Chapter 3: Trying to Remember

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Nina's POV:

Everyone is looking at me strangely. Where am I? Who am I? Why can't I remember anything? Ugh this is frustrating!

"Nina you don't remember anything?" A girl with long blond hair asked. Who is Nina? Am I Nina? I am so confused.

"Whose Nina?" I asked kind of freaked out. I don't know anyone that is looking at me.

"She doesn't remember who she is." A guy with blond hair and blue eyes stated.

"Your name is Nina. I am your boyfriend Fabian." Another guy with dark long brown hair and brown eyes exclaimed. He is cute. Good call.

"Ok. If I am Nina, who is everyone else and where am I?" I questioned wanting the answers. I sat up and Fabian came and sat down next to me.

"That is Amber. Next to her is Alfie, then Jerome, Mara, Eddie, Patricia, Joy, Mick and our house mother Trudy. We are at a boarding school." Fabian introduced, pointing to everyone as he said the names.

"Does anything seem familiar?" Mara asked. I am looking around. I have no idea. This is just too much for me.

"Not really. What happened?" I asked.

"Some man through a brick at your head." Alfie stated. Why would someone do that?

"Why would someone do that?" I interrogated.

"We don't know." Mick replied. I stood up and Fabian held my arm.

"Maybe if I walk around I will remember." I exclaimed. I stood up and walked around. I still can't remember. They didn't follow which is probably a good thing because I need to get ready.

"Anything?" Fabian asked.

"Nothing." I sighed and walked over to the couch and sat down.

"We will get your memory back. Whatever it takes." Fabian asked.

"Thank you Fabian?" I questioned.

"Yes." he exclaimed.

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