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To the right, To the left
We will fight to the death!
To the edge of the earth
It's a brave new world
From the last to the first

-This is War by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Hal walked into the school's library. It was the only other place he could think of to find his two younger brothers, and sure enough they were sitting together on the floor. Ben held a book in his hands and looked as if he had been reading aloud to Mat.

"What are you two up to, Dad's looking for you." he called them.

They both stood. "It's called reading. You should really try it some time Hal." Ben sounded a bit irritated at having been interrupted.

"Yeah well, most of us don't have time for books. Its called fighting skitters Ben, you should really try it some time."

Ben glared and walked out of the room, Mat in tow. Skitter fighting was a sore topic for him. Ben should have been out there with Jimmy and the others his age, but he just wasn't up to it and every one knew. Sighing, Hal followed them.

Tom Mason was waiting for his three sons in the make shift hospital room. With no patients and Anne on a lunch break, they had the place to themselves.

Tom drew a deep breath and Hal saw Ben tense. "Maggie and Hal went scouting for anywhere that might have medical supplies seeing as the second mass is desperately in need of then. There's a nursing home just north of here, a hospital to the east, and a small practice of some sort to the south. Captain Weaver has decided to send out search parties to bring back whatever they can find. The only problem is that skitters have been sighted around the area." He hesitated for a second and Hal knew his dad didn't want to worry Ben and Mat any more than necessary.

"You aren't-" Ben began but Tom cut him off.

"Yes Ben, Hal and I are part of the teams that are going. Trust me," He said looking at the younger boys' dismayed faces, "I don't want to leave any more than you want me to, but this mission is absolutely vital. Anne needs those supplies and this may be our only chance, understand?"

Hal watched as Mat nodded first, then Ben, more reluctantly. I felt a twinge of what my father must be feeling. The two of them were young, too young. Ben couldn't watch out for Mat on his own and neither of them should have to be going through this. Ha, he thought bitterly, none of us should have to be going through any of this. He sighed, but they were here and it was happening. The only thing they could do was make the best of it.

"Good" Tom continued. "We'll be back safe and sound in just a few days. It shouldn't take any longer than that."

"Promise?" Mat said, stepping forward to hug his dad.

"Yeah," He said, "I promise."

"You too Hal," Mat continued.

Hal blinked once in surprise before answering. "Of course Mattie, I promise."

Releasing Mat, Tom embraced his middle child. Hal could tell that both of them were trying hard not to get too upset. He walked past Ben and put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't get lost in a book Benji." He said before continuing out the door.

It was late after noon by the time everyone was gathered around Captain Weaver and ready to move out. They stood dressed for the mission, weapons slung over their shoulders. Hal and Tom were the last ones to arrive and after giving Tom a nod, Weaver began.

"Now that everyone's here, I'm gonna split you up into three groups, which means there's one group for each building. Tom, your group will get the nursing home. My group will be going for the practice, which is the farthest away, and Hal, your group is going to search the hospital to see what hasn't already been taken. Look for any storage compartments or vehicles that may have been transporting supplies. Try the ambulances as well. This goes for all of you."

Tom looked as if he were about to argue and Hal knew he wanted to be in the same group as his son. Hal just nodded as Weaver stopped for a second to look around. "Good. We leave immediately. You'll have one day to scout and retrieve. Meet back here no later than this time tomorrow."

As we filed out of the room, Tom threw his son a long look. Hal did his best to give an reassuring smile, but wasn't sure it turned out that way.

Hal met with his small group outside of the school. Weaver didn't want them to draw any attention to themselves so the team consisted of only three members, Maggie, Dai, and himself. Hal wasn't used to leading missions but it was clear that Maggie and Dai trusted him, he only hoped he didn't screw any thing up too badly.

"We'll have to hurry if we want to get there in time to do some scouting before it gets dark." He began, but was interrupted by Maggie.

"So let's skip the pep talk, which you're horrible at, and just get a move on." Dai snorted but Hal just started walking.

It had taken them close to two hours to walk to the hospital, but Captain Weaver's team had needed the bikes to reach the practice which was even farther away. From a hidden position behind a car flipped on its side, Hal and his team were able to watch the front and side doors to the hospital. No skitters, mechs, or anything unusual had been sighted.

Turning to Maggie and Dai, Hal asked, "You ready?" Their only response was a small nod.

As one, the small group stood and began to slink towards the side entrance. Once inside the small, rather empty room, they paused, listening.

"All clear." Dai whispered.

"Okay," Hal said. "We need to split up. Be careful and if you see a skitter, get help, don't try to fight it alone. Make it quick and we'll meet up down the road a ways."

"Make sure to take your own advice," Maggie said with a hint of sarcasm. "I'd hate to have to come and find you."

Hal just shook his head as he motioned for his friends to move out. He turned down the left hall while Dai and Maggie took the right. He walked quietly for a few minutes, stopping to peer into abandoned hospital rooms filled with an array of beds, dead flowers and personal belongings. The only sound was the pounding of his heart.

Hal cursed silently as he past another supply closet that had been picked clean weeks ago. He was passing a set of stairs when he froze. Underneath them was a small door, painted the same color as the wall. Maybe, he thought, if no had noticed it, it might have something usable.

He approached it carefully, pulling open the old door. "Yes." Hal whispered. There was just enough light to see that he had found what they were looking for. The small bottles and containers were probably long past their expiration date, but with any luck, Anne would be able to find a use for them.

Hal pulled the small pack off of his back and began filling it with as much of the medical supplies as he could. Not all of them fit, but he could go see how Dai and Maggie were doing. If they hadn't found anything better, their packs would still be empty.

Just then the sound of rapid gun fire echoed down the halls. "Dammit." Hal cursed under his breath. Why couldn't they ever catch a break? He slung his pack over his shoulders and readied his gun. He walked as quickly and quietly as he could down the long hallway.

As Hal neared where Dai and Maggie had split off he began to hear sounds of a muffled fight. He visibly flinched as another round of gunshots went off. He heard a grunt, from Dai, and a curse, from Maggie. Breaking into a run, Hal looked from side to side, trying to find where the fight was. As he turned a corner he heard an inhuman screech that could only have come from a skitter. Skidding to a halt, Hal stared into what used to be a cafeteria. The chairs and tables were overturned, bullets had pierced holes in the back wall, and several window were shattered.

Hal clenched his jaw as he saw not one but three skitters standing in the center of the large room. Backed against a wall were Maggie and Dai. The skitters had them cornered and Hal groaned as he saw that only Maggie had a gun. More than that, he realized, Dai was slumped against Maggie's shoulder, an ugly gash pouring blood down his face.

Hal raised his gun, aiming for a skitters head. The creature fell to the ground, screeching. Maggie looked at him, but so did the two remaining skitters. They both charged towards him. He shat at the first one and it fell, injured but not deathly so. Hal dodged around the second, trying to get closer to Maggie and the semi-conscious Dai.

Hal slung Dai's other arm over his shoulder and helped Maggie move closer to the cafeteria's back entrance. They had little time though, as the injured skitter struggled stand and the other moved closer.

"Maggie," Hal hissed. "Take Dai and get out of here. I'll cover you."

He shot at the still advancing skitter, but his aim was off because of Dai. "Take these and go!" Hal shouted thrusting the bag of medical supplies at Maggie. She opened her mouth to argue but Hal ducked out from under Dai's arm and pulled open the door.

"Move!" He yelled, worried by the skitters' unhurried advance. "I'll meet up with you. Maggie! You've got to get Dai out of here now!"

Maggie glared at him angrily. "Damn you Hal. I'll get Dai to safety but don't think I'm just leaving you here. Can't let you have all the fun." She trailed off, grumbling, before backing out of the door as fast as possible while dragging most of Dai's weight.

Hal cast his partner one last glance before turning his attention back to the skitters who were only a few yards I front of him. He drew a deep breath and began firing off a round of shots. The uninjured skitter let out a snarl of pain. It leaped forward, forcing Hal to dodge to the left. He cursed his mistake as he realized that his back was now to a wall. He knew he needed to reach one of the two doors, but was forced to wait for the right opportunity.

Hal was closest to the front door, which was the side where the more severely injured skitter was. Deciding this was his best chance, he aimed his weapon at the skitter, hoping he could kill it before the other one had a chance to make its move.

Bullets shot past the creatures head, but one must have stuck it because it fell to the ground, writhing for a second before falling still. Hal sprinted to the door as fast as his feet could carry him. Behind he could hear the remaining skitter sliding on the linoleum flooring. His smirk vanished immediately as he heard what could only be mechs approaching from outside somewhere.

Hal cursed, praying that Maggie had gotten somewhere safe with Dai by now. He doubted they would have had much time, even though the back door had led directly outside.

Hal rounded a corner and was able to spot an exit at the end of the long corridor. It was just then that the skitter caught up with him. As it landed directly on top of him, Hal heard a loud sound. The world came crashing down around him and he lost consciousness.

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