Dick groaned in pain after he sneezed. He had visited the manor two days ago when Damian was sick in order to try and cheer him up. This morning, Dick woke up feeling like crap and on top of that he was recovering from a couple of broken ribs and a broken leg. Of course all of this happened while he was out as Nightwing last night. To make things even worse, he hadn't gotten a good night's sleep in over a month and he supposed that that is why he got sick. In the end, Dick had to call his girlfriend/best friend Barbara Gordon to come pick him up from Bludhaven and take him to Leslie's clinic. The pair was currently in Dick's room at said clinic, the night after Dick was hurt. Both were dressed in civvies and waiting for Leslie to come over to check his temperature again. Bruce hadn't been by yet since Damian was still sick and wanted him to stay home. Tim would come by later that day with Alfred.

Leslie finally came to Dick's room with a thermometer.

"So Doc, when do I get to bust outta this joint?" Dick asked with a hopeful tone, he had been asking this question since he got out of surgery yesterday morning and was with it enough to ask. Leslie had been ignoring his question since.

"Tomorrow if all goes well. You'll be staying at the manor, correct?" Leslie asked and before Dick could answer, Barbara beat him to it.

"Yes he will." Dick glared at her and Barbara smirked. She knew Dick would try and go back to Bludhaven, which would be a very bad idea considering his leg is in a cast and he's sick.

"Alright, well Dick, let's check your temperature." Leslie said and forced the thermometer under Dick's tongue. Dick grimaced, but held still and waited for it to beep and when it did, Leslie sighed.

"You still have a fever. I'm sending in a nurse with some more cold medicine and pain pills If your temperature has gone down by tomorrow morning, you may go home in the afternoon." Leslie said.

The next afternoon, Dick was out of bed and in a wheelchair with Barbara pushing him out of the clinic and Alfred walking in the lead to the car. Barbara helped Dick lie down on the back seats and then gave him a kiss before heading back home in her own car.

As soon as they arrived home, Alfred and Dick were greeted by Bruce who came out and helped Dick back into his chair.

"How are you feeling son?" Bruce asked as he got his son out of the car.

"Dopey from the meds and like cra-awful from the cold, but aside from that, I'm fine? How's Dami doing?" Dick asked as he was wheeled into the manor.

"He's much better and back in school. I'm sorry I wasn't able to visit, between meetings at work and Damian's cold." Bruce said. The conversation stopped there for Dick had started to nod off. He would have asked Bruce if he was feeling okay because he apologized, but knew better, if it had been a broken leg caused by a trip he would have needed to ask, but it was a bullet wound that caused the need for a broken leg and all as understood.

Later that day, Dick woke up to the sound of an eleven-year-old opening his bedroom door and walking inside.

"Hi Dami." Dick said with very stuffed up nose.

"Why are you here Grayson?" Damian asked and Dick smirked.

"Because I broke my leg and you gave me your cold." Dick muttered with his smirk still present.

"You told me that sharing is caring." Damian said and walked off with a smirk of his own, Dick just grinned.