Could be black for the endless strife.
Red symbolizes the color of the heart, where cupid strikes with his tameless dart.
The sky may be blue, maybe gray, shows how life can change day by day.
Yellow in sunlight & spring flowers, I bask in them, hour upon hour.
Green as the emerald sea, brings peace of mind & tranquility.
Angels with wings of white, lift me off my feet to flight.

The entire panel of thirty Gamemakers sits around a large rectangular table. Sketches, projectors, and countless pages of notes and descriptions litter the table. Avian sits at the head of the table, fingertips pressed to his temple in thought. Loud chatter has overtaken the vast room, arguments breaking out over the many decisions that have yet to be made.


Even though his voice has hardly risen above a natural speaking tone it demands the full attention of everyone in the room. Avian being chosen as Head Gamemaker was no chance of fate, his entire person demands respect. For four years now I have worked under him and I know firsthand of the favor our President holds him in. Every arena that has been produced under his command has been immensely successful and each one was more interesting than the last. It is going to be extremely difficult to beat last year's arena, people are still talking about the twists and traps that were unleashed on the tributes. The touches he puts into each are just so phenomenally executed, everyone here either admires him for his work or hates him for it.

"Ceval," he speaks my name shortly and I flinch, amazed that the two familiar syllables should instill such fear in me. "Present your plans to the rest of them. I found them quite interesting."

I nod quickly and take a small, silver disc out of my pocket. I place it in front of me and with the press of a button the device appears in the center of the table. A white and blue holographic image flickers to life, stretching the entire length of the table. The room falls into silence as twenty-eight pairs of eyes analyze every crevice of the arena I'd created.

It was beautiful, an amazing product of twisted imagination. Everything was to be indoors for I knew how the President loved those arenas. Slim windows lined the top of most rooms which would provide a small bit of extra light in addition to the flickering, hanging fixtures. Each room was designed to house a new trap, a new twist for the tributes to face should they choose to enter. Every decoration served a purpose. It was a true work of art; a masterpiece.

"What do you think?" Avian says flatly and you can almost see the gears turning in the heads of those present, trying to decipher his tone and come up with an appropriate response.

"Interesting," one of the older females in the room says finally and the Head Gamemaker nods in agreement.

"Quite," he says shortly and his fingers trace a rectangular button for a second before my creation disappears from its hovering place above the table. My silver disc reappears in front of me and I quickly shove it into my pocket, my eyes never wavering from his placid expression. "Ceval you are in charge of the execution of this idea. Begin the construction immediately."

I nod my head quickly several times and adjust the silver tie that seems to be choking me. Avian dismisses everyone but asks me to remain with him for just a moment longer.

"Remember Ceval, a lot is riding on this. You show great potential, don't make me regret this decision."

Welcome to Painted Crimson!