What Else?

She is so beautiful; you don't get tired of looking at her

That evening in the Anne Frank house was when I realised how stunningly radiant she was. Don't get me wrong, I always thought that Hazel Grace was purely beautiful, but her smile was the light that I wished to see. After horrendous news, I couldn't care about myself – I could only care about the pure beauty that stood in front of me. Her eyes glistening and although going through basically everything a sixteen year old could: there was a passion that still burnt brightly in her eyes that made me think that she was so amazingly beautiful. It was like it was impossible to look away, not even for a second. I could gaze upon her insane beauty until my last breath..

You never worry if she's smarter than you, you know she is

"Not your fault, Hazel Grace, we're all side effects, right?"

She came back with quoting An Imperial Affliction, As soon as I met Hazel Grace and I realised her uncanny resemblance between Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta and Hazel's overwhelming beauty, I realised we had a lot in common; from video games to her insane taste in very good books. She could quote the horribly worded Shakespearean formal text like it was nobody's business; she was just stunning, her beauty and her wisdom. I realised that she was one of the greatest minds I had ever met and was probably the smartest person I was going to meet in my lifetime.

She is funny without ever being mean…

She could do something that not many people could do, she could make me laugh when I felt like I needed or wanted to die, she could make me want to live by a single sentence.

"Why do you need an adoring public when you've got me?"

Hazel Grace could never be mean, and even if she were; It would be a privilege that she would spend a second of her existence trying to hurt me, and I would probably deserve it. But Hazel Grace, would never do that because she has an insane capacity for being insanely funny and for being insanely loving, and perfect.

I love her, I am so lucky to love her

My body relaxed under hers, our limbs still tangled in tubes, but it didn't matter, it doesn't matter. I love her; and at that moment, we are our forever, we are our always, we are our okay. She is so perfect as we whisper sweet nothings as we then realise how corny we're being and implode into giggles, something that doesn't matter. Not many things in life are perfect, I know that. But she is. I love her. I am so unbelievably lucky that she has let me love her.

You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you



I hope this didn't suck too much,

I re-read this book yet again and I got inspired to write this.

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