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The Tree By The Lake

Tommy sat on the front porch of his two story house shivering from the cold. His dad was away on business and he had snuck away to a party some where. Now high on what drugs he had no clue. Tommy shivered again as his eyes lulled into the back of his head. "Tommy." Hearing his dad's voice but no able to register it he jumped when his dad's hand landed on his shoulder.

"Thomas!" Exclaiming his name now Luke Oliver looked less the pleased as he sat his briefcase down on the sidewalk leading up to there two story house.

Losing his green ranger powers that had been a shot in the dark from Zedd but his dad and the other night in his bed…..losing his battle to stay up right Tommy went down to the cold of the front porch "That's it! We are going away for a while! Those friends of yours are responsible for this!"

Being picked up Tommy was hurled into the cold house "Ahh that's cold." Tommy slurred as his dad popped him on the butt.

"It's cold because you are high." Walking up the stairs Luke deposited in sun on the cool tile of the bathroom.

Picking him up to lay across the toilet he pulled his hair back into a ponytail before sticking one of his fingers down his throat "Come on."

Throwing up into the porcelain Tommy wondered if he would even remember this in the morning.

That's not the beginning of the end

That's the return to yourself

The return to innocence

"Dad." Whimpering for his dad, using the name he used for him, Tommy slugged to the floor of the bathroom after filling the bowl with the contents of his stomach.

"Thomas." Saying his name in disappointment his dad took his head on his lap.

"I am so disappointed in you Thomas." Luke said as he patted his head.

"I would beat the hell out of you if I thought it would do any good." Luke said as he gathered Tommy up in his arms.

Love - Devotion

Feeling - Emotion

Taking him to his bedroom Luke dropped him on the bed. Shaking his head Tommy tried to get words out as his dad pushed him back on his back on the back and crawled on top of him "You're beautiful just like your mother." Luke said as he ran his hand through his semi long brown hair.

"I remember her. I cheated on my then wife Melissa with her. She was glorious. Melissa is your step mother that I never divorced but I don't consider her my wife anymore. We had began to fight a lot and one night I came home and she was gone with half of the stuff in the house. I left a few minutes later and didn't look back." Making a noise Luke leaned down and began to nibble and suck on Tommy's neck and ear.

"Now it is just me and you." As if considering something Luke sat up from his son's neck and looked at his face.

"We're going away for a while. Me and you. There is this cabin that my company owns or more specifically Mike the man that you call uncle but we are of no relation to in the woods by Stone Canyon Lake. We are going there for a couple of months. I think it will do you good and me to spend some time together. Also for this you are grounded meaning you will sleep in here every night for the next school year and at the lake you will sleep with me." Luke said this as he eyed over Tommy.

Tommy lulled his head around as he dad got back to his neck and ear the drugs making the pain of his life disappear for a while.

Don't be afraid to be weak

Don't be to proud to be strong

Just look into your heart my friend

That will be the return to yourself

The return to innocence

Luke moaned as he opened his eyes to see the morning rays of sunlight pouring in the room from the window over looking his bed. Turning his head he saw his naked son laying on the mattress his only cover the thin sheet that lay across him. His hair was flowing back on the mattress and his eyes were shut.

Sitting up Luke turned his attention to his son and fingered his hair "Just like your mother." Sighing this out Luke threw his naked legs over the side of the bed and sat there for a few moments.

Hearing his son moan behind him Luke smiled "Get up Tommy."

Groaning Tommy opened his eyes and jumped as the cool of the sheet met his bare legs "Thank God I came home from my business trip early. You were high as a kite last night."

Shoulders tensing Tommy looked back to his dad his eyes only half open "Dad?"

"Yes Tommy dad." Luke said as he stood from the bed and grabbed his jeans and faded green tee from the floor.

If you want, then start to laugh

If you must, then start to cry

Be yourself don't hide

Just believe in destiny

Don't care what people say

Just follow your own way

Don't give up and lose the chance

The return to innocence

Pulling his faded green tee shirt on Luke looked at Tommy "Get up and get dressed. I'll fix breakfast."

Walking from the room Luke made it to the kitchen and began to make pancakes as he heard Tommy making noise upstairs.

Dropping the fork into the sink unexpectedly Luke doubled over as the demon hit him all out. The need to grab Tommy and take him in his mouth consumed him as if fire was claiming him all over. "God." Luke said as he gripped the edge of the sink hard his knuckles turning white from is death grip.

"Tommy!" Calling for his son Luke gave in easily as the fire consumed him as he did not even fight.

Galloping into the kitchen Tommy saw his dad leaning over the sink and gripping it sweat coming down his forehead "Dad?" Tommy questioned in concern as he approached him.

Grabbing Tommy suddenly Luke ran at him and shoved him down on the table "Your going to be a good little boy today and maybe I won't have a session with you in the back yard."

Trying to get up Tommy didn't make it far as his dad lowered him to his knees on the kitchen floor "You're going to take daddy in that little mouth of yours and not say a word about it. Understand?"

Nodding Tommy was fully lowered to his knees "Pull it out."

Undoing his dad's jeans Tommy pulled his cock out with a gentle motion "Good now put it in your mouth."

Leaning up Tommy swallowed as he gingerly put his dad in his mouth "Good boy."

Hand landing on the back of his head Tommy didn't make a sound as his dad began to thrust in and out of his mouth moaning in ecstasy as he did so "My little boy. My baby."

One last jerk and his dad's cum filled his mouth. Swallowing Tommy looked up at his dad he mouth still full of his dad. Pulling out Luke tucked himself back in his jeans and regarded Tommy "Swallow."

That's not the beginning of the end

That's return to yourself

The return to innocence

Laying on the floor in front of the sink Tommy curled into his dad's chest more as his dad sighed at the pouring rain outside the kitchen window "You know after you finish high school you could hang around here. You don't have to go off to a college you know. I would be lonely and there is a university right down the street." Look soothed as he continued the conversation of Tommy's plans after high school.

Shrugging Tommy felt his dad's hold tighten as he snuggled into his dad more wrapping his arms around his mid section "I mean I don't care about the money but I was sort of wanting to keep you around is all. You are my son and I love you. I never really got the concept of kids going away to college. I went to a community college after I was discharged from the marines and that was just fine."

Looking down at the brown haired head of his son he ran a hand over his hair "You'll be just fine down the street."

"Come here." Crawling on top of his dad he half smiled at him before he laid his head on his chest.

"Yeah that's the place for you." Getting it in his head fully Luke sat up and catching his son placed him on the floor on his back.

Don't care what people say

Just follow your own way

Don't give up

The return to innocence

Looking at the tree by the lake Tommy's eyes went blank as his dad finished him off for the millionth time that day and pulling out of his ass stood. The sun was setting and Tommy was sure his dad was not finished yet. Groaning at being picked up off the ground by the older man he was soon rewarded by the soothing feeling of the mats of his basement work out room on his back. Feeling his dad lay on the mat behind him Tommy looked over at him as his dad smiled "You know this doesn't have to be just a night and day deal Tommy. It's not wrong what I am doing to you. You are my son."

Groaning when his dad began to feel him up between his legs he looked to the other side as his dad leaned down and began to nibble on his ear "Just me and you."

That's the return to innocence