I was running my usual route to school, there was something different in the air that day but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I run this route at least twice a day; I could probably do it blind folded. I would have to ask Shan and Tom if they wanted to see that, so I made a mental note of it.

Shan hadn't succeeded in getting the wolves protected, she thought if she could then maybe we could run free as a pack and not have be cooped up in the basement. She knew I didn't like the basement, before and after the full moon all I would do is complain about how cramped it was and that all I wanted to do was run free. In the bottom of my heart I knew I didn't want that, I didn't want to run free not without Rhydian.

Tom was trying his best to fill the part of Rhydian he would meet me before school in the woods and run alongside me. He ran so hard but I was always so much faster that we often lost each other and had to meet back up at the school gates were we agreed to meet if he ever got lost. This was mostly every day.

Every day I wondered how Rhydian was, whether he was coping with being a wild Wolfblood. Of course he was I thought to myself, He probably doesn't even give you a second thought. It pains me not to be near him, I think of all the times we spent together and wonder if I had done something different then maybe he would have stayed.

The words Tom said when Rhydian left still ring freshly in my ears "He loved you Maddy, you do know that?" If he 'loved' me then why did he leave me in the first place? I could smell Tom up ahead he wasn't far away now.

There was another scent leading in the opposite direction. A Wolfblood. I had to follow it what if it was Rhydian! But Tom will be worried where I am, my curiosity to see if it was Rhydian overpowered my worry for Tom so I headed in the other direction. No other Wolfbloods have come into these forests since Rhydian left so this is quite unusual.

My mind was fluttering with hope and excitement that I might see my Rhydian again. My thoughts were going wild with anticipation and I haven't been down this route since Rhydian left, so my hope was growing by the second. Before I had time to finish my thought I was on the floor, my forehead smacked on a log.

I groaned hoping I wasn't in too much of a state; I patted up my body checking if I was hurt anywhere. Just grazed palms and mud stains on my jeans luckily, I felt something wet move down the edge of my hair line. I prayed to myself it wasn't blood me mam would freak out so would Tom and Shan probably. I ran my finger down the wet substance on the side of my face bought my finger up to my eyes. I grunted in disgust, I then gently prodded up the side of my face trying to find the source of the blood. It was just inside my hair line, would be easy to hide thank god, I decided to deal with it when I got into school as I could feel I was getting closer to Rhydian.

I burst through the forest into an open field, suddenly blinded but my eyes adjusted quickly, I never realised how dark it was on the moor. I could see a figure in the distance the outline of it looked like Rhydian. It must be Rhydian surely my eyes would not forsake me, I would never forget him I know every inch.

I started running towards him, but he stayed put. Was he not happy to see me? As I got nearer I pushed myself to go faster but my legs couldn't take anymore and collapsed beneath me. I stumbled as I tried to get back on my feet and running towards him once again. I looked up he was coming near; he was always faster at running than me.

"RHYDIAN" I called out managing to get back onto my feet feeling a little dazed. There was blood down the right sleeve of my jacket, I didn't think I was still losing blood from that fall, I was too distracted to check. I ran on my upper body lurching forward every couple of meters, would this field never end?

He was only centimetres away now his bold blue eyes staring down at me. He looked to the left fear crossing his face but only for a moment, there is nothing in that direction anyway so I disregarded it, I was too ecstatic to care.

Our gaze finally broke and we crashed into each other's arms wrapping around one another in a tight embrace until we didn't know whose limb was whose. I turned my head putting my lips close to his ear inhaling once before I spoke.

"Don't you ever leave me again Rhydian Morris" I whispered as harshly as I could give the situation. We left it a few minutes, or was it seconds I didn't know anymore I was so overwhelmed time eluded me. He broke our tight hold on each other and stood arms length away, firm hands still on my shoulders. His blue eyes staring deep into mine, lighting up as the sun started peeking through the clouds.

"Maddy I'm so sorry" Guilt entwined within every word he said. What did he have to be guilty about? He had come back, for me.

Figures started to emerge on all sides of me, hunters. I growled at Rhydian my eyes turning yellow. He should be sorry, no; he should be more than sorry! What has he done! I could feel myself losing control adrenaline pumping through my veins. I have to get out of here somehow, might as well do it in wolf form.

"Maddy they have my family, what else was I supposed to do?" He muttered concern increasing with every word. Oh I don't know, I thought to myself maybe not get me killed! One of them was coming closer, dragging two bodies behind him.

"Here's your freaks back" he hissed shoving them towards Rhydian "It didn't take much for you to give up the girl did it?"