prompt — strawberries
notes: written for my writing challenge with abbey.

one step, two step
an above suspicion fanfiction

He pushes her up against the desk, overpowering her. It's her fault, she shouldn't have started something she couldn't finish. She slapped him so he slapped her back. It's her fault he's completely lost control and pinned her underneath him, arms above her head.

She's breathing heavily and he notices she's all the shades and tones of red. He realises how beautiful she looks underneath him and he's even more annoyed at himself for allowing his head to be turned by her, again.

But that's the beauty of their relationship, they'll fight but make-up for it later.

They make eye contact. Her eyes are so unique and a dark shade of emerald that he remembers why he's missed them. He's missed the look of passion in her eyes when he made love to her. They feel the connection between them both, who wouldn't feel the electricity?

He feels himself getting hard and he goes to kiss her.

"James?" She whispers, her breathing still erratic. He stares at her for a moment and kisses her anyway. It's not how he expected because she fights him, tries to push him off her but eventually, she admits defeat.

She gives in.

Her lips are soft the way he remembers them to be and she's got a taste of strawberry to her. That's not surprising he remembers, strawberries were always her favourite fruit and she enjoyed them more with sugar and cream.

The sex, it's rough and it's not gentle but neither of them care. There's so much built up tension and anger and hate that they bruise each other, trying to hurt each other as much as possible, it's their way of releasing the tension.

It's only when she's sat on his lap, trying to regain control of her breathing and he's kissing her naked shoulder, he comes to the conclusion he doesn't want this moment to end. He doesn't want Anna to leave and he doesn't want to go back to his wife.

He wants her, only her and the taste of strawberries forever.

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