seemed to have fallen between them. "How did you find us anyway? Cas tagged our ribs. So far it's been working.".

"Why is it so hard to believe me? Don't answer that.", Gabriel sighed, "I really am bored. I thought I would just check in on you chuckleheads, and you're not as hard to find as you think. You're just lucky most of heaven doesn't have sense of humor. All I had to do was keep an eye on these hovels you call motels and wait for a pair of idiots to check in under fake names based on bad 80's metal.".

"We still haven't changed our minds. Sam and I are not saying 'yes'.", Sam said, risking a trip to TV land again or whatever oblivion Gabriel felt like sending to. He braced himself for the annoying laugh of a faux live studio audience. When none came, Sam risked a look at the archangel. He was surprised to find the former Trickster looking thoughtful and even more so, a little down. If Sam had to guess his mood, he would have to say that Gabriel appeared to be mildly depressed.

"Screw the Apocalypse. I'm not here about that.", Gabriel muttered, picking at the nonexistence fuzz on the newly created pillows. This wasn't going as well as he would have liked. Sam didn't look happy at all to see him and Gabriel really couldn't blame him for that. It wasn't like they were ever on the same side of the line drawn in the sand. The only difference now was that instead of seeing Gabriel as a monster in the guise of the Trickster, the Winchesters saw him as something entirely worse now that they knew his secret. It felt strangely nice though that anyone, especially a pair of mortals, knew his deepest, darkest secret and it was a feeling that Gabriel wanted to explore.

Never one to ever hold himself back, Gabriel had dropped in on the hunters unannounced as soon as his mind was made up. Now that he was here though, things were going awry. Gabriel had been hoping that Sam would be willing to talk. The hunters had wanted to before, speak to Gabriel about their insane little idea of him when he was still the Trickster helping them out with the End of Days. Trouble was, Gabriel was actually entertaining the idea of it. Before he could expand on his thoughts though, Dean barged back in with an angel in tow. Groaned inwardly, Gabriel faked a smile at his brother.

"Gabriel, why are you here?", Castiel asked, making Gabriel want to sigh at his earnest directness. He didn't fail to notice that Castiel put himself in front of Dean or that the hunter looked a strange cross between angry and appreciative about it.

"So when's the wedding?", Gabriel smirked, winking at the oblivious couple. Castiel's eyes narrowed and head titled in open confusion as Dean dragged him back behind him.

"Go to hell, you sorry son of a bitch.", the older hunter seethed the words through his teeth as his cheeks began to redden. He got it even if the angel didn't.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize we weren't supposed to talk about the rainbow elephant in the room.", Gabriel chuckled, wondering how long this little drama had been going on or if Castiel even realized that it was happen and he was not only involved but also the source of it. The archangel highly doubted it. From what he knew about Dean, the stubborn ass of a hunter was probably in deep denial about his feeling for the angel and Castiel had little experience with directly interacting with humans. Small children had more real world experience with such matters than the endless angel did.

Proof of this was Castiel looking around the room for the fabulous pachyderm. "Stop it. There is no elephant.", Dean whispered harshly out of the side of his mouth while giving the angel's arm a good shake. It didn't miss Gabriel's notice either that Dean had kept his hand on Castiel's arm this entire time. A glance over at Sam was all Gabriel needed to confirm that the younger Winchester knew it too.

"Then why…?", Castiel asked, his head titling slightly to the side again. The repetitive habit made Gabriel think of a puppy. He filed that thought away for later for when he wanted to do something interesting to Dean again. Gabriel was thinking that Castiel would make an adorable Australian border collie.

"This is one of those things we talked about. Drop it, Cas.", Dean explained quickly, begging his angel with his hazel green eyes to shut the hell up. Castiel may not feel embarrassment but the hunter sure as hell did. Sam rolled his own eyes when Dean's look locked in with too blue eyes and the stare was held. He personally didn't think they had time for some eye fucking right now but apparently the two of them needed it.

And there was another thing Gabriel noted, besides the deep silent exchange between the hunter and angel. Of course, he had heard Dean's shortening for the angel's name before while they were all in TV land, but it was noteworthy then and now because it seemed to fall so easily from the hunter's lips.

"I want one.", Gabriel said without thinking, making the room look at him in surprise.

"Hell no. wait, one what? What are we talking about?", Dean floundered, obviously lost about the sudden turn in direction. Sam was looking miffed at well.

"A nickname.", Gabriel clarified. He was met with stunned silence from the room.

"I know I am going to regret asking this but why?", Sam breached the tense moment first while Castiel and Dean quietly exchanged confused looks with one another.

"Cassie has one.", Gabriel pointed at, giving his brother one of his own.

"Same answer. Hell no.", Dean groaned out in contempt, glaring at the archangel.

"Why not?", Gabriel pouted. Not to his surprise but Dean was entirely unaffected by it.

"Cause Cas is awesome. You're just a prick with wings.", Dean growled, crossing his arms over his chest. Even though Castiel didn't say anything, Sam and Gabriel could see the angel's entire being perk up and take on a glow of happiness, his body thrumming with it from toe to invisible wing tip like a puppy being given a treat just for being too cute for its own good. It made Gabriel want to gag that his brother had fallen so low and for a complete idiot, but bizarrely, Gabriel tasted jealously along with that disgust. That was unexpected.

"You know I could turn you into something gross with lots of legs. Your angel is too low watt to stop me or change you back. Not that he could before anyway." Gabriel taunted to move out from under that unfamiliar prickling sensations of envy.

Castiel interceded before Dean could react to the intimidation. "Brother, you should stop threatening Dean and Sam with bodily harm. I find humans are more open to ideas when they are not placed under mortal threat.", Castiel suggested.

"Yeah, not dieing really puts me in a generous mood.", Dean snarked. He was dieing to make an angel ward on the wall but that would mean sending Castiel away as well. Dean dismissed the idea thinking about his angel. Gabriel wasn't giving them a chance to open a vein and take the time to draw the sigil anyway.

"Quit being such a baby about that. It's not like you remember anything about the Mystery Spot besides your Pig In A Poke breakfast.", Gabriel said without thought, waving away the concept of Dean's 100+ deaths as if it were nothing to be concerned about.

I do.", Sam said in a low but penetrating, but it was enough to make even the archangel flinch as he watched the tall hunter set his jaw and close himself off further from him.

"He still can't listen to Asia without throwing a shit fit about it. I even had to get rid of my tape. I hope you're happy.", Dean tried to draw focus back to the real problem here. He didn't like how Sam was looking, his face going blank like it did whenever that place was brought up. Dean often wondered if he were a better brother or could speak about anything emotional like a normal person if they could have talked it out and made it better somehow. As it was right now, that little bit of mind fuckery was still labeled under 'Don't Touch'.

"I could….", Gabriel started to offer to be cut short when he was met with cold eyes darkened with anger and more than a touch of fear.

"Don't. Just don't. You've screwed with me enough.", Sam said in iron willed controlled tones, his hands clenched into fists at this side. If the hunter were an angel that is what he would have looked while smiting Gabriel thought to himself sadly. Not seeing a way to fix the current situation, the archangel departed but left the refurbished bed behind as a sort of apology. At least Sam could get a good night's sleep on a bed that fit his gangly frame for once. It was the least Gabriel could do or expect Sam to accept from him at the moment.

To his surprise, Gabriel found himself was already thinking about 'next time'. He still wanted to see more of the hunters again. More accurately though, the taller of the two. Gabriel moved through that space angels could only travel in and made his plans.


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