Remade Cats and Dogs Chapter 1

by ~TailWagNaja, Nov 15, 2011, 12:16:03 PM

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The small boat sped across the vast sandsea, its passengers going about their own business. One in particular, a teenage boy with dusty blond hair stood leaning against the rail gazing almost vacantly out at the starry sky. Only hours ago he had been a part of the World Destruction Committee. A small frown tugged the corners of his lips down; no, he couldn't really say that he was a part of that. He couldn't be a part of a group that would sacrifice innocent lives, human or farrel. Then there was the power that Morte said he had, the power to destroy the world. All of it was a lot to swallow, it would explain what happened in Barni Village. Just thinking about what happened was enough to make him sick, but that was just it…he couldn't remember anything. The last thing he wanted was to take away someone else's precious life. If this power was his, he should have some sort of control over it right?


Kyrie jolted from his thoughts, or was it because of the rather negative title in which his captor; a half-farrel known as Naja, had taken to calling him. Actually, now that he recalled, he had been called that once before, but didn't make it hurt any less. Besides, he was just a nobody from some small village, now he would be known around the world as a menace to society…a terrorist.

"Hm?" he turned, gaze redirecting itself onto the silver haired male who now approached. It was difficult to tell what the other was thinking. Before, he had been so certain that Naja's intent was to kill him. Taupy had been clever enough to figure out the others true intent was nothing quite as drastic. Which only brought to light the question, what exactly did he want from him? Even when Naja paused and sighed, Kyrie quickly straightened up, had he done something wrong? Amusing? Unexpected?

"You're a curious case, "Naja then sated, "Taupy told me something rather interesting after out little…battle." While he couldn't really call their encounter much of a battle, he wasn't going to press the matter, "But first I have a question."

Blinking a few times, Kyrie brought his hand up so he could lightly scratch the side of his face, "Eh…o-okay, sure…what is it?" he couldn't help but feel he knew what the subject of the question was going to be, but what Kyrie wanted to know was what Taupy had told this man. Having lost consciousness after delivering at least a single blow to the other, it was safe to say that he had missed whatever it had been.

Studying the boy for half a moment before adjusting his glasses, "Do you regret agreeing to come with us?" Naja asked simply.

Perhaps his assumptions had been wrong, not expecting such a question, especially from a World Salvation Committee member; Kyrie could only give the other a wide eyed look of bewilderment. However, the look he was receiving told him that Naja was being quite serious and expected an answer. With this in mind, Kyrie turned back to gaze out at the sandsea, how could he put it? Resting his elbow on the edge of the boat and his chin in the palm of his hand, the boy sighed, "I agreed only because I knew I couldn't stay with them…the World Destruction Committee." A slightly more saddened frown formed on his face, he had liked Agan and Morte and all the others, but he couldn't view the world the same as they did. Just thinking about the last city, all of those lives lost, and for what?

"I suppose…the only reason I thought I was with them was because Morte and Taupy had saved me that one time. I thought I could pay them back, of course it wasn't until later that I realized her true intentions."

"Her?" Naja crossed his arms, "Ah, you mean Morte Asherah." He was starting to see Kyrie's part in all of this. There were still far too many unanswered questions, but the big picture was starting to take shape none the less.

"Oh, that's right," Kyrie straightened up again and turned towards the other, who in turn glanced up with a questioningly quirked eyebrow, "Since we're now sort of your prisoners, what exactly where you going to do with us?" the boy then asked, his mood had changed considerably as far as he could tell. The question; however, had only earned a wayward side glance and a sigh.

"I am presently obligated to bring you to the World Salvation Committee's headquarters where you will be confined." He then turned, allowing one arm to drop to his side as he placed his other hand on his hip, "After which, they will want to learn more about this power you have and what sort of plans the World Destruction Committee has." He then gave a rather dark smirk and chuckle, "Or…my superiors could have already decided that you're too dangerous to keep alive and have you executed."

Even in the poor lighting, when Naja looked over at Kyrie, he could see that the color in the boys face had drained considerably. "W-What!? Executed!" the blonde did not look well at all; it seemed that it was only now that he was starting to grasp the severity of his decision. Feeling that despite all of that, it wouldn't be nice to keep him feeling so riled, Naja held up both his hands in a shrug.

"You needn't worry though," the half-wolf replied, "I've been assigned your case so if anything where to happen, then I would be the one to carry it out." It was only after the words had left his lips that Naja realized how unreassuringly that sounded. His assumptions were correct when the look Kyrie wore didn't change. Frowning now, Naja rubbed the back of his head, while making the situation worse was not his intention and leaving it as such was not his plan either he knew that nothing he said in regards to the boys' fate was going to fix it.

After a moment of thought, he walked over and gave Kyrie a pat on the head, "You are not looking well, you best go below with the others and get some rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day."

Flinching slightly at the unexpected contact, Kyrie had snapped out of his nauseous and worrisome state to chuckle nervously, "Oh, um…yeah." He then took a step back, still feeling the subtle weight of the hand that was on his head seconds ago, giving a second nervous chuckle he bid the other goodnight before quickly making his way below deck.

The hand that had patted the boys head was still slightly raised a few moments after Kyrie had disappeared below deck; Naja just sighed and shook his head before placing said hand back on his hip. Taking his turn to gaze out at the vast sandsea and up at the clear night sky, the more he was around this Kyrie, the more difficult it became to understand him. There was no doubt in his mind that the boy had no fighting skills honed enough to be a major threat, much less have any reason to be violent. In fact, he was probably one of the least violent humans he had ever encountered….with a few exceptions but never the less. No, Kyrie was not the violent type but despite all of that, Naja himself had witnessed on two accounts where the boy clearly demonstrated a destructive power unlike anything he had ever seen.