Aisha: Thanks for saving me Raven *hugs Raven* :D

Kiyo: Aw so adorable those two are :3 Who else agrees with me?

Aisha and Raven: *blushes*

Rena: I do and they're so cute :)

Eve: Same here

Chung: HEll YEAH!

Kiyo: Er Chung?

Chung: What? XD

Kiyo: Your weird sometimes you know that? ._.

Chung: Nuh uh!

Kiyo: Yeah huh!


Kiyo: pff like you'll win


Kiyo: This'll be a piece of cake. :3

Kiyo and Chung: *stares down at each other and lightning shoots from each other's eyes meeting each other in the middle*

Elsword: *still unconcious*

Aisha: Lol he's still out XD

Raven: Should somebody wake him? O.o

Eve: I'll do it :3 *slaps Elsword's face back and forth*

Everyone: *slience*

Eve: Well that didn't work :/

Aisha: use your bitch slap on him XD

Eve: Yes of course *bitch slaps Elsword* :3

Rena: *gasps* Language, bad Aisha *slaps Aisha*

Aisha: Owies DX

Elsword: *eyes open suddenly*

Eve: Welcome back Eldork *giggles*

Elsword: OW! WHAT THE HELL EVE?! *glares at Eve*

Everyone but Elsword, Chung, and Kiyo: *bursts out laughing*

Eve: Calm down. We just wanted to see if you would wake up. XD

Elsword: You guys are a bunch of mother ******* ******* that suck ****

Everyone but Elsword, Chung and Kiyo: *gasps* Elsword!

Raven: Oh boy you're gonna get it now ;)

Elsword: I don't really give a damn

Eve: *slaps Elsword so hard that his nose starts to bleeds*

Elsword: Nevermind I won't curse anymore XD

Eve: good boy ^_^

Raven: *notices a plate of oreos on a table nearby and tries to take one*

Eve: NO! * slaps Raven's hand*

Raven: OW! EVE! over a oreo? DX

Eve: Well I saw the look in your eyes and I just knew that you were gonna take them all. Plus they're my fave snack :3

Raven: Damn you saw right through me XD

Eve: I'm Eve. I know everything ^_^

Kiyo and Chung: *still doing a staredown*



Aisha: *glomps Raven and giggles*

Eve: Aw they're so adorable :3

Rena: So adorable indeed *squeals with excitement*

Elsword: Yeah whatever tchh



Chung: Oh well and what? XD

Kiyo: nevermind... ._. *mutters that Chung's really weird*

Chung: You say something about me? *points a gun at Kiyo's head*


Chung: Good boy *pats Kiyo's head* :3

Raven: *stares into Aisha's eyes and kisses her* I love you

Aisha: *giggles* love you too *stares into his eyes and kisses him*

Kiyo: Aw so cute :3

Rena: Yep they sure are

Eve: Indeed


Raven: Sorry for trying to take the oreos Eve. DX

Eve: Your forgiven

Raven: :D

Rena: I agree with Kiyo. Chung is a bit strange...

Chung: And I even asked you out...

Rena: Just kidding. ^_^ Chung's not weird at all

Chung: :D

Kiyo: Okayyyyy then... This chapter's a special one. I'm doing all the guys POVs this time. Brief nudity is involved I'm warning you now. Besides that. Enjoy XD

Chapter 10

Raven's POV

"Boy that was a great lunch. Right Aisha?"

"You said it Raven, I'm really enjoying this."

"Thanks for the free meal Ariel."

"Oh no problem guys, in fact we should be thanking YOU." She laughed then Aisha and then I laughed. Now we're all laughing together.

Boy this was sure an awesome time eating here and hanging out with Ariel. We finished our food and drinks.

"I'm so stuffed Raven."

"Yeah same here."

"Well I'm glad you guys enjoyed the free meal and my boss also said your meals are free from now on."

"Whoa seriously?" My eyes bulged out of my head.

"Yeah cause of what you did for us. Those guys have been harassing girls for a long time now so now we'll finally have women of all ages coming down to eat here and also, my boss said that you can bring your friends here too and their meals are free also, as long as you guys don't eat so much. She wouldn't like that and I love my boss so... don't make her mad ok?"

"All right, we'll tell them." Aisha reassures her.

"Thanks you guys, you're the best!" She hugs us both.

"Take care Ariel and tell your boss thanks from us." I smiled at her.

"All right I will. Bye guys, come visit again next time all right?." She waved us goodbye and we waved back at her while getting up and walking out the door.

"Don't worry, we will." I smiled at Ariel.

"She's a good friend. Isn't she Raven?"


"Let's go home boyfriend." She giggled.

"Ok girlfriend." I smiled at her.

I wonder if I did the right thing. God I love her so much. We started to head home.

I wonder what the others will think.

Meanwhile at home

Elsword's POV

"Man I can't believe those two would pull something like this." I just realized that I was talking out loud.

Oops, I wouldn't want them hearing me now. What was that about with Eve just now? Did she really want to kiss me or did Rena beg her to do it? I sighed and I tried to relax on the couch. I heard the girls talking upstairs.

They forgot about my awesome hearing. Let's just see what they have to say. I try to listen real hard and I turned the TV down just a bit so they don't suspect me.

"So Eve, did you enjoy that kiss?" I heard Rena giggling.

"Well I uh.. maybe a little."

Yeah right, your hands were all over me! Still I kinda did too.

"Eve? Do you maybe perhaps love him now?" I could imagine Rena winking at her.

"Well I don't know really if I do or not." I could feel my heart beating real fast.

"Well you'll know the answer soon enough. When you know the answer and ready to talk, come find me." I could hear Rena walking down the stairs and I quickly turned the volume up for the TV.

"What cha doing Elsword?"

"What oh nothing.. just watching TV."

"Mind if I sit next to you?"

Is she serious?

"Um... ok I guess." Rena closed her eyes and smiled at me, then she sat next to me.

"So Elsword." She holds back her giggling. "Yes?" I give her a puzzled look. "Did you like that kiss?" I can't let her know that I really did.

"Um well..."

"Spill it Elsword. Do you think Eve's a good kisser?" My face is flushed. I turned away from her and she giggles. "There's no use lying to you is there."


"Well then. I kinda did.."

"NUH UH! YOU ENJOYED THAT KISS VERY MUCH! Your face gives you away." She winked at me.

"I DID NOT!" I was a bit mad at her.


"God Rena. Do you always have to meddle with people's love lives?"

Oh shit, WHY DID I SAY THAT?! She had a demonic grin on her face.

"Elsword's in love with Eve." She sang it out loud.

"I hate you Rena." I muttered. She had a dark aura.

"What did you just say?!" I start to sweat.

"Uh nothing." I quickly give her a smile.

"Good boy."

"Where is Eve anyways?"

"In her room. Why? You gonna make out with her again?" She smiled like the devil himself would.

"RENA! SHUT UP!" My face was so red, I though I was gonna pass out.

"Aw Els. I'm just teasing you. You can make out with her if you want." She half-smirked at me.


"You just look funny when you're blushing." She teases me.

"All right I've had enough from you. I'm going up to my room now." I get up from the couch and started walking upstairs.

"If I catch you making out with Eve, then I'm telling Chung."

"I won't be, so don't worry about it."

Although I kinda want to. Rena shall never know! I reached the top of the stairs.

I wonder what Eve is doing. I'll go check on her. I walked towards Eve's door and went in her room without permission. I saw Eve's bare back and my nose started to bleed a bit as she was changing her clothes.

"Um Eve?" She turned around and let out a scream as she saw finally noticed me.

"ELSWORD! GET OUT!" Eve wasn't wearing a bra and her chest was visible. My nose was gushing blood.

"GYAHH! I'M SO SORRY EVE! I should have asked to come in!" She slapped me hard in the face. I left the room and she slammed her bedroom door. I tried to clean up after myself but there was just so much blood.

Why am I blushing like this? Is it because of my love for Eve? I hear Rena running up the stairs.

OH GOD! If she sees that my nose is bleeding, She'll never let me live this down once she figures it out. I'm surprised that Eve isn't as flat-chested as I thought. WAIT A MINUTE, WHY AM I THINKING SUCH THINGS?! Did I actually enjoy seeing that image? I quickly ran to my room as fast as I could but before I reached my bedroom door, Rena stopped me.


"Elsword... Why is there blood on the floor next to Eve's room?" I try to come up with a lie quick.

"Well.. Eve slapped me hard after I we nt into her room without permission." It's sort of the truth.

"Are you sure you didn't do anything else?"

"Yea nothing else happened." I laughed awkwardly.

"I hope so because I'm gonna ask Eve later."

Oh please no! DON'T ASK HER RENA! Maybe Eve won't talk about it and then I'll be safe. I started to sweat.

"Interesting." She said curiously.

"What's interesting?"

"You say nothing else happened, yet your sweating. Why is that?" She winked at me.

"It's nothing, I swear!" I got out of Rena's grip and locked myself in my bedroom.

"I hope it really is nothing Elsword." I could hear her walking away. She then stopped walking.

"I know that it really is your nose that's bleeding. It's quite obvious really."

Damn her and her elf eyes. I lie on the bed thinking about what just happened.

I'm dead for sure if both Rena and Aisha found out that I saw Eve's chest. They'll probably think that I'm a pervert. I stare out the window for quite some time now. The image of Eve keeps popping in my head.

Ugh. Why can't I just forget already? I try thinking about other things like food and video games but it's burnt into my mind.

Maybe if I play my video games for a while, then I'll forget. I turn on my XBOX 360 and I started playing Halo. I was murdering every alien I saw. YEAH HE HAS A 360 XD.

"DIE YOU DAMN ALIENS!" I was enjoying this for quite a bit till I heard a knock in my door. I let out a huge sigh and reluctantly walked to the door.

"Who is it?" I asked in a monotone voice.

"It's Eve. Can I come in?" I heard that it really is Eve.

OH NO AND HERE I WAS TRYING TO FORGET ABOUT EVE! Just play it cool Elsword. Chill out. Relax for a bit.

"Um... Yeah just a sec." I saved my progress and turned off both Tv and XBOX 360.

"Is Rena with you?"


"All right. I'll let you in." I unlocked the door and pulled Eve inside. I shut the door and locking it again. I see she was wearing her Nemesis clothes.

"I'm terribly sorry for barging in like that Eve. I know now to knock on people's doors from now on. If you've come to say that you hate me, then that's fine."

"No Eldork, I don't hate you. Why would you think that?"

" know. Don't make me say it!" She giggled.

"Your funny Eldork. Really funny."


"I don't hate you Eldork. It was just an accident and it's not gonna happen again right?" She gave me a demonic smile.

Man she's scarier than Rena could ever be but she's also quite beautiful in a way.

"Yes I swear it won't happen again."

"Now to discuss your punishment."

"WAIT WHAT? Why am I being punished?"

"For walking in on me while I was changing Eldork."

"But you just it was an accident."

"Yes but you still have to be punished." She smirked at me.

Man, I'm having so much bad luck lately.

"All right. What's my punishment?"

"You have to be my servant for one week."


"Aw too bad. I'll just have to tell everyone then."

"Fine then." I muttered.

"Don't worry. I'll go easy on you since you're a human. Besides, you're a pretty cute servant." I blushed and she giggled.

"Yep, having you as a servant will be quite interesting."

How did I get myself into this mess? I have the worst luck ever.

"Bring Rena over here."


"I wanna show off my new cute servant." She winked at me.

"Uh..." If I don't do it, she'll spill my secret. I guess I will.

"Are you disobeying me?"

"NO! I'll get her right away for you master." She purred at the sound of that.

"Good boy and calling me master too. I like the sound of that but I think you should call me your queen."

"Ok my queen." She purred even louder at that.

"Now. Run along cutie." She shooed me away. I walked out of my room to get Rena.


"Down here Elsword. Why are you yelling for me?"

"Eve wants you for something."

"Oh really? Did you make out with her?" My face is flushed.


"All right then, lead the way." I lead her upstairs to my room to where Eve was waiting for me. She was giggling during the whole walk.

"Ah Elsword, I see you brought Rena. Welcome Rena." She smiled at Rena.

"Thank you Eve."

"Now my cute servant, leave us. We have many things to discuss. So you can do whatever you wish."

"Eh what's with the servant stuff?" Rena was surprised.

"All right my queen. I'll go check on Chung then." Eve purred once again.

"Your such a good servant. Now run along." She shooed me away. I closed the door on the way out.

Man, do they have to be in my room? This sucks having to be Eve's servant. She better keep her promise. I started walking toward's Chung's room.

"ELSWORD, COME HERE NOW!" I heard Eve's voice yelling.

Aw man. She needs me already? I forced myself to walk back to my room. I walked inside and there they were sitting on my bed.

"Come sit with us." I came closer to the bed.

"Sit between us."

"All right." I sat between the two girls.

I wonder what's going on?

"Do you want to know why I called you?"

"Um... Ok."

"I called you here because, you're gonna be her servant too, but only for today."


"Ooh awesome! What should I ask him to do first?"

"You can ask him anything Rena." Eve had a demon smile. Rena smiled the same.

I hate my life so much right now. Those two are like devils.

"Elsword, go get us some water."




"Call me master Elsword."


"Eve, he won't call me master."

"Oh really? Well then, let me tell you why I screamed earlier."

"NO! I'll call you master. I'm sorry master and queen!" They both smiled.

"Go get us water my cute servant."

"Fine my queen." I left the room into the hall way and then headed downstairs. I grabbed two cups and filled them with water from our sink. I went back upstairs and I was almost to my room when I noticed Chung was up.

"Hey Chung." I waved at him. He smiled.

"Oh, hi Elsword."

"What are you doing up?"

"I heard noises."

He must have heard Eve's shouting.

"Yeah it was just Eve."

"Oh ok, well now I can't sleep."

"Do you need something?"

"Er... Do you mind getting me some water?"

"Here have this cup." I gave one of the cups to him.

"Thanks." He gulped it down quickly.

"You're welcome." I started to head back downstairs but Chung stopped me.

"Why do you have two cups in the first place?"

"It was for Eve and Rena."

"Oh ok. Where is Rena anyways?"

"In my room." He gave me a strange look.

"Don't ask."

"Ok?" I resumed going down the stairs.

Man I think I have the worst luck ever.

Chung's POV:

Why would Rena be in Elsword's room in the first place? Eh I'll find out when I get there. I walked with difficulty.

I wish I was healed already damn it. Only one more day left I think. As I was closer to Elsword's room, I could hear the voices of Rena and Eve.

"Could I feel them Rena?"

"Well ok I guess, but make it quick."

What does Eve want to feel? I walked inside and my face was drained of its color. My nose started bleeding. Rena wasn't wearing a shirt, just a bra and Eve's hands was on Rena's breasts.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING!?" The both of them looked at me and screamed. Their faces were red. I quickly walked out of the room and shut the door.

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?! My best friend with my girlfriend doing that sort of thing? It's unheard of. WHAT IF THEY HAVE DONE IT BEFORE?! I knew that her...thingies were big but not THAT big. Should I tell Elsword what happened? I leaned against the door. I hear voices coming from the other side of the door.

"We're sorry Chung. That was a prank meant for Elsword." Eve's voice was low.

"Could you forgive your girlfriend?" Rena shouted. I closed my eyes thinking of whether to forgive her or not. The door suddenly opened and I fell.

"Ouch. That really hurt." I was rubbing my head and my hand felt something nearby. I opened my eyes. I looked up and I saw that Rena's face was very close to mine. My face was very red at that moment and she giggled.

"Do you forgive me?" She helped me up.

"As long as I don't see anything like that ever again." She smiled and glomped me. I winced as my stomach was giving me pain but I ignored it. She giggled once again.

"What are you giggling for?"

"Did you know that your hair looks like it has pikachu ears?"

"I never really noticed."

"It's cute." She kissed me and I kissed her back.

"Awwwww. You two are so cute together." We both looked at Eve and she waved at us. Both me and Rena started to laugh awkwardly.

"What's going on here?" Elsword came into the room and saw me and Rena together. Our faces turned red.

"NOTHING!" We both spoke at the same time.

"Well whatever, I got you and Eve some water."

"Thank you my cute servant." Eve came and took the water from Elsword. I looked at Rena.

"I'll tell you later." She whispered and helped me up.


Was that Raven?

"THEY'RE BACK!" Rena yelled and so we all rushed down to meet our other two best friends.

What an interesting day this was. My friends are awesome. I smiled at the thought and I held on to Rena as she helped me get down the stairs to welcome back Aisha and Raven.

Eve: How could you do that to Elsword and me Kiyo? *slaps Kiyo hard in the face*

Kiyo: Sorry. I just wanted Elsword to have a massive nosebleed XD *rubs my face*

Rena: *slaps Kiyo* How could you do that to poor Chung and me? He's already in too much pain as it is. DX

Kiyo: My bad. I was just trying to be funny :(

Aisha: *slaps Kiyo*


Aisha: I thought I was playing along and I just wanted to slap you. XD

Kiyo: ...

Raven: How did you manage to finish this?

Kiyo: During school XD

Everyone but me:...

Aisha: You're a bad boy

Kiyo: Hey at least I managed to finish -_-

Eve: But still...

Kiyo: Please review now if you enjoyed reading it.

Elsword: They're not gonna review I bet. ;3

Kiyo: Why you so mean to me? DX

Eve: Sit in the corner Kiyo

Kiyo: yes master *sits in the corner*

Elsword: Just kidding about betting that you viewers won't review XD. Review if you really want to or get slapped by Eve. ;3

Eve: ;3 he he better listen to Elsword *gets hands ready to slap*