So this one takes place in the alternate universe and ages are the same as the last AU story, in case you don't remember the ages:




Dick was very out of it…he was basically seeing 'pink elephants' and no, he wasn't drunk. He was just on painkillers. He had just gotten back from having his wisdom teeth taken out and boy was he glad not to feel the pain. Currently, Bruce and Alfred were helping him upstairs and to his room. Dick was by no means making the journey easy for them. As soon as they got Dick to bed, the seventeen-year-old fell asleep.

There was a loud pounding on Dick's bedroom door a few hours later. The teen woke up groggy and in pain. The person at the door didn't bother waiting to be invited in. Instead, six-year-old Damian and eleven-year-old Tim waltzed in, looked at their brother's face and then at each other before nearly falling to the floor laughing. Before Dick could ask what was so funny, Alfred walked in with a first aid kit and sent the younger boys to the hall so he could change Dick's gauze and give him some more pain meds.

It wasn't until another couple of hours that Dick finally learned why his brothers were laughing. Upon finishing homework, Dick's classmate and best friend came over for a visit and couldn't contain her laughter.

"Waz so funny?" Dick slurred.

"Y-y-your face! You look like a chipmunk!" Barbara snorted and then looked at him again and fell off her chair and hugged her side as she laughed. Bruce and Alfred dashed into Dick's room soon after to find out what the crash was.

"Barbara! Are you alright?" Bruce asked as he helped her up from the ground.

"Y-yeah it's just that Dick really resembles a chipmunk." Barbara said and Bruce was about to tell her off for the comment, but looked at Dick first and understood what she meant and he too had a laugh attack. Alfred tried hard not to roll his eyes and even harder to suppress a snort.

"Just call me Alvin." Dick muttered before falling back asleep.

Short and to the point…yeah I'm procrastinating, hence the short chapter. I've actually had this plot bunny for about two years now…basically right after I got my wisdom teeth out. My friends had a good laugh at me then XD Anyway I'm thinking about a couple of chapters, I have a request involving the Bat Boys and cooking and then I'm working on one with Damian having to learn an instrument. These probably won't be written or posted until Wednesday or Thursday when I'm done with finals. Please continue to send ideas and keep up the awesome reviews, they make my day