A/N: In my oppinion, while Pride and Prejudice is nothing short of a masterpiece, I feel that there was not enough Colonel Fitzwilliam in it, so, I have attempted to write how I think that his thoughts might have gone during Elizabeth's stay at Hunsford. Also, I was a little surprised that the Colonel was not even available as a character in the narrowing down thing while looking for storys to look at on the P&P page thing. Yes, that sentence was not fabulous. My apologies. I, obvliously own none of the characters. I hope you all enjoy this, athough it is quite poor. Please feel free to review, although I would rather not have a load of horrible things said to me...

Elizabeth Bennet was quite something. Colonel Fitzwilliam was instantly attracted to her. Her company and conversation were very pleasant, and he admired her blunt honesty. He could, however, see that his cousin was attracted to her, although the feelings were not noticed, nor reciprocated. This was made clear in one of his earliest meetings with her when she asked him why Darcy would keep looking at her.

When the Colonel's and Elizabeth's paths crossed while he was making a tour of the park, he was delighted. They had talked of fortunes and younger sons, and how they cannot be overly choosy in their choice of wife. Fitzwilliam had said this as a slight warning to Elizabeth, incase she too felt attracted to him, as he was to her. They talked a little longer, moving onto lighter subjects, but when he told Elizabeth of Darcy's 'conquest', he was concerned by her sudden change of countenance, and when he delivered her to the parsonage, he felt a slight pang in his chest at the hurt that had shown on her face.

The next day, the Colonel and his cousin were at last going to leave, after Darcy had put it off again and again, they called in at the parsonage. Darcy left immediatly, but in the hope of seeing Elizabeth once more, the Colonel stayed for nearly three-quarters of an hour, but when it was clear that she was not going to arrive any time soon, he took his leave, and joined Darcy back at Rosings.

The next time the Colonel saw Elizabeth was at her wedding to his cousin. Both of them looked happy, and utterly in love with each other. Darcy had told him of his previous proposal, and the Colonel was delighted that things had sorted themselves out. After the service, Fitzwilliam approached Elizabeth, and took her hand.

"Congratulations, Mrs Darcy" he said smiling, while bowing over her hand.

"Thank you very much, Colonel." Elizabeth replied. "I have heard a slight rumour about you and a certain young lady of great fortune" she said, smiling slyly.

"Ah yes" the Colonel replied smiling. "Miss Trenton. I believe she has 50,000 pounds."

They both laughed, remembering their conversation from all those months ago.

Just then, Darcy came over.

"Come now, Richard. Will you relinquish my bride? Georgiana is eager to speak with her"

Fitzwilliam smiled. "But of course." To Elizabeth he said, "Once again, allow me to wish you every happiness, and good fortune." He kissed her hand again.

"And I to you, Colonel" Elizabeth replied conspiratorially. The Colonel smiled in response, and turned to talk to Darcy, as Elizabeth left in search of her new sister.

Well, thats it...I hope you enjoyed it. I know it is not fab, but I watched the oh-so-fabulous 1995 adaptation and this little idea formed in my head.