Luna Influence: Sakura Haruno

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Haruno Hikari cooed over her newborn, as the baby mocked a small yawn. To her, this baby was new to the world, so when then the dazed green eyes widened in surprise, it was thought of as just a babies curiosity as the eyes glanced around slightly frantically.

'The wrackspurts told me nothing of this,' was the first thought that drifted through the newly dubbed Sakura's mind. But she was tired, exerted despite herself, and despite the struggle to stay alert, the baby drifted off.


Hikari had realized her daughter was a genius within a year of having her. Within the first year her little Sakura-chan was already speaking in lispy broken sentences. She was a quiet child, however, and clung to her mother with a seeming desperation.

Sakura loved her mother, after being so long without. By the time she was 5 years old she was starting to See things again, and it was those visions that led her into befriending the precocious Ino, and after her basic schooling she joined the Ninja Academy.

Ino often wondered about the odd and unusual things her friend would say, and while most of these imaginary friends were quite strange, there was a knowledge in Sakura's distant eyes that cause her unable to mock the silly girl.

Plus, Sakura-chan helped her with her homework, and high forehead or no, Ino could use all the help she could get!


Naruto didn't know what to do with the beautiful and kind Sakura, who seemed to see into him in a way that many didn't. Sakura more often than not would say the most insightful things about his schooling and pranks. She had warned him in time to avoid trouble occasionally as well.

He didn't know why Sakura could See things before they happened, but he believed her, and when she had suggested he look into learning fuinjutsu, he obeyed.

He found a passion for it that he couldn't achieve in regular school work, and with his sharp mind turned to a new hobby, his more malicious pranks died down over time.


As Iruka announced team placements, Sasuke smirked when he heard his teammates. Naruto, the dobe, was annoying, but tolerable, and Sakura was one of the few girls who seemed entirely disinterested in stalking him.

But several hours later, Kakashi had no idea what to do with the bunch. When suggested to open the introductions, he was quite put off by Sakura's knowing soft smile, and even more put off by her introduction.

"Hello," she said to them all. "I am Sakura. I enjoy exploring and discovering new things. I dislike umgublar slashkilters and people who judge by first impressions. My dream in life is to explore the continent and find out if the crumple-horned snorkacks live on it."

Her eyes glazed as she stared into nothing.

"I also desire to help create peace." At that she looked each person in the eyes, and seemed to perceptively read them. "For everyone." She said kindly.

Sasuke gripped his fist at the thoughts of Itachi flashed through his mind, but there was something caring in her gaze that released something in him.

Naruto found total acceptance for a secret burden and wondered exactly what Sakura knew.

Kakashi saw wisdom and knowing in her green gaze, and wondered if peace was such a thing for him. He knew that there was something different about this child, but dismissed it. He would not pass a genin team.

It was with some surprise that he in fact did. Sakura reversed the genjutsu in an undetectable way and before Kakashi could break it, rallied the others. They worked in sync, encouraged by the girl, and a mix of seals, firepower, and illusion came at him. They did not capture the bells, but they had passed the test.


Haku knew he should feel terror at the strange girl who he had trapped in his mirrors. He honestly thought the Uchiha would be the one to challenge him, and was surprised when the proud boy bowed to the wisdom of the girl.

'For however wise it was to challenge me,' he thought. But the girl had simply walked into his mirror like she belonged there.

"Now now Haku," she said, gesturing at the odd landscape that had developed in the mirror. "Grandma Alice would be quite put out by your use of looking glass."

Haku hadn't told her his name! He turned and surveyed the landscape. When he returned his sight to the girl, 'Sakura', she was gone, and so was his mirror.

A white rabbit in a waistcoat approached him. "Now Haku," the rabbit told him. "My cousin tells me you are a very kind young man," he continued. "Queen Alice will want to speak with you before you."

Haku spent ten glorious years in Wonderland. It was with a sense of peace he was ready to return to the ninja world. He distantly wondered if Zabuza-sama had defeated Kakashi. If he had, and Haku could find him, he would request to be able to call Zabuza-sama Otou-sama. Zabuza really was the father always wanted.

He slipped through the mirror the kind never aging Queen Alice had given him. So it was with some surprise that he met the unchanged Sakura in a dome of ice mirrors.

His memories rushed back feeling as recent as a few minutes ago, and he feared genjutsu. But no, he was wearing the princely clothing Queen Alice had given him, and his dear rabbit friends watch was in his pocket.

Sakura smiled at Haku, happy his demons were laid to rest. "Gato does not plan on paying you," she told the baffled young man. "He plans to kill you. I believe he is infested with nargles."

Haku knew of nargles now, and nodded. "Yes. Quite possibly. Best I stop Zabuza then." He fingered the bottomless moleskin pouch on his waist filled with pure gold coin and his various gifts from Wonderland. There was no need for petty Ryo from Gato now.


Gaara was unaware of the girl sitting on the branch on where he stood on the bottom until she slipped upside down, hanging from her knees. She brushed a surreally soft hand against his pale hand.

Gaara looked down in shock. The sand.. it didn't protect him. It felt no fear in her presence. Shukaku seemed oddly quiet. There was a peace in the girl. She smiled tenderly and slipped to the ground.

Gaara was shocked back to reality in time to stop his foolish brother as he watched the girl join her companions. Both the others calmed in her presence. While watching his siblings, he saw a flash of light out of the corner of his eyes. It always seemed to be just on the edge of his vision, on the girls shoulders.

He channeled demonic chakra to his eyes and started in surprise. A small winged person, no bigger than a finger, sat on her shoulder, jabbering into her ear. Gaara could not hear the small person, and his eyesight was only able to glimpse it for a moment before it faded from sight again. Genjutsu? He shook his head before stalking away with his siblings.

The chunin exams will be interesting at least.


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