Chapter 13.

"Okay. What the hell? Why aren't we telling your friends about your freaky-deaky vampire girlfriend?" Cordelia asked.

"Gosh, Cor. I didn't know you were my girlfriend." Xander snarked.

"Not me, dumbass. The demonic vamp who called you her Kitten. What's up with that?" Cordelia asked.

"Her name is Drusilla and Giles says she's crazy." Xander said as he finished packing the last box of clothing. Cordelia was busy using bleach to destroy any DNA that might still be around. Both his and Patrice's.

"I'd have to agree. Calling you Kitten? I think I'd have noticed the whiskers and mocked them by now." Cordy snarked. "Wait. Isn't that the vampire Spike is trying to 'cure'? She looked fine to me."

"I know. Maybe it's to cure her from being crazy?" Xander guessed.

"And so why didn't we tell them we met her and she looks fine?" Cordelia asked. "Or better yet, why didn't you just dust her?"

"We didn't tell them because then they'll ask what she wanted. And we'll have to tell them about her offer. And I don't see Kendra taking that well."

"Yeah, even if you had turned the crazy vamp down." Cordelia raised an eyebrow.

"Kendra attacked me first. Okay? And you saw how she looked at me. I'm not planning on killing her, but if it comes down to her or Buffy, I'm choosing Buffy." Xander informed her. "And I don't know why I didn't dust her. Mostly because she's never attacked me. Which puts her one up on Kendra in that department."

"It says it needs the blood of her sire. So it's been nice knowing you." Spike grinned.

"It says it needs the blood of her sired. You conjugated the Latin wrong." Angelus sneered.

"Did not. You take that back you bog-jumper." Spike insisted.

"Did so, you Sassenach." Angelus said.

"Bloody Mick."



"Limey bastard."

"Sid." Spike smirked. The abbreviation for 'Small Irish Dick' was sure to get a rise. Even if it was just a small one.

"Oh that's it." Angelus punched Spike and the fight was on.

Drusilla sighed and turned away from her doggies. She wondered if her Kitten would be ready in time. She would have to make other plans if he wasn't.

Xander and Cordy sat around for a couple hours just waiting for sunrise to drive their neighbors back into their lairs. Then they waited an extra hour to be sure everyone was likely back. They didn't want to have any unexpected visitors while they were getting settled.

Xander palmed a stake and knocked on the door. He had to knock several more times before someone answered.

"You 'ad be'er 'ave food or you're goin' ta be food." the vamp that answered growled in a Cockney accent.

Xander didn't even give a greeting, he just plunged his stake into the vamp and stepped through the settling dust.

"Oi! W'o was zat?" another English accent greeted them. Xander went into the room where the voice was and had a brief tussle with the sleepy occupant before coming back out. While they were fighting, Cordelia kept her gun on the other bedroom. Once Xander was done in one bedroom, he checked the one Cordelia had been covering. But apparently, there were only the two vamps living here.

The two bedroom apartment was slightly different than Xander's old one. The living room was slightly wider and shorter. The kitchen was on one side with the bathroom and laundry on the other and the bedrooms on opposite sides of the living room as well.

"Come on." Xander said. "Let's get the humidifiers set up before anyone else comes in." As they packed up the vamps' stuff, they found their stash of money, and also the keys not only to the apartment, but also to a car.

All in all, it had been a very long night and both vampires collapsed into sleep after the bear-minimum of work was done.

"...and when I woke up, he was gone." Cordelia finished telling the group that Xander was missing. "Oh, gosh. You don't think Angelus got him, do you?"

"I doubt it. You still have those holy-water humidifiers, right?" Giles asked. He and Xander had jointly brainstormed that idea and if only the moisture wouldn't affect his books, he'd have already set them up both in the library and at his home. Though at his flat, he was busy moving his books to the spare bedroom, where he would set up a dehumidifier and could then place a holy-water humidifier at the front door. He was also researching a de-invitation spell.

"First thing we set up in the new apartment." Cordelia confirmed. Giles gave her a look. "Oh, didn't I mention that we moved across the hall to a two bedroom apartment? More room and no blood from a recent shootout." she gave Giles the number to the new place, which had luckily been written on the phone there.

"Perhaps he also went evil." Kendra scowled.

"Xander would never do that!" Willow defended.

"Like Angelus would never do dat?" Kendra prodded.

It was Cordelia's turn to jump up. "Listen, little miss Slayer. Xander's a dork. But he's a good dork and he's not about to go murdering innocent people."

Xander was most assuredly not murdering innocent people at that time. The people he was murdering were far from innocent. They were the reason he had been forced to wear long sleeved shirts almost every day he was in school, to hide the bruises.

As he'd slept that day, the memories he'd absorbed from the assassins had shown him things. Truths about the ways of the world that he'd never thought possible. He'd felt an anger at the world that he'd never felt before and he was almost helpless to control it. The one thing he managed to do was to leave without waking Cordy for fear that he might turn that anger on her. When he really wanted to turn that anger on those that deserved it. Those that caused it.

And now they were dead. He thought he'd feel good after he killed them, but he mostly felt full. (and slightly tipsy) Two full grown humans have a lot of blood to drink, even if theirs was slightly thinned by alcohol. The one thing he didn't feel was bad or guilty. He knew he was supposed to. But he felt nothing. Just a realization that he couldn't go back. Buffy, with her holier than thou attitude, wouldn't accept him and Kendra... Kendra would slay him on sight. Willow, well he didn't think it would be safe for her to be around him right now. He had rarely been the cause of Tony's anger, just the recipient and he didn't want to repeat that with Willow as the new victim. After all, look what he'd already done to Cordelia.

He wondered where he would go now. He was well and truly on his own for the first time in his life.

He heard the front door open and smiled. He should have known she'd be watching.

"And now my little Kitten has become a true Tiger. Come, my pet." Drusilla said. "We have work to do and moonlight is fading fast."

"Both of you, sit down. Kendra, you are still injured. Please try to stay calm so you can heal." then Giles turned to Cordelia. "And you, stop antagonizing the Slayer. Even injured, Kendra would tear you apart."

"What? But I'm like Xander!" Cordelia defended.

"Xanpire." Buffy whispered to Willow.

"The spell that turned Xander gave him a boost to his fighting skills and it still took him several weeks to get back near what he was during the spell. You have no such boosts, and from what I have seen of your speed, you are below Xander's level of athleticism." Giles said. Both Slayers nodded in agreement with his assessment. "Now, with a weapon to keep a Slayer at bay, his speed could be deadly to any Slayer, if he chose." Giles gave a pointed look to Kendra then turned back. "But hand-to-hand, the strength advantage goes to the Slayers. They would tear you apart. Possibly literally." He gave another look at Kendra.

Kendra didn't look at the watcher, she just grinned at the vampire at those words.

"You need training." Giles finished.

"So train me already." Cordelia said.

That elicited a great deal of sputtering from Giles and a derisive snort from Kendra. "Are you mad? Train a vampire!?" Giles said once he recovered. "The council would have me deported in an instant. They're only grudgingly accepting of civilians helping the Slayer, mostly because I've insisted that the problem here is too big to tackle alone. They haven't objected to having vampires helping, mostly because I doubt they've read my reports carefully enough to see that first Angel and then Xander was helping after he was turned." he shook his head. For once the snail's pace that information filtered through the council was helping him. Though he wondered how long that would last once Kendra reported back. "So, no. The answer is emphatically no. I will not be training you."

"Well, can't I just bite someone? I bet Xander got some mad skills from biting all those assassins." Cordelia asked.

"What did you say?" Giles said.

"What? Just a little bite. I wasn't going to kill anyone. But I got some memories from when Xander turned me. Mostly him being a horny little perv, not the most useful-"

"No. About the assassins." Giles interrupted. He didn't want to know what personal memories they'd shared. In fact, he very much did not want to know.

"Oh, he said he got some memories from them. The first guy had some tracking skills, the bug man didn't have much and tasted horrible, and the gun lady didn't have anything he didn't already have. He drained her dry." Cordelia looked at Kendra. "But that was good. Because she was an assassin and trying to kill me. Oh yeah, and Buffy too. And he needed the blood so he could turn me and keep me alive after she shot me."

"I thought he didn't kill the, uh... bug-man." Giles said.

"No. But Xander said he was a good foot shorter when he left than when he started. Plus he left a bunch of bugs behind. I think Xander ate one of those. Or some of the bug blood splattered around Buffy's room." Cordy said.

Buffy nodded. "It was a mess. Actually, the whole house was a mess. Willow and I skipped today's Career Week presentation to clean up after Kendra's fight." Buffy glared at the other Slayer who, though injured, hadn't helped clean up her own mess. Buffy had had to clean up her own messes when she was injured. Plus she had to dip into her shoe-fund to buy a new table exactly like the one Kendra had broken. Not to mention the bills that had gotten blood on them. Again she'd had to dip into her shoe fund to pay those bills with blood on them so her mom wouldn't notice. She was still working on explaining how she got that kind of money without saying she was some kind of drug dealer. Actually, right now telling her mother that she was a drug dealer would explain most of the weirdness in her life. Which would be great except for the possible jail time.

Giles sighed. "Xander drank the blood of three of the most vicious assassins in history and nobody mentioned it." He stood up to get his books and locked himself in his office.

All the children looked slightly guilty, even Willow who hadn't even known.

"So, Kendra. You're from Jamaica. Any good malls there?" Cordelia asked. She poured on all the Cordelia Chase charm she normally reserved for the rich, influential, or in this case – those who could and also wanted to kill her.

A/N: If you go back and watch the early seasons, you will see that Xander really did wear a lot of long sleeved shirts. We saw his forearms briefly in S1E1. Some were uglier than others though I wouldn't call any of them Hawaiian. I don't think those came out until after he moved out of his parent's house. I choose to draw certain conclusions from the fact that he wore long sleeved shirts in the warmth of sunny California all the while he was living with his parents.