11 years later

"C'mon Papa, we're going to be late," Raven said, tugging Severus out of his lab.

"We are not going to be late," he told the six year old exasperatedly. "We still have an hour before we have to leave to see your sister off, and I am not waking your father up for another half hour."

"Too late Sev," Harry said, concealing a yawn as he came down the stairs. His hair was more tousled than usual and he looked barely awake.

"Raven Aralyn Snape, how many times have I told you to let your father sleep if he's worked late?" Severus asked, giving his youngest daughter a reproving look.

The little girl squirmed guiltily. "A lot. But Papa, we're gonna be late."

"Merlin child, if this is how you are when Rose is going to Hogwarts, I am going to give you a Calming Draught when it is your turn," Severus sighed, making Harry laugh.

"Where is Rosie anyway?" he asked, giving Severus a quick kiss, causing Raven make a face.

"In her room. I was collecting her ingredients from where she stored them, but a certain someone decided that was not in our best interest."

Harry just laughed again. "Raven, why don't you come help me get your brother ready while Papa helps Rosie finish packing."

"Ok," Raven conceded easily, her green eyes sparkling. She turned and skipped down the hall to her brother's room, humming. She turned back. "I can't wait until it's my turn to go to Hogwarts. Me and Scorpious are going to have so much fun."

"They'll burn down the bloody castle," Severus muttered as he turned to head back to his lab. Raven had inherited more than just Harry's green eyes. She had inherited his mischievous nature in full, and was forever playing pranks on her siblings, with the help of her best friend Scorpious Malfoy.

"I know how to cast Aquamenti Papa," Rosabella said, coming out of her room to see what had taken her father so long and catching the tail end of the conversation. "The castle will be safe."

Severus smirked at their eldest daughter. Rose was the most like Severus, bookish and already mildly sarcastic. There was very little doubt that she was either going to be in Slytherin or Ravenclaw, for she loved reading as much as Severus did.

Severus and Rosabella went down in the lab to collect Rose's potions supplies, while Harry went to get their three year old son ready for the day.

James Albus Snape was a mixture of both of his fathers. He had Severus's keen wit and Harry's good heart in full, even though he was still young. He watched his father with sleepy jade eyes, half-listening to his hyper sister's babbling.

Despite Raven's predictions, the Snapes managed to make it to King's Cross with time to spare. Raven quickly sought out Scorpious, and the two were chattering happily as the rest of the Snapes approached the Malfoys. Draco and Blaise were helping their eldest, Lucien, load his trunk on the train.

"What house do you think you'll be in Rose?" Blaise asked.

"Well, Papa and Daddy both say I'm cunning enough to be a Slytherin, but I really want to be in Ravenclaw," Rose replied, flicking a strand of her ebony hair out of her face.

"Why Ravenclaw?" Lucien asked curiously. He was well acquainted with Rose, but she had always been closer to Teddy Lupin than him.

"I like to read and learn new things," was the swift reply. "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure."

"I think you have that memorized better than half of my classmates did," Harry laughed, hugging his daughter as the whistle blew. "Have fun at school."

"If you have forgotten anything, send an owl home and we'll send it on," Severus reminded, also hugging her. "You'll do fine, no matter where you are Sorted."

She nodded, hugging them both back tightly before saying goodbye to her siblings and hopping on the train. "See you at Christmas."

As the train pulled out of the station, Harry was reminded of the day, almost thirteen years ago, when Severus had walked in on him and Draco in bed. He had thought that that was the end of their relationship, but he had been wrong. In the years that had passed, their relationship was stronger than ever. Draco had gradually been accepted back, right after his son's birth. Of course, no one had even known he and Blaise were together, much less married and expecting, until they came to visit. It was awkward at first, but no one ever said that life was easy. As Harry watched his eldest daughter ride away, he smiled. He would have never believed his life would turn out like this, but he wouldn't have it any other way.