Milly invited me in to her house and I met the mom Riley and the dad lance don't forget the 8 year old daughter Jacqueline who was adopted from France in the age 2 so she doesn't know who are her biological parents are and Simon who is a teenager like 15 let's say and the 17 year old Taylor and last but not least Edward the child who is 9. "Omg how could he do this oh no he di-in't."

Taylor hangs up and looks at me.

"Hi Taylor I will be sleeping with you for a while until I get out of this game."

"Get out of what?"

"Uh nothing so hey about me living with you can you tell me where I will be sleeping." "Up the bunk bed."

"So I have Hippie girl new song and it's called New Glitz."

"No I am too sleepy but hey is that my young brother playing The sims 3 oh no he might make us talk simlish that I don't know!" "Soul soul " " dag dag?

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