Hey guys! I thought this would be a fun idea. Where I live there is a Hurricane. It is called Hurricane Sandy. I am putting the name in the story. I am going to try to upload this before my internet goes down. I hope you enjoy it. I do not own House of Anubis or Hurricane Sandy.

Nina's POV:

We are all sitting down watching the news. There is a Hurricane coming. It is called Hurricane Sandy. They evacuated some areas but not in Liverpool. I am so scared. I had really bad Hurricanes in America. I think Fabian can tell that I am scared. I don't hide well.

"Nina everything will be ok." Fabian reassured me. I looked him straight in the eye.

"I have had bad ones before. They scare me." I said. Fabian pulled me into his chest. I looked over at Amber who was awing us.

"I love Fabina!" Amber squealed. Trudy entered. (A/N: This takes place for season three I guess. Also Mick and Trudy are back and Nina is obviously here)

"Everyone gets a flashlight in there room and candles. I left it on your dressers." she stated. We nodded and she went into the kitchen.

"I will be right back Fabes." I said and kissed him. I pulled apart and headed into the kitchen where our house mother was cooking what I figured was dinner.

"Trudy can I sleep in Fabians room tonight please?" I asked.

"Sure. If Eddie and Mick agree to it." she said. I hugged her. Then I pulled apart.

"Thank you!" I said and ran back and jumped on the couch next to Fabian.

"What you so excited about?" Patricia asked.

"Ok. Fabes Trudy said I can stay in your room tonight if it is ok with Mick and Eddie." I responded.

"That's great! Is it ok with you two?" Fabian asked referring to Mick and Eddie.

"That's fine." Mick and Eddie said in unison.

"Thank you." Fabian and I said at the same time.

"I am so happy that there is no school. That is the best part about Hurricanes." Jerome stated. Everyone nodded their heads agreeing to his statement.

"I like school though." Mara explained.

"Oh Mara." Jerome said with a little bit of laughter. They have been dating for a couple of months now. Since the end of last term. They leaned in to kiss. They broke apart after a minute. Mick scoffed. He is still mad that Mara kissed Jerome without officially breaking up with him.

"I love you Mara." Jerome exclaimed.

"I love you too Jerome.' Mara stated and they kissed yet again. They broke apart this time in within two minutes.

"JARA!" Amber squealed.

"Dinner time!" Trudy called. We all headed into the dining room. There was chicken and rice on the table. I grabbed the Dr. Pepper and opened the lid. I poured it in my glass and put the cap back on. I cut the chicken up and mixed it in with the rice. After dinner, I headed upstairs and brushed my teeth. I went into mine and Amber's room and closed the door. I took out pajamas and put them on. I headed downstairs. I saw Amber about to head upstairs.

"Goodnight Amber." I said.

"Goodnight Nina." she responded.

"Miss. Martin what are you doing down there?" Victor said in a harsh voice.

"Trudy said I can stay in Mick, Eddie and Fabian's room tonight." I replied. Trudy came in from the common room.

"Absolutely not." Victor screamed. Fabian came out and over to me. He put his arm around my shoulders.

"Victor please. She will behave." Trudy stated. Victor moaned.

"Fine. Behave!" he growled.

"Thank you." I responded.

"Goodnight Fabian, Nina and Victor." Trudy said heading upstairs. The lights just flickered off and on and I grabbed Fabian's hand.

"Goodnight Trudy and Victor." Fabian and I said in unison. Fabian and I headed into his room. We opened the door. Fabian closed the door. The lights went out and it was pouring outside. Fabian and I went into his bed. I cuddled up in his chest. I heard lightning and thunder and flinched.

"Goodnight Mick, Eddie and Nina." Fabian said.

"Goodnight Fabian and Nina." Mick and Eddie said.

"Goodnight." I said. I looked at Fabian and he was out cold. I heard noises and got scared so I closed my eyes and cuddled into him and tried to fall asleep.

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