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Daphne had never thought that she would end up with him. They had never even spent time with one another at Hogwarts, which was probably for the better.

She had never cared about how "Pure" a person's blood was, all she cared about was a person's personality. Her parents had been neutral between You-Know-Who and Dumbledore for as long as Daphne and her sister Astoria could remember, and she supposed that she was the same way.

However, when it came to it in the end, she decided on the Light side, Dumbledore's side through and through. Even though that idiotic Parkinson girl had gotten all the Slytherins booted out, and not even had a chance to fight for either side; Daphne had gone back inside and fought for the Light.

She met Dean as she was helping others fix Hogwarts, it was hard work but eventually she managed to get Dean to actually start to trust her, though at the time she hadn't really known why she cared about what Dean thought of her.

After Hogwarts started to look as good as new Dean surprised her by asking if she wanted to go to the Three Broomsticks to get a drink and she had said yes without even thinking about it.

The smile that had crossed Dean's face when she said yes made it worth her forwardness. They ended up talking for hours at the Three Broomsticks, it was early evening until she and Dean had to go home.

She had never really felt that way towards anyone before, even though she and Dean had only just started to talk to one another it was as though she didn't have to hide who she truly was, she could be herself around him.

When she found out that he enjoyed to paint, she had been thrilled, she also liked to draw but had never been that good at it. She ended up asking Dean to give her lessons about drawing and Dean ended up agreeing to helping her.

She had always felt plain around the other girls but with Dean it was as though she was the most beautiful and amazing thing that he'd ever seen. Oh Merlin! The way that he looked at her with those dark brown eyes! They were such an intense look in them, as though he cared about everything that she said or did.

Daphne didn't know how long this feeling would last but if she was to be truthful she'd have to say even to herself that she wanted it to last forever.