Chapter 1: the root to all danceā€¦

The beat of the music pounded through my head as I danced, danced out my fury, pain and soul. I slammed to the ground on the roof of the building again. Frustration took over me, I couldn't land this spin, I had been working on it for weeks, it was a new routine I had been working on with Josh, but he left. He joined some fancy company and forgot about us. He was different from the rest of us. He didn't live in the slums, he had a nice beach front house, no one could understand why he had joined us in the first place. Now Fusion was only made up of 7 people, we needed a new male lead, but they aren't exactly easy to come around. Let me introduce you to the group,

Bex Baxter, age 16, specializes in hip hop dancing. She is strong, loyal and trusting, she always stands up for us and is a real fighter, when ever we get into a dance war with our rivals, The Circle, she comes out strongest.

Liz Sutton, age 16, specializes in ballet; she is possible the most unlikely off us. She is blonde and petit and couldn't hurt a fly; she also has an innocent and genuinely happy spirit that is hard to come by in the slums. Her story, it isn't as harsh as ours.

Macey McHenry, aged 16, specializes in acrobatics and is as flexible as a rubber band, whilst the rest off us can kick our feet to our head and do splits, she can lie on her stomach and curve her legs around so her feet were next to her ears and when she wanted too she would put her feet on the floor by her head and shuffle around like that! She was our stylist and was always getting stuff from the charity shops and making it look like it came off of vogue!

Grant Newman, aged 16, specializes in rap dance; he also does some hip hop duets with Bex and is probably the only one who can calm her down after a dance war! He is so kind and protective and understanding of all of us. He isn't one to judge, no matter your background.

Jonas Anderson, aged 16, specializes in body locking, he can move each part of his body separately and taught us all how to slowly push parts of our bodies until they reach the floor, we learned it, but it comes naturally to him. He is also our tech guy, he and Liz got a second hand laptop together and mix all our music and record our dances to put on YouTube.

Logan Cross (I prefer the name Logan to Nick!) aged 16, specializes in gymnastics, he is so strong he once lifted Bex and Macey on his shoulders and held me and Liz in his arms! It's crazy! He often helps Macey with her acrobatics and they do routines were he basically chucking her in the air and catching her while she does flips and stuff!

Lastly there's me, Cammie Morgan, aged 16, I specialize in expressive contempory and modern dance and I do a bit of ballet with Liz sometimes. I'm the lead female and I used to do routines with Josh, but he's left now. My past is a secret, everyone else has confided in each other about theirs but I haven't told about mine, now you may think that's rude but they understand, they no how much it took to let out theirs so they realise how bad mine must be.

We all do street, that's what you start with, dancing on the street, it's the root to all dance. It requires, power, balance, co-ordination and mostly soul. It requires you to fully connect with every move your doing because when you fall you hit the street. That was what I was doing right now, hitting the street. I sighed and gave up, I would have to get on of the guys to support me in it tomorrow, I couldn't do it without Josh but we need a new male lead, and fast. Some of the guys mates had tried but we're selective, they were good, sure they could do street, but that was it, Josh did a mixture of everything, a bit like me but he didn't specialize, now we needed someone with a bit of everything and also a new speciality, to improve us and make us forget Josh.