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Chapter 9 : What the hell…

Cammie's POV

My back hit his, I rolled and turned as sharply as I could to flip around him, he caught me and then started to drop down to the floor but my feet hadn't gotten a grip on the floor as I flipped forwards and feel on my bum, great. Zach reached down and pulled me up like I weighed nothing.

"Honestly, we don't have to do that move, I've thought of another one."

"What's the other move?" I asked reluctantly.

"I hope your arms are strong?" He said with a smirk. I raised an eyebrow motioning him to continue. "Well, you run up and do a handspring right behind me and instead of your feet landing on the ground, you plant them on my shoulders and push really hard with your arms and I'll grab your legs as high up as I can and then you flip up to be standing on my shoulders. Then I grab your hands on the opposite side so I can spin you to be facing me when you land and then we can go into the tango. How's that sound?"

Wow, that sounded great, and I knew I could do the handspring thing because Macey should me how to with Logan a year or so ago.

"Okay, lets try it!" Zach blinked at my sudden mood swing but just went with it! I ran until I was right behind his back, then I handspringed and it was perfect! He twisted me and we landed face to face and he dipped me he, omg.

Oh my god, what the hell just happened. He kissed me. I, oh my goodness. I glance around and see Grant looking slightly angry, the other guys kind of rolling their eyes and the girls saying "finally"! what! I am so confused.

Zach kissed me!

I suddenly realised I had been standing staring totally shell-shocked for about 15 seconds. Zach was in front of me looking incredibly nervous, oh my god, I don't know what to do. I turned a shade of pink the girls later described as marshmallow pink! I just blinked a few times and then said, "oh."

Jesus, 'oh' that was, I mean I know Enlish, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese and all I can think of is 'oh'.

My mind is completely blank, I have no idea what to do.

"Sorry, Cam, I don't know what came over me, I jus-"

"No, stop sorry, its my fault, I'm just, I don't know, I'm sorry." I said, my mouth spewing out randomly, I turned and grabbed my jacket.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault, it's all my fault, I'm sorry."

Now everyone was silent, looking confused, shit, I've said too much, they're gunna figure it out, I need to get out of here. I grabbed my bag and walk quickly towards an alleyway off the courtyard. I here them shouting after me but I break into a run.

Finally I come to the high rise. The same one Zach was at. I guess he'll find me soon, by then maybe I'll have figured out the answer to this question:

What the hell just happened?

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