Chapter 1

"Out I say, get out! I've never loved you and I never will!" he screams at me as he throws my things at me from my bedroom window on the 3rd floor, to me in the garden. My eyes start to water, "Go, I don't need you and never will!" I run away in the icy rain not knowing where I might end up. Tears freeze as they fall down my face, blistering my skin as it does so. I run to the train station, the only place where i shall feel safe, without eyes upon me.

I reached the station, it looked abandoned in the rain but I swiftly ran inside. I threw myself onto the bench as I had no dignity left after my husband throwing me out of my own house because he had 'never loved me and never will'. Because he had cheated on me! With that so called 'beauty of the beyond'. We have been married for 4 years now and he has never loved me? Things rushed through my head. Tears reddened my face. I might have the biggest house in the wolds but at this moment I had nothing. He had taken it all from me, my so called husband, that person who used to be my knight, I was the person who used to be his princess. Now I'm just Emily Rose, absolute posh rat.