School Was over so Me Tori,and Elise met up a central park. "Who you going to the dance with?" I ask them " I'm Asking Drew" Elise says " I'm asking Josh" Tori Exclaims...Oh I still cant forget. UGH! Drew.."How 'bout' you?" They ask. " IDK yet, who do you guys think?" "Jack!" Tori shouts " Liam!"Elise screams. "Okay Jonas it is." I respond... "Well... WHOS READY TO GO SHOPPING!" Tori asks. We both nod like soldiers going in to battle.

I'm Hungry, grrrrr, see my stomachs growling at tori and elise. "Can We eat now?" I complain. "Sure I want a Taco!" Elise responds.. "Fine but i'll be in Macy's ok. Come back In 20mins." Tori says

Me and Elise walk down to the Food court and I see Drew "You Know what can eat later, how about after we go shopping" I erge Elise but she spots him. "hey let's go eat with drew, tommy and Jonas." She asks knowing the answer has to be yes. Elise drags me over to the taco bell and orders as fast as she could and dragged me over to Drew and His Buddies."Hey Guys!" Elise says using the most perky voice she has."hey." drew says "Hi Elsie."Tommy says "Sup!"Jonas says checking us out... "Sky Mind Cumming To Prom with Us? Elise Can Go with Drew. Tommy has A date." Jonas asks.That was Pretty straight forward. " su..." I was rudely interrupted by Elise"YES!" "Well umm I might be Busy" Drew says "Well to bad not any more!"Jonas Loudly whispers in drew's ear. "Okay Im Wearing red so buy a red tie and sky's wearing blue So Jonas Buy a Blue tie. Okay?" Elise's responds "Bye Guys! " We say heading towards the escalator.

I Find Tori and She's Wearing a sunset orange, one sleeve dress Comes with a black belt and on the buckle it has diamond skirt is like a silk drape somehow making her look curvier then she actually is; To top it off she has a Tiara and Orange flats. "So what do You think?" she asks. Me and Elise stand there and look at her jaw dropping master piece of a outfit. "I found The Cutest dress for you guys try them on. Elise Comes out First In a Blood red, slick spagetti strap dress. It fall on Her Perfectly And The 3 inch heels tops it off Nicely. I come out last in a Hot Blue Strapless dress; The first half of the dress is covered in Dark Blue rhinestone and the black belt that meets at my waist divides the dress in half, The skirt is a deep ocean blue and ruffles like the ocean waves durring a storm. And to top off my dress a matching blue pair of wedges.

"THANK YOU TORI YOU SO AWESOME!" I say running up to her as fast as I can in heels to hug her. "Elise already had her thank you freak out." Tori Said hugging me back. "Yep." Elise said with a smile on her face. We bought our dresses and left the mall. That night Elise wouldn't stop texting me about Drew! UGH! Over the Top..