Aisha: Elemental Master 17

Raven: Blade Master 18

Elsword: Lord Knight 16

Rena: Grand Archer 19

Eve: Code Nemesis 17

Chung: Deadly Chaser 17

Chapter 1

Raven's POV:

We were all just about done with our dinner except for Elsword and Aisha.

Those two always seem to be done first for some reason.

"Well I'm going up to my room" Aisha says.

"Me too" says Elsword.

"Don't have too much fun now you two lovebirds" says Rena while she winks.

They began to blush badly. "SHUT UP!" they say in unison. Everybody laughs hard including Eve.

"Let's go Aisha". Aisha nods.

I thought Eve didn't have any emotions ever since she acheived Code Nemesis but apparently she still does, what an interesting nasod.

Elsword and Aisha flee upstairs. Everybody else finishes eating.

"Hey Rena wanna train with me?" says Chung.

"Sure I'll train with you for a while Chung it'll be fun" Rena winks at him.

"Well what about you Eve wanna train?"

"I guess I will too since I've lacked in strength lately and what about you Raven?"

"Nah I think I will just go relax I'm pretty full."

"All right see you later let's go guys" rushes outside.

"Well let's go Eve before he gets impatient yet again. Raven could you keep an eye on those two lovebirds from getting into trouble ok?" says Rena while she giggles.

"Yeah sure no problem I'll make sure they don't destroy the house."

"Ok thanks" Rena says with a smile. Eve and Rena join Chung for training.

"Hmm now I'm bored, I wonder what those two lovebirds are up to. I think I'll go check up on them" I laugh.

Aisha's POV:

"I can't believe she said that, I wish she would just find somebody to date already and just leave us alone for once."

"Aisha I have to confess something to you" says Elsword with a depressing voice.

"I don't think we should continue to date anymore."

"What! But Elsword why, we have been so happy together. I don't understand" I say with tears in my eyes.

"Please Aisha don't cry, it's not you it's me. I have fallen in love with somebody else."

"Is it Eve?"


"I said is it Eve?" He pauses for a moment before responding. "Answer me!" more tears start to form.

"All right fine, I'm in love with Eve! But how did you know?"

"Because of how she keeps staring at you when you're not looking. How dare you fall in love with her when you're dating me?!" My heart's torn to pieces as I say these words.

"Well fine then maybe we should stop dating! I hate you Elsword!"

"Aisha I" that's all I hear him say as tears come pouring out of my eyes as I went into my room and slammed the door. 5 minutes later, I hear a knock on my door.

"Elsword if that's you then go away!"

"Aisha it's me Raven."

"Oh sorry Raven I didn't mean to yell at you."

"It's fine Aisha but why are you crying?"

"I can't tell you."

"Well why not?"

"Because I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me." I began to cry right in front of him. He hugs me and I cry on his shoulder.

"You know you can trust me please tell me I won't tell the others I will keep it a secret." He rubs my back. I began to cry some more.

"There there everything's gonna be ok Aisha. Please tell me why your crying."

I look up at him.

"Well if I do tell you, will you swear to keep it a secret from the others?"

"I swear I'll keep it a secret from everybody you can trust me. He says with a cheerful voice.

"Elsword broke up with me." As I cry a bit more.

"I'm really sorry to hear that happen to you Aisha. He never should have done that. He's gonna regret it for the rest of his life. He's gonna miss dating you. He really is an idiot to give up a girl like you who's so sweet, caring, kind, beautiful and nice."

I began to blush badly at hearing these kind words of his. I try to hide it. "Thank you Raven you're a true friend." I hug him some more tightly.

"I'm going to go and get some rest it's been a long day, do you need anything?"

"No thank you Raven, but I appreciate the thought." I smile at him. He blushes.

"Ok then now get some rest the others might be back by now maybe." He leaves my room.

"Wait where are the others?"

"They went to go train with each other."

"Oh ok I see now."

"Now get some rest Aisha."

"Ok Raven thanks for cheering me up" I smile at him. He smiles back.

"No problem Aisha I just hate to see you cry like that." I giggle. He smiles again and then leaves my room.

He is pretty cute when he blushes. I better do try to get some rest like he says.

I hear the sounds of the others coming back from their training. I change into my pajamas and climb into the covers. I keep thinking about all those words that he said about me.

Was he telling me the truth? I guess I won't know until later.

I sigh loudly. I begin to sleep with those thoughts stuck in my head.

Kiyo: So what do you guys think? XD

Aisha: I like it

Raven: Ditto

Elsword: Why am I the bad guy here?

Eve: It was ok

Chung: It was great and all but i was barely in it -_-

Rena: I thought it was good :)

Kiyo: I'm sorry Chung but I didn't know what to do with you XD

Rena: Aw Raven I didn't think you cared about Aisha that much ;)

Raven and Raven: *blushes*

Rena: Don't be sad Chung I was barely in it too *hugs Chung*

Chung: *hugs her back*

Kiyo: *coughs* lovebirds

Chung and Rena: *glares at me*

Elsword: Answer my question!

Kiyo: You deserved it

Elsword: What did I do? D:

Kiyo: You took my cookies, and your always mean to me

Elsword: sorry D:

Aisha: Poor Kiyo *hugs him*

Kiyo: :D

Rena: So Elsword which one of us do you like me or Eve ;)

Eve: *stares into Elsword's eyes*

Elsword: *blushes*

Kiyo: Ooh it's Eve after all isn't it!

Elsword: Shut up!

Kiyo: Eve and Elsword sitting a tree.

Eve: You wanna finish that line? *gives Kiyo evil look*

Chung: Dang Eve what's your problem?

Kiyo: She and Elsword just won't admit that they like each other ;3 *duct tapes them together*

Eve and Elsword: Blushes badly

Chung, Aisha, Rena, and Raven: Where the heck did you get duct tape?

Kiyo: It's a secret ;)

Eve: *breaks them free then nods at Elsword*

Elsword: *nods at Eve*

Elsword and Eve: Better start running Kiyo. ;3

Elsword: *grins*

Eve: *evil grins*

Kiyo: O_O *starts to back up slowly*

Eve: Junkbreak!

Elsword: Double Slash!

Kiyo: Ugh man down *collapses*

Eve and Elsword: *high-five to each other*

Everyone else: shocked O_O

Aisha: You guys are so cruel to him. *helps Kiyo up*

Kiyo: And that's why your my favorite. ;)

Aisha: *blushes*

Raven: you hitting on her?

Kiyo: *gulps* no sorry Raven I won't ever.

Aisha: Oh don't mind him he just gets jealous. ;)

Kiyo: *blushes*

Raven: Shockwave!

Kiyo: O_O save me Aisha!

Aisha: *pushes Kiyo out of-the-way*

Aisha: Binding Circle! Now now Raven be nice so I won't have to use this on you. ;3

Raven: *blushes*

Aisha: *giggles*

Kiyo: I owe you one Aisha :D

Rena: *patches up Kiyo*

Aisha: Hey let me help D:

Kiyo: Aw thanks guys :D

Rena: No problem but you should watch your mouth more, your starting to sound like Elsword.

Everyone else but me: *nods*

Elsword: Only one room for someone like me kid

Kiyo: Hey I'm older than you so how am I a kid? -_-

Elsword: Watch your mouth and cause you act like one. *gives me a glare*

Kiyo: *gulps* well anyways please review before I really do get killed. XD