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Chapter 1: Reset Our Meeting

Oh, look. Now it was moving again. The docks were echoing with the usual London gloom and the seas were rolling in a lackluster manner. The dock looked incredibly dirty without a hint of sunlight to illuminate the old and molded boards of wood; the dock looked more like a hypochondriac's nightmare than a place of any hustle and bustle. But then again, it was moving again.

Now of the masses that were chattering and stomping to get off the incoming mass of floating metal, there were two of significance one being a haughty looking blonde woman. It wasn't the clothes that she was wearing that marked her prideful, hardly that, being that her dress was torn just like the other decent looking women and her cheeks had indefinable black smudges on them. No, rather, it was her hands. They were irregularly clean, since the hands were the first to get dirty on a ship such as this, and impeccably polished. Indication of a perfectionist? Who knows? Though, the person who would wonder such a thing was far from the blonde woman.

The second important person, was world renown Hermione Granger… Or rather, used to be. It had only been five years. Yet, even with all the reform she had on the wizarding laws, people seemed to forget about wars too quick for her own tastes. So she had left the wizarding world for good to live amongst the muggles. Ron Weasley was of no concern to her now; they had been divorced. Hermione, in all senses of the word, was free.

Free to look at oddly familiar and beautiful young women too.

Hermione was never one to be so friendly, but she had to, yes, had to get to know this woman.

So, Hermione takes her time to make her way over to the blonde staring hatefully at the sea. Unfortunately for the both of them, the time came where the boat docked just as Hermione picked up her left foot to move and just as Fleur relaxed a tad. Sudden hell broke loose, and Fleur was bombarded by foul smelling people pushing and shoving to get to the same exit. Instead of moving forward, Fleur stepped back, desperately trying to avoid the rush of people. Hermione is also rushed at the same time, stumbling forward into someone just as the last few people skirt their way out the boat. Hermione doesn't fall, but heard the obvious smack of skin to boat and looks down.

Oh, bloody hell.

And bloody it was. The pretty blonde female Hermione had spotted earlier was face down on the boat, a small yet frightening puddle of blood gently flowing from her face. Hermione snatched the woman off the ground, not bothering to consider whether she would be light headed from the blood loss (she was bleeding rather badly for a battered nose).

"God, are you alright? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to be so clumsy. I mean I've been on these ships too many times and then I went and couldn't even keep up with my own feet and—" At the sight of the young woman's intense, angry, blue-eyed stare, Hermione paused, and promptly dropped the woman right back on the ground. Fleur hit the deck hard and groaned in protest.

"What the 'ell? Merde, my face…" Fleur rolled on the ground in agony, her hands covering her nose.

"Fleur?" Hermione asked with pure surprised etched on her face.

"Ouch, ouch… Yes. I am Fleur. The one wiz the bleeding face, 'ere." Fleur wriggled on the floor a while before quirking and eyebrow up at Hermione heatedly. "Who are you?"

"Hermione… Hermione Granger." When a vapid look of recognition appeared in Fleur's eyes, Hermione added, "Went to Hogwarts. You came for the Goblet of Fire thing… Triwizard Tournament… I was the girl you helped at the Shell Cottage… Cruiatus curse survivor…" At the last statement, Fleur popped off the floor excitedly.

"Oh, I remember you! You were my favorite in the movie remakes!" Hermione's face drooped.

"No, I mean… You were there for all of this." Fleur shook her head.

"I 'ave only seen the movies. I am a regular witch. You are the famous one, non?" Hermione looked absolutely flabbergasted. Is this really happening right now? At Hermione's silence, Fleur wiped the blood from her nose with the back of her wrist and sighed. "I am feeling light'eaded. I must return to the 'otel. It was nice meeting you Ms. Grang—oh my pardons, you're married. I mean, Ms. Weasley."

Hermione looked at Fleur starting to leave and got nervous. Something was wrong here. People don't just forget about a war. Hermione called after Fleur.


Fleur, growing nervous by the hastily approaching Hermione began to walk faster.

"I will be fine Ms. Please, go about your day!" Fleur started to jog lightly as she saw Hermione come faster.

"Wait, Fleur I know you!" Hermione called, running, therefore causing Fleur to run too.

"I do not know you!" Fleur ran off the dock and past the many workers watching. Hermione followed giving chase and shouted at Fleur to stop. Fleur flew through a crowd of people, pushing a shoving hoping to throw Hermione off. Hermione was swift however, and kept up shouting louder and louder at Fleur to stop.

Fleur was feeling all types of irrational and ran faster into a nearby busy street, alive with cars and onlookers. Fleur sprinted into the street hoping to get across as fast as possible. Hermione's shouting got more frantic and worrisome as Fleur went across the busy intersection. Fleur looked back for a split second only to see an oncoming car looking to collide with her thin body.

Within a blink of an eye, Fleur was pushed again, this time not on her face and out of harm's way. Fleur looked up to see a limp looking Hermione in front of the car Fleur was once in front of, a worried looking cab driver screaming and calling for help, and an unsettling amount of blood spilling out from Hermione's body.