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Alec jolted awake, his arm instinctively reaching out to the space beside him where Magnus always was. Except this time…it was empty. The sheets cool and smooth under his clutching fingers.

His heart was pounding in his chest and he could hear his breathing quicken in the almost silent room as the icy cold slithers of panic began to claw at him as he sat up. Choking him.

His vision seemed to narrow and he could focus on nothing except his attempts to force air in and out of his lungs as he tried to ignore the constricting feeling crushing his chest. He squeezed his eyes shut and began reciting his parabati vows in a bid to distract him and clam his erratic breathing.

Alec visibly flinched when a warm, gentle hand landed on his shoulder and his gaze met a pair of familiar yellow eyes.

"M-Magnus," he gasped out.

Climbing swiftly onto the bed Magnus cradled Alec's head gently between his palms, pressing their foreheads together and began talking in a low, firm voice.

"Alec look at me. Focus on my voice. I'm here; it's ok. Whatever dream you had it's over now. I need you to be here with me."

Alec's breathing was all over the place, sharp, stuttering breaths that scraped through his visibly clenched teeth. His pupils were blown wide and his gaze darted rapidly from sport to spot around the room.

"Alec." Magnus said again more sharply this time, drawing Alec's gaze to meet his own. "Listen to me. Focus. On. Me. I need you to match my breathing ok? Just stay with me, breath of breath."

It took a long while but eventually Alec's breathing returned to normal but even then Magnus did not move. He simply sat there pressing their foreheads together, faces so close each breath they took was shared, and softly smoothed his thumb back and forth across Alec's cheek.

This timeless moment that enveloped them was strangely perfect. Despite everything that happened they had the knowledge that the danger had passed and they had each made it through-together.

Finally Alec forced himself to pull away.

"I'm sorry," he murmured, his voice rough and scratchy.

Magnus rolled his eyes but when he spoke his voice was earnest and serious.

"That's not necessary Alec."

For a moment Alec looked like he was going to say something else but instead he leant forwards and pressed his lips wordlessly against Magnus' in a soft, lingering kiss.

The kiss remained soft and slow but still intense, burning like a smouldering flame. Their fingers traced each other's faces.

The pads of Magnus' thumb caressed Alec's brow, along the side of his face, across his cheek bones to cup his jaw while Alec's fingers mapped out the almost forgotten features of the warlock's face before curling gently in the hair at the base of his neck. They revelled in a closeness that they had not had in weeks.

"I can't stop thinking about everything I did; how much pain I caused; how I almost lost you. It keeps replaying in my mind. All that blood. Holding you in my arms as the life bled out of you. I woke and you weren't…I couldn't…" Alec's throat closed up and he could not continue.

"Hush my sweet Alexander. It's over now. I'm here. You didn't lose me or anyone else. I'm safe and so are you. Isabelle, Clary, Jace, they're all fine remember, and they love you. None of it was your fault. But it's ok, it's all over now." Magnus continued to murmur reassurance into Alec's ear until the Shadowhunter calmed again.

Eventually they settled in the bed with Alec's head resting on Magnus' chest, arms wound gently around the warlock's waist, careful not to press against his still healing wounds while his fingers splayed possessively against his hip. Magnus' own hand sifted repeatedly through Alec's dark hair, nails trailing lightly against Alec's scalp.

Slowly they drifted back to sleep, in the safety of each other's arms, just as the sky began to lighten with the subtle glow and the promise that a new day brings.

**************************LATER THAT DAY***********************************

"Alexander are you coming or not?" Magnus called impatiently from his position by the door, his lithe body leaning against the door frame.

"Well seeing as you promised we'd meet with the others afterwards…" came the response from the bedroom.

"Then hurry up."

Alec emerged from the bedroom, tugging self-consciously at the blue silk scarf he had wrapped around his neck. Magnus beamed at him.

"Well, well, well." Magnus teased. Alec ignored him, hiding the small smile that tugged at the corner of his lips.

"Are you sure you should be doing magic so soon?" he asked worriedly.

Magnus shrugged. "Alas duty calls," he said dramatically. But seeing Alec's concern he added, more seriously, "It's fine. Only one teeny, tiny spell. I promise."

"If you say so." Alec relented knowing it was impossible to argue with the warlock.

"Cheer up. It's just a quick favour for a collector friend of mine. He owns an adorable little antique shop. Now come on!"

Twining their fingers together Alec opened the front door and proceeded to lead them out but Magnus pulled him to a stop by their joined hands. Leaning down he planted a quick but heartfelt kiss on Alec's lips.

"There. Much better." Magnus beamed again and even Alec couldn't help but smile.

As the door swung closed behind them Magnus spoke again. "Oh just one more thing Alexander."


The warlock smiled at Alec tenderly, squeezing his hand softly.

"For God's sake please don't touch anything."

THE END*cries*