Okay so this is my first attempt at a fan fiction and I thought: 'well if I'm going to write one, who better to write about than Malec?' So this first chapter is shorter than my other's will be but I just want to know what people think and if it's any good and worth continuing... Umm I'm not really sure about the chronology of this fic-probably somewhere between City of Glass and CoFA but it's kind of parallel to the series if you get what I mean :P If not don't worry and just enjoy. Please review!

The sky was dark and it was night-time in the city. Alexander Lightwood ran down the bustling street barely aware of his surroundings. Cars raced past in blazes of light and noise like loud, brightly coloured insects. But they appeared strangely blurred in Alec's hazy vision. His head was throbbing and all he was really aware of was the pounding of his feet against the slick pavement.

Glancing briefly up to the dark sky, ignoring the rain that was slamming into his face, Alec saw the thousands of sparkling stars shimmering above him and, at any other time, he would have been able to name all the constellations he saw above him but in his current state he could barely even remember where he was. The almost full moon loomed above him bathed in a red hue that seemed ominous somehow.

He continued to run at full pelt down the street ignoring his aching muscles and his lungs which were screaming for air. His breaths were coming in shallow gasps and he was beginning to feel lightheaded. But he couldn't stop. He had to keep running.

Suddenly he felt himself slam into someone and he was knocked sideways a few steps.

"Oi, watch it!" someone growled roughly.

"Sorry." Alec muttered not even looking at the burly man he had crashed into. He flicked his sopping wet hair out of his eyes and kept running.

But Alec was running after something-not like usual. He wasn't chasing after a demon or tracking a rogue warlock. No. This time he was running away.

Filled with terror and soaked to the skin with rain he fled down the busy street dodging as best he could between the throngs of bustling people.

'Think, Alec. Think.'

Where could he go? He couldn't keep running the streets all night. Yes he was running away-but where was he running to? He couldn't go back to the institute. Not like this. But then a sudden thought struck him and he sped up his pace, ignoring the renewed pain in his chest and legs. He now knew where he was going to go.

The only place he could go.

It was late but Magnus, the High Warlock of Brooklyn, could not get to sleep. He had tossed and turned for over an hour listening to the sheets of rain pounding against his windows waiting for sleep to overcome him. But it hadn't worked. Which was why, at 1:18am, Magnus was wandering around the large living-room of his flat in just his purple silken pyjama bottoms listening to 'This is why I'm hot'. He had discovered the song just the previous day in some club he had met one of his clients in and he hadn't been able to get it out of his head.

Well it certainly suited him although he still hadn't worked out quite what being 'fly' had to do with being hot. But hey, if the sparkly boot fit.

His new favourite song was rudely interrupted however by an extremely loud and annoying yowling sound which seemed to be coming from somewhere near his feet. Peering down he saw his cat, Chairman Meow, walking around his ankles wailing at the top of his voice. Magnus tried to push the cat gently out of the way with one large, bare foot but the cat was persistent.

"What are you complaining for? I actually remembered to feed you today, for a change, so what's the problem?" Unsurprisingly the cat just continued to yowl loudly at him.

Crouching down Magnus stared into Chairman Meow's large yellow eyes. "Oh so you're missing Alec are you, you traitorous feline?" He chuckled softly to himself and, after scratching the now silent cat behind his ears, stood up and strolled slowly towards his sofa which sat in the middle of the room in front of the large plasma screen television where he watched all of his day time TV. The Ellen DeGeneres show was his favourite. He flopped down tiredly onto the soft cushions and sighed wearily.

"Well you're not the only one," he murmured quietly.

Magnus hadn't seen Alec in nearly a whole week. But not for lack of trying. He had been calling him; texting him; he had even made a surprise visit to the institute, something he rarely did, only to be informed by a worried looking Isabelle that Alec was out. Again. Apparently Alec had been going out by himself a lot recently and Magnus wasn't the only one worrying about him. But at least Isabelle had been able to speak to him the previous day. Magnus, on the other hand, had not heard a single peep. And that hurt.

Reaching over and grabbing his phone from the small wooden coffee table next to the sofa he was about to send Alec another message asking him to come over, or at least call him, when he stopped himself. Alec hadn't replied yet so what difference would one more text do. It would just give Magnus another little spark of hope that would soon be crushed when his message was ignored-just like all the others.

Looking back over the all of his previous texts he could see how they had become progressively more needy and desperate sounding.



Alec, I know you said you wanted space but I really think we should talk about this.


Alec why are you ignoring my calls? Are you ok? Please call me back.


1:13 pm

Alexander if you do not answer me back I am coming down to the Institute and trust me you will not like it if it comes to that. Just text me back so I know you are ok. Please.




Baby, please just answer me. I'm missing you so bad. I need to know you're ok. Look we really need to talk about this…


You know you can't avoid me forever…



Alexander there is a very good-looking half naked warlock waiting for you in bed. And he's getting impatient. Very, very impatient. Why don't you come over and make him feel better…he'd definitely make it worth your while.

Magnus exited his messages and threw his phone carelessly across the room with a groan. It only got worse from there. No wonder Alec was ignoring him, he was pathetic. He'd been alive for hundreds of years and here he was pining after a nineteen year old shadowhunter. It shocked him just how terribly he was actually missing Alec. Not just his gorgeous blue eyes; his lithe, muscular body; not even just his beautiful, musical voice.

It was the surprisingly small things that he missed the most: waking up to Alec sleeping soundly next to him in the mornings; seeing the bright blush creep up his smooth, cheeks when he was embarrassed; hearing him stumble over his words when he was trying to

But most of all he just missed Alec.

Missed just having him near and being able to wrap his arms around his narrow waist. Without the sweet, young boy who had captured his heart around Magnus felt strangely empty. Looking around his flat now he could sense that something crucial was missing. His chest ached and he constantly felt restless without Alec there.

Rubbing his eyes wearily he let his head fall back and resting against the back of his bright green sofa his eyes fluttered shut. Deciding that if Alec wanted to see him then he would come and do it on his own terms…but if he hadn't contacted him by the end of the week Magnus was going to march down the Institute and camp out on Alec's bed in his room and refuse to leave until Alec at least talked to him.

Resting on the sofa he thought of Alec's eyes. The deep blue pools of colour which seemed to see right through Magnus-past the layers of make-up and glitter and into his heart. And as much as Alec may feel he didn't know about him Magnus could admit-at least to himself- that Alec knew him better than anyone else.

Magnus was jolted suddenly out of his daydream by a loud pounding on his front door. Leaping up from the sofa he strode briskly to the door and yanked it open…only to find the very boy he had been dreaming about on his door-step.

Alec stood in front of him soaking wet and dishevelled, dripping water onto the linoleum floor. Magnus was instantly overjoyed to see him and could have sworn he felt his heart actually jump when he saw him. He would have pulled Alec straight into his arms-even if he was completely soaked with rain-if it hadn't been for his expression.

The gorgeous blue eyes he had been fantasizing about only a few moments ago were shockingly wide and filled with complete and utter terror.

"Alec?" Magnus asked warily

Alec pushed his sopping hair out of his eyes with a trembling hand. His breathing was rapid and shallow and his cheeks were flushed even though it was freezing outside.

"Alexander what's wrong?" Magnus wanted to reach out and touch him but he looked as if one wrong movement would cause him to bolt.

At last, after taking a deep, calming breath Alec spoke in a quiet, strangely dead voice.

"I think…I mean I just…" With a small gulp he finally looked up into Magnus' bright yellow/green cat eyes allowing Magnus to see the sheen of tears that shone like a layer of clear film over his deep blue irises.

"I've just murdered somebody."