It was a pretty normal day in NYC and I was talking to Elise my BFF in the entire world. " I'm so so so so so mad i can't go!" I exclaimed. " Why I doesn't matter anyways" she replied with a pout on her face. She 'Knew' It was only the BIGGEST party ever and 'I' wasn't invited. Damn It! I think as we were on our way to school.
As I enter MHS( Manhattan High School) school building Peter runs up to me and hands me a piece of paper " Sorry I forgot." He said as he walked away. "OPEN IT!" Elise says shaking my shoulders; " I don't care it's probably a stupid letter for Danny"
Danny: My little brother AKA. The village idiot; He's in 9th grade and he broke his arm during Basketball practice. UGH. He's so annoying. " Okay then I'll read it" she says snatching it from me. As she read the letter she giggled and as quick as she snatched it from me she folded it up and gave it back " Sorry don't wanna be late for first period. GTG" That's not like her; she ditched me. Anyways she doesn't give a crap about school, she's already a straight A+ student.


Your Invited To A Party

Time: 7:00pm To 12:00pm

Place: Sunset Towers Apt. 34 Wayfur St

BRING: The best Costume ever


"Elise! Elise Where are you!" I have to Find Elise; OMG I got invited. " YES!" I still have to find Elise. Oh she probably at her locker. I hear her laugh in the distance. Elise. I spot her and then ... Oh Great Theres Drew
DREW: Elise Crush Since 6th grade. Get on My Nerves way to much. Oh and one more Horrible thing.. He 'Likes' me. "Oh Hey! Sky Over Here!" Drew says. 'Oh, great He saw me'. I walk up to elise and smile " Really you had to run away for that" I said smiling at her "It not like i would have gave you one of my famous hugs."
"So... What You Going As?"She exclaims giggling " IDK yet How 'bout' you guys?" " I'm a duck: I know it cheesey but i have an awesome costume." Drew Replies, I Smirk, That's so stupid. "I have Gym First Period, what do You have?" I ask
Why did I ask Drew and I are In Almost all the same classes. "Mr.S IS My Fave Teacher."I say sarcasticly."Not! He's The worst!" Drew says "Well I have Health with Mrs.H; so fun!"

Gym; What a great way to start the day. NOT